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    The number is the left column is the NFLDS ranking at the time of this analysis.

    Players in bold are the ones I see as underrated in the rankings.

    16 Aaron Donald 6-1 285 Pittsburgh
    Super quick twitch, explosive. Super pass rusher. Also makes a lot of plays against the run due to being in the backfield. Can be neutralized by good double-team blocking. Will overrun the play in run defense, especially against zone blocking.

    19 *Louis Nix (Injured) 6-2 331 Notre Dame
    Impressive quickness, especially for such a large man. Very powerful. High motor type player. Played 4-3 NT, but would be an excellent 1-tech in the NFL.

    23 *Timmy Jernigan 6-2 299 Florida State
    Strong against the run. Works to keep shoulders square to the line. Good physical quickness, but often plays with a run defense first style. Is often late off the snap, but it's so late that is appears to be intentional. Quickness would be elite as compared to other 1-tech DTs but average as compared to other 3-tech DTs.

    26 RaShede Hageman 6-6 310 Minnesota
    Big, strong and quick. Can win with quickness and or with power if stopped on initial move. Not always aggressive. Effort is not consistent. Can play 1, 3, or 5 tech, IMO. Terrific physical ability, but effort and technique/skill need to improve.

    40 *Stephon Tuitt 6-5 304 Notre Dame
    In 2012 was very quick with excellent length and good power. Played too heavy in 2013. Very good player at the correct weight. Might be an option anywhere from 1 tech, to 3 tech to 5 tech in a 3-4. Consistent.

    57 Dominique Easley (Injured) 6-2 288
    Florida Freak. Very quick, very strong and very aggressive. Plays with excellent leverage. Plays 1 and 3, but also lines up at DE in a 3 and 4 man line. Game footage is a good as any DT in this draft. High risk due to ACL tears in both knees and a personality described as child-like.

    65 Will Sutton 6-0 303 Arizona State
    Very quick 1st step. Lost some quickness in 2013 due to playing too heavy. If he does not win with 1st step quickness, then he can get hung up on blocks. Short with very short arms. Plays with good leverage against the run. I just think he might be too much of a Drake Nevis clone where quick 1st step is not enough to overcome severe lack of length in the NFL.

    72 *Kelcy Quarles 6-4 297 South Carolina
    Underrated. Strong. Quick enough to play the 3 and strong enough to play the 1. Played both 1 and 3 in college. Double teamed often even when playing the 3 next to Clowney. Better length than some of the other DTs at 6-4, with 33-1/4" arm length. Some people say that he didn't play with good effort, but I didn't see that.

    78 *Ego Ferguson 6-3 315 LSU
    Strong with decent quickness but just does not make that many plays. Probably a safe bet to be a rotational DT in the NFL, but not a real play-maker.

    83 DaQuan Jones 6-4 322 Penn State
    Strong. Good against the run. Can occasionally generate pressure but more by power than quickness. Compared to other 3-techs his quickness is not good, but compared to 1-techs it would be above average. Played mostly the 3 in college, but is definitely a 1 in an NFL 4-3 or possibly a big 5 tech in a 3-4.

    95 *Anthony Johnson 6-2 308 LSU
    Just doesn't play up to his size and athleticism. Is decent against the run but not a consistent threat as a pass rusher. Played mostly the 1-tech, but might be better as a 3-tech, but that's just a guess.

    102 Daniel McCullers 6-7 352 Tennessee
    Massive. He is big and strong but that’s about it. He has heavy feet and is not overly aggressive. Can overpower just about anybody on occasion, but more often content to just lean on people and is too easily blocked on most plays. Best fit is probably as a 3-4 NT, but most 3-4 NTs aren't 6-7.

    127 *George Uko 6-3 284 Southern California
    Smaller type DT with good quickness. High energy, aggressive player. Technique is better than many others. Has really good, strong hand usage. Effective arm over move. Definitely a 3-tech in the NFL.

    137 Caraun Reid 6-2 302 Princeton
    Very quick and agile. Decent power. Almost always double-teamed. Played all over the Dline from 3-tech, 1-tech, NT and DE in a 4 man line. Definitely a 3-tech in the NFL.

    156 Justin Ellis 6-2 334 Louisiana Tech
    Plays the opposite of what you would expect for a guy at 6-2, 334. He is surprisingly quick and agile but does not play with as much power as expected. I see him as the small school version of Nix.

