Dresden Files AND Ender's Game

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ethiostar, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I've been picking up used books from both series' for the last month or so. I plan on starting one of the series in the next few weeks, as soon as i finish reading the book i've already started and Cutting for Stone.

    I know in other threads some posters have indicated that they've read one or the other series, or both, but i wanted to get a thread started to get everyone's opinion on these books.

    If you have read them (either one or both), how do you like them?

    Are most of the books in the series good or is there a lot of variation in quality among them?

    Do i NEED to read them in order?

    If you have read both, which one do you prefer?

  2. Sam I Am

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    I've read the original Ender's Game and it was a great book. I haven't went on to read any of the others. From what I've read, they aren't quite as good as the original.

    The Ender's game books, you probably should read them in order. Definitely read the original first.
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    I liked the first two books, Ender's Game, and Speaker for the Dead in that series. The following books were less memorable.

    I did enjoy Card's Tale of Alvin Maker, a series set in an alternate 17th century North America. European colonists and American Indians being the main focus.
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    I have read all and enjoyed them all. You should read them in the order they were writtern in... or else it just may not make sense.

    Jim Butcher's Prinicps series are also quite enjoyable.

    Something different but also Great (my current favourite author) Lee Child's Jack Reacher Books... Love them. Also best read in order (not required but interesting character development)
  5. ethiostar

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, please keep them coming.
  6. baj1dallas

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    I agree about reading Dresden in order. It's beneficial to the overall enjoyment of the series, to see the way Dresden develops as a character, not to mention that there are certain crucial events that you need to know about. I think the first few books are better from a purely storyline based perspective, the latter books get to where things don't flow quite as smoothly, maybe a little over edited or under developed. You kind of wonder why things keep happening, but you also get the sense that the story is actually going somewhere.

    I also like the Reacher books, but maybe slightly less important to read in order. In particular I read Die Trying first and I don't think you lose anything doing so.

    I haven't read the Ender's game series, just the first book, which was great at the time.
  7. fjones

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    I agree to an extent on Reacher and chronological order. The reason, much like the Dresden books is character development. Having said that, I really didn't like killing floor that much. Later offerings were considerably better in my opinion.

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