Dream scenario for JJ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by unionjack8, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. unionjack8

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    With all the info that we have gathered from Sdogo and Hos if the draft plays out like this who do we take.....

    1. Panthers - Newton
    2. Broncos - Dareus
    3. Bills - Miller
    4. Bengals - Gabbert
    5. cardinals - Peterson
    6. Browns - Green
    7. 49ers - Quinn
    8. Titans - fairley
    9. Rams(from boys) - JJones
    10. Skins - Locker
    11. Texans - Aldon Smith
    12. Vikings - Bowers
    13. Lions - Amukamura
    14. Cowboys - ???????

    sitting pretty at 14, hoping nobody moved up in front of them they have the choice of Tyron Smith, Anthony Castonzo, JJ Watt and Cam Jordan.

    Not sure the vikes would ytake Bowers, maybe watt or Jordan(the dad link). And i know somebody else could move up who are OT starved(Colts maybe) .

    Which direction would garrett(i say that cos i really hope he has a huge influence on this draft) and co go?
  2. Dash28

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    If it played out like that, I don't see them passing on Smith.

    I'm absolutely fine with Smith at 9, so if we traded down and landed him that would be fantastic.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Given that circumstance, I can see us trading down with NE at 17.
  4. visionary

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    no brainer, you take smith and dont look back

    by the way, i dont think this is unlikely, i really think that smith will be available at 14 if we trade down
  5. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    i wouldnt get cute here

    you have smith available and got a 3rd from STL

    pull the trigger
  6. pupulehaole

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    ding ding ding +2
  7. speedkilz88

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    Jerry's dream scenario is a move up on the cheap for Peterson. He probably wouldn't mind a trade up for Dareus either.
  8. Bowdown27

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    That's what I was going to say. Throw Von miller name in there too.
  9. stasheroo

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    Plus 3

    If he's your guy, take him.
  10. Wood

    Wood Well-Known Member

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    I absolutely feel if its Castonzo...dallas must trade back. A case could be made that Nate Solder will be better than both Smith and Castonzo...so if Dallas is absolutely intent on take an OL...they should get out of top 12.
  11. newlander

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    ......I live in Michigan and the Lions like Smith....a LOT. I would take him at #9, I really would. Get too cute and lose him and we could, well.........hate to say it but RUE the day!:cool:
  12. jazzcat22

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    Right, I was just thinking to post....if those are our 4 options, why not trade down a few more spots. Can't go wrong with any of them. So still get a great player, and pick up another choice later.

    Even though I'm not a big fan, or say, I just tired [as I stated numerous times] of the trade down thing. But when those are the choices, then I can certainly agree with it.

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