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    If you do not purchase Coyle draft publication you are missing out - detaile ratings on hundereds of draft prospects - very insightfull.

    Underclassmen for the NFL Draft '05

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    Alex Smith - 6’4” 210 lbs. - Utah Jr

    Strong armed junior passer was instrumental in the Utes undefeated season and WAC Championship. He has a live arm and shows an accurate touch that convinced him to decide to declare for the NFL. He has excellent scrambling ability plus the intangibles necessary to become one of the elite pro starters. His decision to enter the NFL was based on several things including HC Urban Meyer leaving for Florida after the season. He has a chance to be one of the elite players in this draft class.

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    Aaron Rodgers - 6’3” 220 lbs. - California Jr
    Slick throwing junior passer completed an excellent career with the Bears, taking their struggling program to bowls over his final two seasons. He has all the components to become a top flight NFL starter, live arm, fine mobility and excellent intangibles. He developed well under HC Jeff Tedford who has been able to take talented young QBs and refine them into top pro prospects. He has the touch to allow his receivers to make a play on most attempts. He makes sound decisions under pressure and finds secondary receivers consistently. He is very accurate and makes few mistakes and could be an elite pro prospect next spring.

    Walter Washington - 6’2” 240 lbs. - Temple Jr
    Strong armed junior QB surprisingly declared for this class after starting only the final year and a half at Temple. He has a powerful arm and nice mobility but lacks the fine excellent touch and accuracy to make all the throws presently. He is still inexperienced in many aspects of the passing game and needs to refine his skills under strong tutelage of a pro coach. He has good size and arm strength but needs development in most areas of play.

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    Running Backs
    Frank Gore - 5’10” 220 lbs. - Miami Jr

    Tough talented runner returned to the playing field after his second major knee injury that shortened his '03 season. He recaptured his starting job that had him the #1 Hurricane runner over Willis McGahee two years ago. He has the combination of size, instincts and toughness, but needs to prove he has reclaimed his speed and big play ability to rank him among the top backs in the country. He improved over the ’04 season but must continued to progress for his pro aspirations after two major knee operations.

    Vernand Morency - 5’10” 215 lbs. - Oklahoma St. Jr
    Physical junior tailback exploded over his final season after a strong sophomore year as a backup. He is a former baseball player who jumped on the starting opportunity this season and became one of the premier workhorse runners in the nation. He averaged about 6 yards a carry and showed an explosive burst through the hole and the powerful ability to break tackles consistently. He could rank with the top runners in the country if impresses in a postseason workout. He needs to develop as a receiver and blocker to warrant playing time in the NFL.

    Ryan Moats - 5’9” 205 lbs. - Louisiana Tech Jr
    Strong compact junior tailback displays natural running skills and relies on his powerful frame to run through tacklers. He displays excellent strength and balance with the quickness and speed to get to the outside and make a big play. He needs some work on his blocking and receiving, but he is a fine runner who gets strong over the course of the game. He runs very hard and shows the ability to accelerate through the hole using his blockers very well to set up defenders. He is a tough inside runner and he has the package to move up further with development.

    Damien Nash - 5’10” 220 lbs. - Missouri Jr
    Strong junior tailback completed an outstanding ’04 campaign that helped him decide to turn pro. He is a well rounded back, showing fine hands as a receiver and natural running skills. He combines good size with quickness, speed and fine cutting skills to become a quality pro with further development. His production over the past two seasons has not gone unnoticed by NFL scouts.

    Maurice Clarett - 5’10” 215 lbs. - Ohio St Soph

    Physical young tailback did not return to the playing field this fall after another year of legal battles that kept him out of the NFL Draft ’04 last spring. He has continued to be involved in controversial issues and although eligible for the NFL Draft ’05, he may be the biggest unknown in the class. He has the talent to run both inside and outside and become a good NFL feature back but he has missed the last two full seasons and is a total question mark at this point. His offseason conditioning will determine his fate.