    180 Ryan Carrethers 6-1 337 Arkansas State
    Big and strong. Decent quickness for a 1-tech or NT.

    193 Shamar Stephen 6-5 309 Connecticut
    Strong, but lacks quickness. Might be best as a 3-4 DE.

    200 Deandre Coleman (Injured) 6-5 314 California
    Can win with length and power, but lacks quickness and intensity. Might be best as a 3-4 DE.

    212 Calvin Barnett 6-2 300 Oklahoma State
    Underrated. Quick and strong. Just a very good player. Appears to wear down from playing too many snaps. Technique needs some work. Could play the 1 or 3.

    220 Kerry Hyder 6-2 290 Texas Tech
    Not a quick twitch type player. Not overly powerful. Movement is a bit awkward looking. Good effort.

    226 Jay Bromley 6-3 306 Syracuse
    Quickness is decent but not great. More fast than quick. Strength is OK. Pad level gets too high. Appears to have the frame to get bigger.

    247 Eathyn Manumaleuna 6-2 296 Brigham Young
    High effort player. Decent upper body strength but overall power is limited. Quickness is just ok and agility is not good.

    267 Jamie Meder 6-2 306 Ashland
    Max effort player. Strong upper body. Appears to spend a lot of time in the weight room. Plays with very good technique, awareness and effort. Deceptive quickness. Might be physically maxed out.

    286 Bruce Gaston 6-2 316 Purdue
    Very good quickness. Excellent effort even in blowout loss. Holds the point well against the run. Playing a bit out of ideal position in 2013 as a 3-4 DE; although, he was better bending the corner on the outside than expected consider his size.

    305 Zack Kerr 6-1 326 Delaware
    Intense. Quick with surprising agility for such a big man. Dominates low level of competition. Will need to play with better pad level in the NFL. Very high upside.

    310 Ken Bishop 6-1 308 Northern Illinois
    Excellent quickness and agility. Power overwhelms Olinemen at that level of competition. Plays with some violence. Fun to watch. Has multiple interceptions as a DT.

    326 Chris Whaley (Injured) 6-3 269 Texas
    Undersized DT (6-3, 269). Looks more like a 3-4 DE. Has some pass rush ability and holds the point well, especially considering his size. Injured.

    372 Demonte McAllister 6-2 297 Florida State
    Good quickness with some pass rushing ability. Decent power. Underrated. Maybe a late bloomer.

    389 Garrison Smith 6-1 310 Georgia
    Meh. In a heavy rotation at Georgia and off the field more than on the field in the games that I watched. His best game was reported to be against Kentucky, but I couldn't find good footage of it. He really likes to celebrate. His power and quickness are average at best. I didn't see much intensity and his effort was just ok.

    414 Beau Allen 6-3 333 Wisconsin
    Meh. I don't see much power or quickness.

    436 Lawrence Virgil 6-4 290 Valdosta State
    Taller DT looks more like a DE. Has some quickness. Very raw as a football player. Really impossible to evaluate power against a very low level of competition.

    449 Tenny Palepoi 6-1 298 Utah

    466 Khyri Thornton 6-3 304 Southern Mississippi Good power. Quickness would be good as a 1-tech, not good as a 3-tech. Needs a lot of work on technique. Decent upside.

    487 Ricky Havili-Heimuli 6-4 314 Oregon

    504 *Viliami Moala 6-2 318 California
    Powerful. Played more 3 than 1 in the games that I watched, but would be a 1 in the NFL. Quickness is good as a 1. Effort and intensity are good. Will be interesting to see his Pro Day results.
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    Good work, I like pretty much all of the guys you have bolded. Haven't watched Bishop or Gaston yet so will do now.

    The need for a 3 tech is obvious and overstated, but the need for a big nasty powerful guy at the 1 tech is going under the radar. Even if its just a rotational player for certain situations, that big nasty guy is not currently on the roster. Ellis in the 5th would be ideal, but even a spending a 7th rounder on guys like Kerr or Moala would do wonders I think. They are just giant and strong grown men who can make a huge difference for the entire defense.
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    It's comical seeing Ken Bishop against players at that level. It's fun to watch.
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    Draftbreakdown doesn't even have any records of him let alone game tape. But just watched a youtube highlight clip of him, and yeah you almost feel bad for the o lineman lol. Add him to the list with Ellis, Kerr, and Moala
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    Yes, that's all I could find, but it's enough to see his size/quickness.
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    Nicely done. I still like Donald and Reid even though we signed Melton. That would be a good rotation and safe guard the Cowboys in case Melton gets injured again.
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    I like Jones a lot for 1T. If we could pick him up in 3, I think we have an instant starter.

