Drew Boylhart Draft Chat - (2/6/08)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by marchetta, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Drew's going to hold a draft chat on another forum. It's today (2/6/08) @ 9pm EST, but I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to a different forums website. So, just go to Drew's website http://www.thehuddlereport.com/ , and his chat schedule is on the right hand side. It's a Packer's forum, but Drew doesn't talk team needs, or what he thinks a team is going to do, he only talks about players, so there should be a lot of good info that we can use. Enjoy.
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    Awesome. I'm going to try and remember to be there and see what might be brought up here.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    errr im going to be in class
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    I missed the 1st 30 minutes of the chat, but here's the last 30 minutes:

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Cason -- if you look at my profile, you'll see that I'm very high on him. I don't have a clue why he's dropped, unless people think he's more of a S than a CB. I don't agree with that and I think he'll be an outstanding CB at the next level.

    apoc] Where do you think Reggie Smith from Oklahoma goes, and do you think he would be a fit in GB's system? Is he more a safety or cb, and I really think he would help our punt returns, your thoguhts?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Reggie Smith -- I think he'll drop lower than people expect. I do think he's more of a S than a CB, and he'll be a good one, but his LTI will be longer than expected at this point. I believe he'll end up going in the 2nd round. Reggie will be a great help on special teams.

    CHEESE] thoughts on Justin King and Godfrey from Iowa?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Godfrey should be an outstanding ballplayer at the next level. King -- have to wait for his workouts. Not sure about his lateral agility, should find out more at the combine. There are some character issues with King to be looked at.

    JM.] Florida Gators receivers seems to struggle taking the step to the NFL. Will that be any different with Andre Caldwell?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Andre Caldwell is a pretty good receiver, but he's going to have to get stronger and run better routes. And, until that happens, he'll have some growing pains at the next level.

    Madfan] Thanks for your great answer to my previous question on CBs. Somebody needs to ask about OGs. Is Albert the best in the draft? Does Schuening compare when considering a zone blocking scheme? 3rd round?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] To be honest, there are some better OT's that will have to be moved into the OG position for this draft. Albert will probably be drafted lower than his talent rates out, but he should be a good one. OT's that need move to OG include: Carl Nicks (Nebraska), Tony Hills (Texas) and Oneil Cousins (UTEP), John Greco (Toledo), Mike McGlynn (Pitt), Pedro Sosa (Rutgers) -- all will probably move to OG and may be drafted ahead of Albert. Schuening is a very good pulling G -- good pick.

    marchetta] Who would you compare Ray Rice to. He seems to be a cross between Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. He's more agile and faster than Emmitt, with Barry's lateral agility. Also, could you compare Markus Monk to James Hardy for us?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Ray Rice is a cross between Smith and Thurman Thomas. I think, personally, he has top 10 talent but he won't be taken then. Markus Monk is a huge sleeper and should be an outstanding WR at the next level with 1st round talent, but will be drafted lower due to knee injury. Monk v. Hardy -- Monk is further along in development, but Hardy has potential to be Randy Moss in the future. Monk more like ocho-cinqo (Bengals)!

    pckman29] In what round will Kerry Brown, G, Appalachian St go, and will he be able to make the transition to the NFL?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Kerry Brown is probably a late rounder or FA. If he has a good work ethic, he should be able to transition well.

    tex] who are top all around DE's and who are more pass rush types- can any start by end of 08 season?

    Top 3 DE's: Chris Long (Virginia), Vernon Gholston (Ohio State) and Derrick Harvey (Florida). Best pass rusher is Gholston. All 3 of these could start right away and be impactful for their respective teams.

    umm21] Does Jonathon Goff has the ability to play all three linebacker spots or is he only athletic enough for the middle?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Jonathon Goff could play the middle and the strong-side, maybe all three. Will know more about his speed from the combine, which will tell us a lot about where he can play.

    apoc] Where does Fred Davis USC go? and will the pack take him if he's there

    Davis (USC) will be sitting at 30 for the Pack. I think it would be a good selection -- he's a great ballplayer.

    JM.] Who do you think are the 3-5 best punt returners?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] First of all, there are a TON of great punt returners in this draft. DeSean Jackson (Cal), Anthony Aldridge (Houston), Darius Reynaud (West Virginia), Justin Royal (Va Tech) are just a few to mention.

    Madfan] What is your opinon of Nick Hayden? Will he exceed expectations? Or, will he disappear?

    Hayden has a lot to learn -- his lateral agility is really the big question. He takes up space, which is the main thing a DT needs to do, but he's probably a late rounder or FA.

    marchetta] Does Dominique Cromartie have the potential to be as good as his cousin in San Diego? How do you compare the two? Also, you project Early Doucet to be an outstanding #1 WR. Does he have the speed to be a true #1 deep threat WR or would he be more of a move the chains WR?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] I never compare relatives when it comes to football to each other. Talents are totally different and stand on their own -- plus there's plenty of talking heads to do that. Doucet...speed is not the first need of a #1 WR. Intelligence, strength, good route-running, hands and then speed. For example, Michael Irvin was not very fast, but certainly a great WR. Smart WR's with less speed can get deep on CB's.

    pckman29] what do you think of Trae Williams and Dwight Lowery? How well would they fit us (Packers)?

    Trae Williams (S Florida) is a very under-rated CB...he would be an outstanding pick for some team. Dwight Lowery is under-rated also, but may have to be moved to the FS position -- will know more after the combine about his lateral agility and quickness. Looks like a good prospect right now, but we'll see as we get more info on him.

    gbpackfan] Drew, do you have time to get to the last 3 guys?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Sure...answer 3 more, no problem.

    tex] any DT who are good pass rushers in addition to run stoppers?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] DT's...Pat Sims (Auburn), DeMario Pressley (North Carolina State) and a real sleeper, Ahtyba Rubin (Iowa St). These DT's have the potential to be 1-gap, 2-gap players.

    The Dude] Thoughts Paul Hubbard? and who are some of the better route running WR in the draft this year? Thanks for coming out!!

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Paul Hubbard has inconsistent hands and has to get a lot stronger, even though he seems to be big, he's not that strong. Better route-running WR's are: Devin Thomas (Michigan State), Markus Monk (Arkansas) and Lavelle Hawkins (Cal) and Jordy Nelson (Kansas State) -- Nelson is probably the best route-runner.

    umm21] Do you think Darnell Terrell has what it takes to play safety? What sort of upside does he have?

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Darnell Terrell has the size to play Safety. He looks like he'll be a solid player -- not sure of his special upside at this point.

    gbpackfan] Drew, on behalf of packerchatters.com and Packers' fans everywhere, I'd like to thank you for your time tonight. Make sure to check out www.thehuddlereport.com for more great draft information.

    Madfan] Thank you for participating tonight. I appreciate your perspective of these draftees.

    pckman29] thanks drew

    gbpackfan] We'll see Drew back here on March 26!

    DrewBoylhart-TheHuddleReport] Thanks to you guys as well...we always get great questions from Pack fans and enjoy the time. Be sure to check out the site as well as the Wordpress blogs -- there's some great analysis (with charts!) from one of our senior contributors, Fred Jones, this month. Have a great February and we'll see you at the end of March. You can also email any of our staff members for individual questions at your leisure. Good night, everyone!

    gbpackfan] Thanks again Drew, take care.
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    good stuff

    thanks marchetta

    can't wait till we get to speak w/ him

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