Drastic Measures needed to solve teams problems!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Nov 24, 2012.

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    What did Dallas do after their 1-15 record in 1989 to build to a 3 time('92,'93 &'95)Super Bowl Champions? Jimmy said he asked himself what his team had that other teams would offer picks and players for. The birth of the Herschel Walker trade.

    Now we should ask ourselves what does this team have that other teams would make a similar offer as in the HW trade. Then we have to decide what we would be willing to let go. Probably have to commit to any offer that could possibly be worth double to what we have to give up. What players would have any value to other teams and what could we realistically expect to get for them.

    Romo--would probably be the player with the most value to other teams.





    We could even throw JG in a deal as a sweetener.

    Drastic,yes, but if we don't want to continue our ways of the last 17 years than the unthinkable must be done and not look back. Really, would it be any worse than finishing each year with 6,7 or 8 wins as we do now. We just have to many problems to solve each year and it continues each year. The only way out of this hole is blow it up.

    What would be your players you think would draw value and what value?
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    Is this thread a freakin joke??? #1 It is 2012 and the Cowboys aren't 1-15....
    #2 These kind of threads on message boards belong for fans of teams such as the Chiefs,Jaguars,Browns or Panthers maybe you should go make a post on their forums with this garbage... #3 If you can't see that this team needs to concentrate on getting o-line and d-line help, not trading players and making even more holes on the roster then you are blind and have no aspect of when teams need to go in full rebuilding mode. #4 Get me Sean Payton as the Head Coach in 2013 and I promise you things will change for the better
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    No freakin joke Dude. It worked for the Cowboys years ago and is now working for the Colts,Broncos and Skins. Drastic measures for each team but positive results already showing. Houston rebuilt in a short period. It takes one person in the organization to take that step off the end of the pier and change things for the future. Taking the safe route of filling a few holes each year will continue the fans getting excited at the start of the season only to be let down when it's found there are more holes than thought.

    If you want to continue with the same results as the last 17 years then by all means continue your thought method. For me I would choose the Drastic method. Blow It Up!!!

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