DRC signed with the Giants.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by rkell87, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Lets not talk about other Cbs til our boys can find the red zone on a daily basis, dont forget what other teams have to face, its not like our D is stopping good teams on a daily basis. Look who we are trotting out and see how DRC compares to our guys.

    Its a decent signing, and who cares about contracts, what if the Giants get him to act a decent cb? than what? HE would probably upgrade our secondary if we signed him.
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    Thurmond and cromartie are good pickups. But im good with carr and scandrick. Hopefully claiborne can emerge. Id like to kick the tires on the jets former cb cromartie. I wouldn't mind picking him up for a decent lower contract.
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    I can't wait to see him come up and try to tackle Murray in run support......the guy wants nothing to do with any contact. I am glad they picked this guy up and I am glad they overpaid for him.
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    I agree but he might not be able to pay his child support payments if he doesn't get a bunch of cash.....I think he has nine kids. Ol' boy was some busy back in the day!

    He is tall and still has some good speed. Good return skills too although I think Harris is excellent.
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    Right? I heard the prince improved last season.
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    Get the feeling the Giants are losing their way a little. Build through draft don't over pay FAs. Love it.
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    Good signing for NYG. Doesn't effect us much.
    5 yr, 39m, 15m guaranteed. Fair contract. Depending on how its structured it's not impossible for them to move on after this season, or next, if DRC busts. If he lives up to his potential than NYG has a #1 CB for 7.8m per year in the era of rapid increasing cap-space. Great deal.
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    I do find it funny when people feel justified pointing and laughing at this signing when Brandon Carr's contract is a complete joke.
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