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    some of you already know about this, but its kinda fun, if you know the nfl teams and your own teams needs etc. enjoy if you havent done this yet

    http://drafttek.com/new simulator/

    1/20 - Online Draft Simulator Revision
    What-If Modeling

    How about this for a trade: Patriots bundle their #17, #28 and #33 and ship them off to Buffalo for the #3 overall. Patriots think Da'Quan Bowers will finally replace Richard Seymour. Meanwhile Buffalo has numerous holes and will gladly make the trade! Who will the Bills select with all those picks?

    Could it happen?

    Doubt it. But wouldn't it be interesting to see who the Buffalo Bills would get? That's what the ODS allows users to do. It provides a baseline simulated draft, then allows users to make changes to the inputs (including selection order) and re-simulate with your new inputs.

    Nobody else has anything like it, and along with everything else at Drafttek.com, it's completely free!

    2011 ODS Link Here!!

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