Drew Brees hit on Sunday

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dexternjack, Nov 19, 2013.

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    They had more than 2 yards although I'm not sure why their yardage total matters. The 2 yards you are referring to came on 1 possession, the only possession they had that began in the 4th quarter prior to the penalty. So they had a 3 & Out........and? They carried a 3rd quarter drive into the 4th quarter and had the ball for over 6 minutes.

    But even if they couldn't move the ball, they still GET the ball at the 45 and more importantly the Saints don't kick a FG on that drive. So the 49ers at worst would either force the Saints to use timeouts or eat the clock and punt to force a long drive.

    I don't see why it has to occur in the last few seconds of the game for people to have a legitimate complaint. Hell, if the rest of the game isn't all that important why even play a full 60 minutes. Just give each team a 2 minute drill and whoever has the higher score at the end of each team's possession wins.

    It was a turnover in a 3 point game with a few minutes on the clock. That's a big play by any standard.
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    Their yardage total matters because it gave an idea of how poorly they were moving the ball at that point in the game. The fact that they went 3 and out on a 15-second drive AFTER that point in the game, further demonstrates the relevance. For whatever reason, they couldn't move the ball in the 4th quarter and hadn't generated much offense all game. That's why I have a hard time believing they were going to suddenly turn it on and sustain a drive long enough to keep the ball away from the Saints. If they could've effortlessly and efficiently driven down the field and scored a game winning TD or a game-tying FG, then they would've done it with a 2:06 left on the clock. They didn't do it because they couldn't do it.

    But since they lost, they drew up their own narrative about how they were gonna win if the ref hadn't screwed them. I don't buy it. It's too easy to say what you would've done after it's over and no one can prove otherwise, e.g. "I was gonna kick your butt if they hadn't stopped the fight..." Consider me a skeptic.

    You can complain at any time in the game, not just the last few seconds. But that wasn't my point. The post I quoted eluded to the game being decided on that defensive penalty. I think that's false based on what occurred up until that penalty (two yards) and what occurred afterwards (7 yards, 3 and out, 15 seconds). I don't know for sure what would've happened had they retained possession of the ball, but based the 4th quarter data and their overall offensive perfomance, I made an educated guess.
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    You're not allowed to tackle anymore............sad.
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    Oh my gosh.. police brutality! Can you all believe he tackled him to the ground like that?!

    I mean, the bike was done, it wasn't moving, the guy presented no imminent threat of danger, he was just sitting there, and the guy tackled him really hard to the ground. Police are jerks, and power junkies.
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    I think you're missing the fact that they were in the lead and could win the game with a defensive stand even if the offense did absolutely nothing.
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    Okay, so they lost the opportunity to maintain the lead, but where was the defensive stand to force overtime?

    Brees drove down to the 12 yard line before time ran out. SF had the opportunity to do everything you're suggesting (offensively and defensively) and they did none of it. Seeing as how the ST penalty gave NO an even shorter field - SF lost that game on all three fronts. They failed everywhere.

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