Drafting a Offensive Lineman EARLY in the Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigdog24, Jan 8, 2006.

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    The overall prognosis after ACL repair should be good in principle but Flo was only a very good LT for one year and his play had fallen off over the past two years prior to the injury. Additionally, we need to consider the fact that he is only under contract for two more years and we need to anticipate this being a possible hole.

    I don't share the faith in Pettiti. He looks shockingly bad whenever in pass protection. Maybe he'll improve with a new OL coach but I would rather not have to double-team every LDE in the league for the next few years.

    Perhaps, but there were rumours of some sort of rift between Brooks and the coaching staff and that may mean we are actually less likely to pick him. Anyhow, it makes no sense to pick a player in the first who may be available in the second round.
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    Barry is big and young, but I think you'd still go through some of the growing pains that you went through with Pettiti. I think Barry is a good run blocker, but struggles a bit in pass protection.
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    Marcus McNeill is my #1 target in thedraft this year.
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    Call me crazy,, but here goes. We should pick Marcus Mcneil if around at 18. This guy is a monster at LT in one of the toughest conferences in college football. But here is the crazy part,, cut allen, draft Marcus, play marcus at LG. He is atheltic enough to do it and he wouldn't have to change sides and learn new stances and such for the rt spot. Keep Flo at LT, Marcus at LG, I think Gurode moves to center fulltime, rivera at RG and Rob P will stay at RT, with competition from a RT FA we will bring in. I think if we can get McNeil at 18,, that is how it would play out. I also don't know if we will draft an ILB early. I think that Burnett moves to ILB next to James next season. Which means we are drafting an OLB ,, prob in the mold of a Ware or merriman. I dont think we drafta saftey either,, with Davis, pile and Justin B coming back, I dont think we waste a high draft pick and money on that spot. For all the complaining about Davis at FS, our D finished 10th against the pass, with all the new players and the new scheme, that is remarkable i think. I think BP likes Davis and will give him another year at that spot. I look for a center to be brought in with the middle rounds in the draft, 3 or 4th round. I look for a WR to be taken with the 1st or 2nd round, depending on what OL is availble at 18. I dont look for a QB to be drafted this year, but It wouldn't surprise me to bring in a FA QB esp if someone like Carr or Rivers hits the market. Crazy huh!?
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    Colombo is in the mix at OT also. He is a a former first rounder himself.
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    True, but he had a catastrophic nerve complication following a very bad knee injury and looked very, very bad when he played in 2003 - I wouldn't count on him. It'd be nice if he worked out.
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    Burnett wil probably move to ILB. We dont need a character issue guy Ahmad Brooks who also has injury issues. BObby Carpenter in the 2nd would be nice if Burnett moves inside, and if not, we can take Brooks teammate Kai Parham in the 2nd and keep Burnett outside.

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