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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Billy Bullocks, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Billy Bullocks

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    ..It's time we give this man his due. I defended him big time when people said he was washed up and terrible. He's played great so far, and should continue to do so. Granted, there are alot of factors in this teams great turn around this season, but Bledsoe has to be one of the biggest ones.

    Drafting a QB like Aaron Rodgers, or forcing Henson/Romo to start this year would have been a disaster. Thank this man for helping this team be competitive.
  2. dal0789

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    I have to agree with you 100%.
  3. lane

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    i'm a huge bledsoe fan..

    ever since washington state.

    you give this gunslinger time in the pocket... he will perform surgery on your ***.
  4. Nors

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    Props - it was not popular or well received to advocate Bledsoe back in February before this went down.

    We have a swagger - a beatdown on Eagles and sitting at 5-3. Drew has exceeded most expectations.....
  5. KingTuna

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    Nors, I consider you and myself as the "grandfather's" of the
    "Bledsoe-to-Dallas" movement... I started back in 2004 before the season had even ended!!

    I am proud be one of the VERY few who advocated and pleaded the case to have Bledsoe lead the Cowboys..

    Feels great to see him as the #1 QB in the NFC huh? :bow: :bow:

    NOT a surprise to me at all............

    :starspin :starspin
  6. Billy Bullocks

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    i would have joined too, but i wasnt a member yet...

    I remember I made a thread that turned into a 500 response whopper about him...point out how Dallas had everything in place for DB to suceed..good D, good RB's, good WR, and good TE...also pointin out he had no chance in Buffalo with that line
  7. Silverstar

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    I think Bledsoe is the best FA signing since Charles Haley.



  8. dallasblue05

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    You know I dont why his doing well is a surprise to everyone. He finished the year like 6-2 didnt he? As soon as I heard he was gonna be a FA last year, I was all for it, I told my fiance (now wife) that he needs to be a Cowboy. She jokingly responded with some remark about the Boys needing much more than just a QB, lol, gotta love her. NEway, I thought it was really weird after I joined this board to see all the Bledsoe haters, and I have supported him his entire tenure here thusfar. I am glad someone (BillyB) felt the need to recognize again the great job he's done. Thanks Billy and to all who know a real QB when we get one.
  9. Slyster

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    The Bills started 0 - 4 ( some very tough losses ) and ended the season on a 9 - 3 run.
  10. Cowchips

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    Actually, when you consider that Buffalo was run oriented and his protection sucked but he still put up 20 touchdowns, you have to wonder where Buffalo's heads were at.

    Now he comes to Dallas with slightly better receivers, a much better te, an equal running game and most important, an NFL o-line and people are mystified because under that scenario, he will put up maybe 26-28 touchdowns.

    If Buffalo's GM and coach dont get fired over this, Ralph Wilson is an idiot. Thank you Tom Donohoe and Mike Mularkey. Drew will be come back player of the year and possibly league MVP, what awards are in store for you two?
  11. big_neil

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    Everyone knows I support Drew. Hence I was banned several times from the Buffalo sites. I've been a Bledsoe fan since he was drafted by my home team Pats. I'm still a Pats fan, but I no longer live in NE, and I've followed Bledsoe's games even more closely. The Basher's this year continue to churn out brainless stuff, like "stats don't mean anything", "what happened vs. the Eagles will never happen again". They seem to think if they can explain the secrets of how THEY ignore what Drew has done, that it serves as a formal proof for everyone.
  12. Givincer

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    Do you think Drew should have been playing in the 2001 superbowl? I think so.. I think he could have won that superbowl and won the other 2 as well with the Patriots, but I'm glad things turned out the way they did quite frankly because we wouldn't have him on our team. Even if it was an awful situation for him it's now a good one here in Dallas and I think he's excited about what this team can do.
  13. KingTuna

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    You're absolutley right!
  14. NorTex

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    Now, if you guys would just jump on the Bledsoe for HOF bandwagon!
  15. burmafrd

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    I think that Drew would have done fine in the 2001 SB- and if he had - he would not be here. they would have kept him and into the next season would Brady have gotten his shot? Lots of things would have changed.
  16. Slyster

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    The Pats would also have made the playoffs in 2002 if Bledsoe was the QB. Bill JR slapped Drew in the face after telling him he wouldnt lose his job because of the injury. But he did all the while Brady was putting up numbers worse than what Bledsoe had in 2004.

    I was hoping Drew would start the SB in 2001 after coming in against Pitt and winning the game. NE would have probably blown the Rams out seeing as how good the defense played in that game.

    Just strange.
  17. Nors

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    Blesoe is destined to win a SB - I can feel it. I'm going to cry like a baby when he holds that Lombardi as a Cowboy.
  18. Cowchips

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    2 questions :)

    1) I wonder which SB will mean more to him?

    2) Which uniform will here wear in the HOF?

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