    T.A. McLendon - 5’11” 225 lbs. - North Carolina St Jr
    Powerful junior tailback combines all the skills to become a feature back as a pro. He needs to prove he is past his injuries over the last two seasons. He is a powerful workhorse back with the speed and quickness to get to the second level and break tackles for extra yardage. He must show he can answer the bell on a game to game basis after an assortment of injuries late in his career. He was asked to carry a heavy load often and was a marked man each game. He is a very developed receiver with the talent to surprise early in his career as a starter.

    Ciatrick Fason - 6’1” 215 lbs. - Florida Jr
    Fast junior tailback has been one of the best gamebreakers in the nation over the past two seasons. He has the speed and running skills to break any run the distance. He has the size to run inside with the change of directions to cut in the hole. He is a talented receiver, displaying sure hands and big play ability on the perimeter. He is a fast development progress and capable of moving up further with a big postseason.

    Eric Shelton - 6’2” 245 lbs. - Louisville Jr
    Big powerful feature back completed an outstanding career in one of the deepest backfields in recent college football. Eric is a big tough back with the speed to get the corner and break a big play. He has the size, quickness and power to run inside and get the most of each attempt. He has a chance to be a feature back early in his NFL career and most possibly as a rookie. He needs some work on his receiving, but shows reliable hands and the ability to make things happen after the catch.

    Marlon Barber - 5’11” 220 lbs. - Minnesota Jr
    Talented junior tailback duplicated his outstanding sophomore campaign this fall and entered the NFL Draft ’04. He is an explosive runner with the burst through the line and the ability to get to the second level consistently. He has the power to break tackles and the elusiveness to make defenders miss, showing the talent to run both inside and outside. He also displays fine speed for a big back with the toughness to be an excellent goal line back. He is a refined receiver with sure hands and a nice sense of route running.

    Derrick Johnese - 5’10” 215 lbs. - Northwestern St. Jr.

    Tough compact junior tailback completed a strong junior season, displaying game-to-game consistency to rank with the top backs from the D 1AA level. He is a workhorse runner with the power to break tackles and the elusiveness to change directions quickly and create running room. His lack of development as a receiver is a concern, but he surely can run both inside and outside.

    Tyson Thompson - 6’1” 210 lbs. - San Jose St. Jr.

    Highly touted JC transfer performed one season in the WAC, displaying well developed skills as both a runner and receiver. He is a natural runner who displays good instincts, vision and balance to compete for an NFL roster spot this summer.

    Matt Tant - 5’11” 240 lbs.- Vanderbilt Jr

    Rugged physical junior fullback completed an heralded career in the SEC as the lead blocker in the vanilla Vandy offense. He is a strong inside power runner with the ability to move the pile and make the tough yardage. He shows sure hands as an outlet receiver but is under developed in that area.

    Wide Receivers
    Mike Williams - 6’5” 230 lbs. - USC Jr

    Big athletic junior wideout has been a dominant performer in the Pac 10 since his freshman season. He will have to sit out the ’04 College season after the NCAA ruled him ineligible due to his affiliation with an agent last spring. He is a top athletes and one of the best prospects for the NFL Draft ’05. He was blocked from entering the NFL Draft ‘04 on eligibility related to three years removed from high school. He also lost his college eligibility once he hired an agent last spring. He has incredible size and talent, combining all the skills to become a premier NFL player. He will be a fine future pro prospect but the lost time may set him back in the short term initially as a pro.

    Steve Savoy - 5’11” 190 lbs. - Utah Soph

    Athletic junior wideout combined with teammate QB Alex Smith to form one of the most dangerous duos in college football. They were unstoppable in ’04 and both decided to turn pro. He defied double coverage last fall and was instrumental in the Utes success as a potent passing attack. He is quick in his routes and shows fine separation speed to get open with the ability to run after the reception. He could move up even further with a big work this postseason.

    Roscoe Parrish - 5’9” 175 lbs. - Miami Jr

    Fast junior receiver shows explosiveness after the catch to be one of the best playmakers in the nation. He is both fast and quick and possesses fine hands and sound route running that enables him to make the big play. He has the speed to get deep and hit the home run regularly, in addition to the excellent running skills after the catch on the shorter routes. He can also light up the scoreboard as a punt returner and is ideally suited for the West Coast offense where his running ability could make him a pro star.

