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DT Chase Baker to visit Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Woods

    Woods Well-Known Member

    12,460 Messages
    61 Likes Received
    Cowboys | Chase Baker to visit Thu, 22 Mar 2012 16:52:23 -0700

    The Dallas Cowboys are scheduled to meet with Boise State DT Chase Baker at some point in April for a pre-draft visit.

    0 Comments | Source: Detroit Free Press - Dave Birkett | Share:

    Read more: http://www.kffl.com/hotw/nfl#ixzz1pxSoMOmL
  2. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

    10,636 Messages
    3,413 Likes Received
    Interesting. It's the other two guys on that line that I really like, Winn and Crawford. Never even looked into Baker.
  3. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received
    He's also got a private meeting with the Vikings set up. For a player who's virtually unknown on the interwebbings draft dork community, he seems to be getting a lot of individual attention.
  4. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    A web search of "Chase Baker" and "Wes Bunting" didn't turn up much... Player must suck.

    Seriously, he's way too small to play end. Wonder if he reminds Rob a little of Kelly Gregg who played NT for Rex.
  5. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

    18,334 Messages
    79 Likes Received
    Sounds like he was purely a 2 gapper block absorbing nose tackle at Boise State. But he's an undersized one who weighed in a 290 lbs. at the Boise St. Pro Day, so it will be sure to make the fatty lovers' heads explode if he came to Dallas to play nose.

  6. Kolemmitt

    Kolemmitt Active Member

    424 Messages
    244 Likes Received
    Very interesting! Out of the four starters on Boise's D-line, he was the least heralded, but he was a strong run defender. The conventional wisdom is that he won't be drafted, but could be a priority FA. Probably would be a 3-4 DE. We have had quite a bit of success with our 7th rounders and FA's over the last few years! Also, Tyler Shoemaker who was Moore's go-to guy this year ran a 4.44 at Boise's pro-day yesterday. He might up making a very nice slot receiver. Moore also had a great day. If he is there in the 6th or 7th I would not mind taking a flier on him. Here is the link to Boise's pro-day from the Statesman:

    It only looked like Boise State football coach Chris Petersen was running the passing drills Thursday for pro day at the Caven-Williams Sports Complex, where scouts and coaches representing 28 NFL teams evaluated last year’s seniors.
    Petersen held a script that indicated the order in which quarterback Kellen Moore would make each throw, designed to give the one wide receiver, one tight end and one tailback available ample rest.
    Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/...#storylink=omni_popular#wgt=pop#storylink=cpy
  7. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    True. He's way too small to collapse teh pocket!!!
  8. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

    44,164 Messages
    27,100 Likes Received
  9. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,175 Messages
    3,833 Likes Received
    Are these official visits?

    Sounds like a potential 4-3 DT.... I'm just saying!
  10. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,573 Likes Received
    Agree. He does not look like a 3-4 NT or 3-4 DE.
  11. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    37,230 Messages
    43,712 Likes Received
    Why not a 3-4 DE?
  12. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,115 Messages
    8,106 Likes Received
    Draft scout has him listed as 62nd best DT FWIW 6-1 298 5.08

    The other guy Ronald Leary from Memphis they have listed as27th best OG 6-3 315
  13. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,573 Likes Received
    I basing that on the fact that teams usually like 5-techs to be taller than 6-1.

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