News: Drew Pearson: Let's not anoint Dez Bryant, who 'hasn't really done anything'

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    Drew Pearson: Let's not anoint Dez Bryant, who 'hasn't really done anything'
    Drew Pearson said Monday that he wasn't putting Sunday night's 27-24 loss to the New York Jets on the shoulders of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

    However, his comments throughout a local radio interview certainly didn't support that claim. Pearson, the former Cowboys receiver who famously wore the No. 88 that Bryant is currently sporting, was highly critical of the way the second-year standout finished the season opener.

    "You saw what happened in the fourth quarter," Pearson said on 103.3 FM's Ben and Skin show. "We had wide receivers that couldn't finish the game. Come on! Jeez!

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    Dez is a freakish athlete, and I think is going to be a very good WR, but I don't know of anyone annointing him of anything more than that. Kinda of a low brow statement from Drew..maybe he's just trying to appear to be relevant still. Who Knows. Fact is that Dez was a little nicked toward the end and I think he did finish the game notwithstanding a trip to the locker room.
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    He has at least proven some bigtime potential, so while I realize there are no guarantees going forward, I'm darn excited about the possibilities.
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    this sounds like, "hey, remember me?"

    bryant's ability is glaringly obvious.
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    exactly i mean is he hating on Dez???? jeez dez didn't say nothing about him or do nothing to him. Why is he trying to put out dez flame:lmao2:

    whats bad is he is a former cowboy. Does he not like what he hears about dez or something i mean dang. Let him shine.
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    Drew Pearson is still mad at Bryant for blowing off that show...
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    I am too. I hope he doesn't self-destruct, though.
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    i think some of this is taken out of context
    some of this is just being blown up for headlines

    how many times do you read something by email and when you talk to the same person, the intention may be a little different because of how they say what they say?

    i heard drew on doug gottlieb's show on ESPN in the evening on tuesday and doug tried to goad him into saying negative stuff about dez but drew did not do that at all, basically he was saying that dez has great talent but if dez wants to be the next great 88 he will need to be consistent and someone the cowboys can count on late in games and all season

    i dont see anything wrong with those comments

    dont just read what is written, hear him say it and you will agree with me
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    I don't see anything wrong with the comments either.

    Cowboys fans are getting into a frenzy over Dez (and that's understandable in some respects because of his amazing potential), but the man hasn't finished a season yet and couldn't even finish the Jets game.

    Wide receivers, like quarterbacks, like running backs like defenses are judged by what they accomplish down the stretch.

    A defense can shut out a team for four quarters, but if it gives up a game-winning score, who cares?

    I think the reaction to Dez is the mirror image of the reaction to Romo.

    Romo is criticized for being a choker because his foibles come in the national spotlight because the Dallas Cowboys get more publicity than most teams.

    By the same token, Dez is being hyped (The promo for the Jets vs. Cowboys game feature Dez's name) because he's a Cowboy, even though he hasn't finished a season or a game. Ironically, Cowboys fans are, er, fanning the hype, by acting as if Dez has arrived. He has not. That's all Drew Pearson is saying.
  10. GimmeTheBall!

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    Getting tired of your critiques, Drew.
    Don't be hatin on Dez because he is richer, younger and will be way more talented that you ever were.
    I look forward when Dez, too, ascends to the ROH, Drew.
    Shuddup, accept your ROH placement and then go away.
  11. sbark

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    just means you have done it yet.......doesnt mean he isnt capable, but it wont just come to him, he's gotta study film:eek: , get in shape, know the playbook

    ...Romo has "potential" to win a SBowl with Dez...........potential...

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    The Dez hype is quite evident even in this thread.

    The truth was on screen but apparently you guys won't believe your own eyes. Dez was not able (for whatever reason) to go full strength on the play that resulted in Romo's interception. I'm not pinning it on Dez -- but if he couldn't go all out, he should not have been on the field. I lay that off on the coaches.

    I think Drew is just frustrated at how little staying power Dez has shown. And Dez's fragility is a known fact, which again apparently many of you choose to ignore. Drew is saying if Dez wants to be the next great Cowboys' WR. he's gotta tough it out, be dependable & reliable, and be someone Romo can count on when the going gets tough.

    Can any of you truthfully say Dez has reached that point yet? I certainly can't.
  14. jaybird

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    Drew I love Bro, but leave the analogy Parcells crap alone. And uhh how many punt returns did you do?
  15. fgoodwin

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    Drew returned two punts for 13 yards his rookie year. He also returned seven kick-offs for 155 yards.
  16. Carl23

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    He's right on about the hop-step crap that Dez does. He, seemingly, does that on every route. Stop dicking around and get into your route for ****'s sake.
  17. Natedawg44

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    I couldn't agree more about the hop step stuff. That needs to stop. I want to see him string some games together, before I take part in the ridiculousness. I've seen threads stating he's better than Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson. He will have to go along ways just to prove he's the best receiver on his own team.
  18. lurkercowboy

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    What does it prove to pile on a guy? I love the old-time Cowboys but it seems like they are turning into grumpy geezer "back in my day" types.

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