Drafting Zeke was football stupid

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by jterrell, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. jterrell

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    As we sit 0-1 after one week there will be tons of consternation and angst.

    Twill is still not very savvy, we still don't move Dez around to get him open, the defense still can't get stops when it counts. All legit.

    But my biggest gripe is the issue which I think matters most long-term: Front Office.

    This team looks just about ready to tank again for the 2nd year in a row. If it does the coaching staff doesn't matter because they'll all be gone. TWill is gone regardless imho. We will be drafting mostly defense for a couple seasons.

    My biggest issue is the guys in charge of building for the 5 year and 10 year plans. I have solidly supported Will McClay and Stephen Jones. Now I am left scratching my head.

    We looked to be doing so very well in the front office decision-making area. But the gambles on guys haven't paid off and the best decision we have made (letting Demarco Murray walk and repalcing him for nickels) was confusingly destroyed by using a top 5 pick and 5m a year at RB one year later. That was quite simply a stupid decision. Epically stupid. Basically insane and ignorant of this past decade of NFL football.

    And last Sunday was a prime example. Let's say we win the game 22-20 after a good Dak drive and great Bailey kick.... It STILL would have been a really stupid football move.

    Why? Alfred Morris who is making peanuts was the best RB Sunday.
    Why part 2? With the game on the line we had to PASS the ball and we used Lance Dunbar at RB.
    Why part 3? This team wins games on late Tony Romo drives. We KNOW that. He leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks.

    RBs are not consistent over long periods so you get one, find his best form, ride him tilt he wheels fall off, rinse and repeat. You do NOT spend big money 1. because then you can't pay everyone else: See Minnesota. 2. they do not last and it cost to move on: See Demarco to Philly and virtually every other FA back that makes over 5m per year.
    But the biggest cardinal sin of all is you DO NOT DRAFT RB top 5.
    You do NOT win that way.
    No one has in forever.
    Todd Gurley is a true stud but the Rams are atrocious garbage dumpsters on offense.

    You can not outsmart NFL history. Doesn't work that way.

    Dallas over-committed resources to arguably the least critical position on the offense. (we played 3 players at the position on Sunday)
    And we are about 5 players short on the roster.
    All because we drafted druggies or wasted picks. --Gregory, J. Smith, Lawrence all recent high opicks and all absent.

    And with the best ammunition we've had in over a decade we drafted a gosh dang RB.....
    We looks real pretty wearing cut off shirts and all but he is a RB and he means little to overall success.
    You do not run to win in the NFL. You run to keep people honest.
    And if you are going to run to win, you need the best defense in football.
    We have one of the worst.
    The front office plan makes zero sense.
    And that worries me because Jerry is just a figurehead with regards to personnel but Stephen is here for the long haul.
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  2. Idgit

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    It was a dumb tactical move, no doubt. The whole offseason was perplexing.
  3. DFWJC

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    1800 draft value points can be spent in a lot of ways


    Taking RB at 4th overall certainly was not in my top 4-5 choices.
    If he ends up totally dominant, just maybe...maybe, it'll be worth it.
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  4. John813

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    I feel that the team was kind of stuck on taking Elliott @ 4. One possible trading chip they could of had was if Wentz fell to them and a team was willing to pay to jump another team.
    Ramsey had the risk of being an athlete without a true position, and while college stats don't mean much, his lack of playmaking(INTS) could of been a concern.
    Can't say I wanted EE before the draft either, especially after seeing McFadden run for 1k yards, when the other team knew he was the only threat.
    Also found it funny people didn't want to get stuck with Murray and his huge deal, yet the Eagles got out of it just like that. Now we have EE with a higher guaranteed contract. Don't get me wrong, EE has the talent to far surpass Murray and be a stud, but like you said was he really worth the 4th overall?

    Morris would of been a very good starting back for us. He fits the scheme to a Tee. Then we could of had Dunbar/McFadden in on obivous passing downs.

    Feel like we'll have Elliott for 4-5 years then decide if we want to give him a huge second contract. would be a waste to let a top 5 pick walk after his ELC, but at the same time unless he is Peterson level talent, do you give up even bigger bucks to retain a back?

    The Jaylon Smith pick stings too, short term, seeing how bad our linebackers look after failing to find a suitable guy in FA and put our eggs in Mc*******.
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  5. Hoov

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    Part of the issue was that this was not a great draft for this particular team and its needs to have that high pick.

    Once the 2 QB were gone the best available players were Bosa, Ramsey and Elliott or OT's - They really couldn't just draft another OLineman that high due to too many resources paid to one position group.

