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    In almost all circumstances it makes sense to grab your best players’ backups – IF they are capable players. This is referred to “Handcuffs”. There are some that are obvious and some that are less obvious – The reason you backup your Studs is two fold:

    1. To make sure you have a starter if and when your Stud goes down. The way you win at Fantasy Football is by having a deep bench and planning for the worst. Expect your best players to go down at some point, as most players in the league miss some time over the course of the year. Those of us that are prepared hardly miss a beat and are 1 step ahead of the competition.

    2. To prevent other owners in your league from benefiting from your misfortunes. If you draft Priest Holmes, and neglect getting Larry Johnson later in your draft, when Holmes goes down that other owner will have a tremendous option to insert into his lineup. As Johnson proved he could carry the load last year, he will most likely be the most expensive backup in this year’s draft. Plan on spending a 5th or 6th rounder on him or you wont see him later in the draft. Insuring your 1st rounder is a no brainer.

    2005 Top Handcuffs & Average Draft Position:

    1.Priest Holmes/Larry Johnson – will be the most expensive backup. ADP: 5.12

    2.Edgerrin James/Dominic Rhodes - can produce close to edge level if edge goes down. Knows the system, well-rounded back, brought back by the team, so you know they like him. ADP: 14.10

    3.Ricky Williams/Ronnie Brown – Ronnie’s ADP: 4.01 / Ricky’s 11.06. The come back of Williams hurts both players value. At this point its looking as if Ronnie will miss some camp time because of contract issues and isn’t worthy of a 4th rounder.

    4.Curtis Martin/Derrick Blaylock – put up some good numbers in Holmes’s absence. ADP: 11.11

    5.W. Dunn/ TJ Duckett – 4.9 YPC and eight rushing TDs were very impressive last year. The only trouble was that Duckett only had 104 carries and only played in 13 games with zero starts Duckett’s ADP: 7.10

    6.C.Benson/Thomas Jones - He had an impressive 56 catches for 427 yards. He will continue to be heavily involved in the offense, but it will be as a back up and in passing situations. ADP: 8.04

    7.Jamal Lewis/ Chester Taylor - He will not get more than ten to 15 touches a game as long as Jamal Lewis stays healthy, but he will play a role in the offense as a third-down and change-of-pace back. ADP: 14.07

    8.L.Tomlinson/Jesse Chatman - Chatman would immediately step into a situation that is tailor-made for running back success. The entire game plan is centered around the running back. This means Chatman is just one injury away from a near-perfect scenario. ADP: 19.01 (means he’s not even being drafted, amazing.)

    9.Cadillac Williams/ M.Pittman – Even though the Bucs drafted C.Williams 4th overall, Pittman’s stats cant be ignored. He missed the first three games of the season due to suspension and STILL came on to post over 1300 yards from scrimmage and ten TDs. Pittman’s ADP: 9.11

    10.K.Barlow/F.Gore – Gore has had 2 major knee injuries and is still not considered to be at full strength. ADP: 12.03

    11.S.Jackson/M.Faulk: Jackson has been named the starter, Faulk certainly isn’t who he used to be, but should be fresh throughout the season and should still see plenty of passes thrown his way. He still finished the season with 50 receptions and four yards per carry and should easily out perform his ADP: 9.02

    Ahman Green/Davenport - Davenport has an excellent combination of size and speed. Remember his only start last year against the Rams on Monday Night Football? He rushed for 178 yards on 19 carries including a 40 yard TD run.

    Crystal Ball: Here’s a list of players with the backups that are not clearly defined yet. Pay attention to training camps and pre-season where the jobs will be won and lost.

    12.Tatum Bell/M.Anderson/Griffin/Clarrett – I’d put my money on Mike Anderson right now

    13.Julius Jones/Anthony Thomas/Barber – I’d go with A-Train as he’s proven and will most likely get all goal line & short yardage carries. Barber will most likely be available on waivers.

    14.Brian Westbrook/Buckhalter/Moats – If we drafted today, I would roll the dice on Moats. The guy is a Westbrook clone. Buckhalter will most likely be the one drafted though.

    15.M.Bennett/Moore/Fason – I picked up Moore last year and he carried me for a few games. Is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Given Bennett’s history, I would watch this camp’s news closely to see who wins the job.

    16.Fred Taylor/L.Toefield/Pearman – Taylor had shed the “fragile freddy” tag last year, but he’s back with a troubled knee and now the Jags are currently looking at Travis Henry for insurance. Toefield is a good receiver but is more of a change of pace back.

    17.Deshaun Foster/S.Davis/E.Shelton – Another crowded backfield, but if I drafted Foster, I personally wouldn’t waste a pick on Davis. I would secure my RB with E.Shelton

    18.Dominic Davis/J.Wells/Morency – The Dom has a tendency to get nicked up, so they drafted Morency. This guy can flat out take over games. I know J.Wells performed well in spot duty, but my money would be on Morency.

    20.Tiki Barber/Brandon Jacobs
    21.D.Staley/J Bettis
    22.Travis Henry--- worthy of a mid round pick, current ADP: 7.11

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    Well I took Marion to backup JJ with my last pick in a 10 team league. The A train has been derailed more than on track for most of his career. I figure I'll know to dump Marion early in preseason if he doesn't have what it takes. Barber will be tested plenty in preseason.
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    cool, Im going to wait and see how Barber plays in preseason. Like i said, He'll probably be available on waivers in most leagues, unless he blows up in preseason. If you have the room, It wouldnt be a bad idea to add Thomas too, then just dump the one that loses the backup duty.

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