DraftSharks latest mock - Alan Branch, DT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wimbo, Apr 19, 2007.

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    I like Revis, but NTs with Branch's size and ability are a lot harder to find than a cornerback of Revis' ability which you can find in the twenty areas every draft. Of what was left, Moss should also get some consideration, but Branch just looks like a no brainer if he's available.
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    This is from a fantasy football advice site... not a site dedicated to the draft.

    I'd take this mock with all the seriousness that I'd take a mock created by one of my fellow posters here. I don't think a lot of "insider information" was involved.
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    Yeah I'd hate to not get Revis if we had the chance. But a NT like Branch doesn't come along often at 22. I'd have to go with the NT and pray I made the right decision.

    That would make me sick. A team like NE getting Revis and Meriweather. That's the position I'd like to see Dallas get into. NE is going to do well with two pick in the 20s in this draft.

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