    Larry Brackins - 6’5” 220 lbs. - Pearl River CC Soph

    Huge athletic receiver was the top-rated JUCO pro prospect this season after an excellent performance at Pearl River CC. He is a huge athlete at 6’5” 220 lbs. and runs a reported sub 4.5 forty time. He had opportunities to attend several big time Division 1A programs including USC, Arkansas, Miss St. and LSU. He was the go-to receiver in an offense that looked to him to make big plays. He displays sure hands with the body control to adjust quickly to the ball and totally out classed the athletes he faced weekly at the JC level. He is an excellent athlete who projects to both wideout and H-back positions in the NFL. He works the sidelines well and runs precise routes that should make him a solid draft selection.

    Troy Williamson - 6’2” 200 lbs. - South Carolina Jr

    Big agile athlete has been a key performer in the SEC over the past two seasons while playing in a run oriented offense. He combines good speed with fine hands, a big frame and the ability to go over the middle. He also is a tough runner after the catch, combining both speed and power. He is very tough in the red zone where he uses his fine leaping skills to the fullest.

    Chris Henry - 6’4” 210 lbs. - West Virginia Jr
    Tall smooth receiver creates major mismatches in coverage operating on the outside. He is an especially dangerous red zone receiver where his height and leaping skills make him virtually impossible to cover on the jump ball situations. He has the deep speed to get behind the secondary and make the big play. His big play ability makes him one of the more interesting prospects this spring with impact potential.

    Dante Ridgeway - 6’1” 200 lbs. - Ball St. Jr.

    Athletic junior wideout declared for the NFL Draft ’05 after leading the nation in receptions this past fall. He has the athleticism to move up further with a big workout this spring. He combines fine hands with his big play ability that could have him moving up the draft charts quickly through the spring. He is quick off the line and has good running skills that that could allow him to play a key role as a pro receiver.

    Tight Ends
    Heath Miller - 6’5” 255 lbs. - Virginia Jr
    Gifted junior tight end has been an outstanding performer in the ACC since his freshman season and should be the premier prospect at the position this spring. He has excellent receiving skills and the strong inline blocking ability to be a complete NFL performer. He stepped up further this fall and put himself in elite company at a prime position. Despite working with a first year starter at QB, he continued to display big play ability as a receiver. He has excellent hands and a fine sense of coverage that allows him to get open consistently. He has wide receiver skills with the size and speed to create major matchup problems. As a blocker, he shows good movement skills and power to handle backers and defensive ends.
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    Larry Brackins at WR looks intriguing.

    I hope we can generate an extra 3rd rounder by trading down a couple of spots this coming draft!
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    Marlon Barber - 5’11” 220 lbs. - Minnesota Jr
    Talented junior tailback duplicated his outstanding sophomore campaign this fall and entered the NFL Draft ’04. He is an explosive runner with the burst through the line and the ability to get to the second level consistently. He has the power to break tackles and the elusiveness to make defenders miss, showing the talent to run both inside and outside. He also displays fine speed for a big back with the toughness to be an excellent goal line back. He is a refined receiver with sure hands and a nice sense of route running.

    That is an interesting player....size, good goal line running back, and good receiver out of the backfield.

    Also a player that could be taken later in the draft.
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    Technically, it is Marion Barber (III). Somehow, either Nors' draft guide or Nors' fingers turned the "i" into an "l" in his name.

    Unless we are talking about a different player who doesn't come from Minnesota. If that's the case, I'm not interested in drafting Marlon Barber.
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    NO it is Marion Barber. He would be good around 3rd round, but unfortunately we dont have a 3rd round. Although he could easily last till 4th or even 5th round, with RB class this year being so deep.
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    this will be a very interesting draft/deep draft at rb and wr- and that is good news for us-

    Once again here is my fantasy draft-

    Derrick johnson/ mike williams at 11

    shawn merriman/ troy williamson at 20

    chris canty/ if one of the really good backs slips in this deep rb draft I could see Parcells pick him up- if Jones goes down this year and could end up much like last year-

    I definitely could see scenarios where we make a trade to pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick.

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