DraftDaddy: Monday Afternoon: South Practice: Fairhope

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Monday Afternoon: South Practice: Fairhope

    Skill Players
    The quarterback play was somewhat affected by the wind today (and we will observe them more as the week progresses) but the best of the South group appeared to be TCU's Andy Dalton. Although not the strongest armed, he throws a catchable ball and displays above average accuracy.
    Tulsa running back Charles Clay is a large man with decent hands, and could project well as a receiving fullback in a west-coast offense.
    Louisville running back Bilal Powell showed off his long speed in running drills, and could be a gamebreaker; he seems to accelerate away from the trash and find the open field.
    Trench Players
    Baylor offensive guard Danny Watkins displayed outstanding power, technique, and footwork. He was stone-walling players in the Pit and showed good drive on running downs. There's nothing especially flashy about him as an athlete but he's the type of smart player that stays patient, doesn't make mistakes and could start early in his career.
    Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller was outstanding covering the running back in catch drills, and had a pretty interception off a tipped ball. Miller is working exclusively with the linebackers, we did not see him in Pit drills or any other lineman type activity. Weighing 237 he appears to fit better as a LB in a 4-3 than in the 3-4.
    Southern Arkansas defensive lineman Cedric Thornton was feisty in drills, playing beyond the whistle and showing fire. He is another gap shooting player who was often behind the line of scrimmage. Perhaps coming from such a small school he felt he had more to prove; his effort did not go unnoticed.
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    I'm actually of the opinion that Von would have raised his stock by coming in looking like a 3-4 OLB, and not a 4-3 LB. 3-4 teams are willing to put a premium on a pass rushing OLB that 4-3 teams simply won't.
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    I think you're right; he would have done well had he came in weighing in the high 240s or low 250s.

    That may be asking too much though as he really has a smaller frame; think Kevin Burnett.

    I think the biggest area he's going to struggle in is that he's not a very physical player.
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    He's a more talented Victor Butler.

    He'll make plays but won't do the little things IMO.
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    Danny Watkins sounds like an interesting prospect
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    I was hoping we could get him in the 4th but if he keeps this up he might play his way into the 2nd.
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    Georgia Tech running back Anthony Allen showed smooth hands in drills, and has a nice natural stride once in the open field. One to watch as the week progresses

    Mississippi State offensive tackle Derek Sherrod had an up-and-down day. Coaches were obviously impressed with his bulk and foot speed but they also harped with his technique, as he was playing high. Still, he's the starting left tackle for the South and it will be interesting to see if he improves with pro coaching as the week progresses.

    Miami linebacker Colin McCarthy showed good instincts, reading and diagnosing the play well against the run.
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    Problem being he is 26 years old
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    Yep, doubtful, he would get any stronger, kinda tapped out there, and most likely his ceiling is about as far as it would go, maybe just alittle more with experience, but not much more I think.

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