    What the team needed most was a D Lineman or a LB but it just didnt work out that there was a cant miss Front 7 Defensive player there. It just sucks that it worked out that way.
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  6. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Overreaction week 1.
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  7. Wolfpack

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    I think the first mistake was to think that the FO has (had) a plan. They don't and most things are just knee jerk reactions to what ever wheel(s) came off the season before generally. Plus the wildcat 2nd round.

    The logic of using 4 Rbs on the roster plus 2 FBs is puzzling to say the least.
  8. haleyrules

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    Morris was a good signing. Elliott made sense. It wasnt all bad. After this years disaster...they will make serious coaching chances. Thats where it really counts ...going ahead.
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Should have traded down. Said it all offseason leading up to the draft. Even a couple of spots would have netted another pick we could have used on defense.
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  10. haleyrules

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    The club needs defense to move ahead. No question. Drafting Elliott also could drastically help tbe defense. Still, the team needs to focus on the defense in the next draft. But only if Prescott really works out. The club needs a franchise QB to go with the best OL in football. After that...its defense all tne way. The club needs a mentally ill...bloodthirsty ...QB hating passrusher more than anything. I dont mean some turd who wants to kiss and trade jerseys after a game.. but a boy who really wants to put the ENEMY QB in the flamng Hospital....
  11. roughneck266

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    Precisely like your avatar. We need a new version of him...
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  12. Yakuza Rich

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    The worst is that they could have traded down, still gotten Zeke and could have gotten Paxton Lynch.

    Of course, Lynch is nowhere near ready and Dak is far ahead of him...but they did have Lynch rated quite high (and Lynch is learning a WCO which is very different and more time consuming to learn than our offense).

    The biggest issue with the RB at #4 is that there is great value for RB's later on and the injury risk is too great for the position to draft high.

  13. Sam I Am

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    Suicide Solution.

  14. CATCH17

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    Imo, we should've been the team jumping for Wentz.

    Drafting Zeke was exciting and got the fan base stirred up but I never felt like it was the right thing to do.

    If he is a superstar though than I'll take it.

    If they wanted to make a splash at RB Lamar Miller was available.
  15. kevm3

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    I'm fine with the Zeke pick. We could have had Ramsey and Henry, but then again, the draft may not have fallen the same if we went that way and we may never have gotten Dak Prescott, which, if he turns out, will save us a lot of annoyance in the future since quality QBs are so difficult to find. People would have been angry if we traded down, took a bunch of non impact players and Zeke was playing against some awful team and lighting it up. Given the build of our team, I'm more than fine with the pick. Last time we had a winning record was when we had a dominant running game behind the line. Sure, we have Alfred Morris, but coupling him with Zeke gives our running game a solid 1-2 pop.
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  16. Joshmvii

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    I'm not a fan of drafting RB that high, but let's not pretend like there's no way it works out.

    If Romo is playing week 1 instead of a rookie, the Giants don't get to run blitz all game and Zeke might've torn them apart on the ground. He may still do that to a bunch of other teams this season as Dak hopefully proves he can be a threat to punish teams for doing so.
  17. Common Sense

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    For all the talk of "process," this team is really, really bad at resource management, especially when it comes to maximizing the value of draft picks. I'm not even talking about the quality of the players chosen. I mean they don't understand the economics behind the values of their picks. Case in point -- you have a team who's philosophy is "build through the draft" yet rather than acquiring more picks to round out a roster that is too top heavy and lacks depth, they waste premium picks to trade up on one player or gamble on players who are too risky to be taken where they end up. Or we "get an early jump on rookie free agency" in the sixth round. We could have the best scouts in the world and it wouldn't matter if the guys pulling the trigger don't understand basic economics.

    An analogy: if I'm renovating my home and I have a $20K budget (this is my salary cap), I can't "trade up" for a $10K bathroom if I still have to do the kitchen and three bedrooms. I can't afford to purchase a non-returnable sink online if I don't even know if the measurements will work or not, etc.

    So with a roster full of holes and 1800 draft points in the first round, blowing it all on a RB who will take up a guaranteed $5M/year of your cap for the next four years isn't really smart economics when you already have two potential 1000-yard rushers on your team. The tradeoff of draft capital and cap space versus on-field performance doesn't add up. Think of it like a currency exchange rate. It's like going overseas and overpaying for things because you don't understand how much your Euro is actually worth. Not a big deal at first, maybe, but over time it adds up and comes back to bite you.
  18. jimmy40

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    When Zeke goes for 150 Sunday we'll forget about this thread.
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  19. chagus

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    We won't know until Zeke either lights it up or stinks it up. Personally, I was hoping for a down trade to pick up more picks and go with defense. Then they picked Zeke and I figured that couldn't be too bad. Best RB in the draft. Why not? Hindsight. We'll see.
  20. CalPolyTechnique

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    We needed to draft a RB at #4 overall to run for a 150?
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