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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rash, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I truly believe this is one of the most underrated aspects in any sport. We need character on this team. And I may sound hypocritical because there were certain guys (like TO) that I was excited to join Dallas despite their "me" mentality.

    What guys in this year's draft fit that mold?

    Off topic question: What guys on our team do you think have character issues?
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    I want to draft 53 Michael Irvin attitudes.
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    Numerous players coming out this year have issues. I think you go with character as being as important as ability. To be effective, a player has to have both.

    As far as the current roster, I am concerned about Jenkins attitude. Guy went from Pro Bowl to Toilet Bowl. That tells me he either thinks he is too good for all the work required, or that outside issues are effecting him.

    Bennett stilll hasn't shown me he has turned the corner. He is contributing, but not to the level his ability says he should.

    Jury is still out on Dez, if what has been reported is true. Sloppy routes and poor study habits could be an indication of a felling of entitlement he hasn;t earned.
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    Bennett without question. You can't fix stupid and he clearly is stupid.

    After the season he proclaimed he is ready to be "the guy" after 30 something catches and a gaudy 8 yard average.
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    Bennett doesn't have character concerns, he's just immature. If you wanna throw Bennett in there for being a goof then you gotta throw Miles in since he parties like a rock star on a regular basis.

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