    I also really like Uko for 4/5ish.
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    I'm with you on most of these evaluations.
    Real big fan of Caraun Reid, just think he's a guy who will play in the league for a decade or so and see a pro bowl or two. Easley's tape is off the charts, if he's close to what he was before the latest injury he will be an absolute steal for someone.
    Plenty of good one-tech players available as well.
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    Nice work. Look forward to the DE review.

    I've seen Zack Kerr rated much higher by the way, high enough to slot him in on my mock in the 4th. Your observations on him are good, though.
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    Assuming Melton is really the 3 tech and not going to be asked to play 1 tech here, some guys on that list don't fit. Tuitt, for example, isn't a 1 tech guy. He's a 3 tech or DE. And frankly, Donald is probably a 3 tech as well. Would you draft Donald and then have him split time with Melton? That would seem like a poor waste of first round resources. I am a big BPA guy but........ you also have to make sure that your 1st rounder gets on the field, a lot.

    Now I know Marinelli doesn't appear to be a big proponent of drafting a 1 tech early, but of that list, if you assume Melton is your 3 tech and is healthy, your best choices would be either a DE (and frankly I don't like some of the early guys like Kealy) or take Nix, who is the only true 1 tech on that list IMO that has first round potential. I don't really like Jernigan.

    So with that in mind, if we went offense or DB or LB with that first pick, I wouldn't be upset even though I realize we still need some impact DL.
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    He(Melton) just had ACL surgery not sure why you would assume he is healthy, minimum 18 months to be back to normal(Adrian Peterson is a freak). Also throw Crawford into the same pile as his injury is less than a year away. Church last year and his play after his injury was an anomaly. Donald is a three tech all the way, he makes sense incase back to normal last longer than 18 months otherwise we might be stuck similar to Spencer fiasco from last year. At 16 I think you can make BPA case for a couple other guys without too much thinking. BPA with need is a different story, Donald/Hegeman/Tuitt/Crichton/Ealy all should be on our menu for DLine after a trade back in the first. IMO
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    I still take Timmy Jernigan 6-2 299 Florida State

    he was doubled team and sometimes triple teamed all year

    heres a tape that showing Jerrigan - T Smith play at safety - Bitonio OT Neveda


    I take *Stephon Tuitt 6-5 304 Notre Dame in trade down
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    It's not 1998 anymore. That 18 month thing went out the window a while ago. Modern medicine has evolved the surgery a ton. Welker did almost the same thing and he's far from a physical freak. If you're willing to put the work in 10 or 11 months is enough time to be 100%.
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    Jernigan probably has the most consistently good film out of anyone in this class. The way he commands and dictates the interior OLs he faces is pretty incredible, you wanna know why FSU was the number one D in the country? It's because this guy was dominating up front week in and week out.
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    Why don't you like Jernigan? I can't find much wrong with his game. I'm a big fan -- Melton and Jernigan would wreck havoc in the middle.
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    I don't think he's as quick as people think. He also was a part time player up until his junior year because he couldnt' stay on the field given he was somewhat out of shape and constantly took himself out of games. That improved his junior year but it's still a concern. IMO, if you are looking for a guy to be a one tech next to Melton, I'd rather just trade down a bit, get a pick, and take Nix. I don't see much difference between the two to the point where taking him at 16 is a better deal than trading down and getting Nix and picking up another 3rd rounder or so.

    I think Donald will be the better pro than Jernigan but I do have some concerns given his size and the constant pounding he would take in the NFL on the interior. But if the goal is to take an interior DL, I'd either take Donald at 16 if he was there, or trade down and take Nix (or maybe Jernigan if he falls). Jernigan at 16 doesn't excite me.
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    Looks like there are some good UDFA prospects this year...or maybe if we love the potential of one of those rated so low, we burn one of our three 7th rounders?
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    Like I said I hope he does have some Adrian Peterson Tiger Milk he can take and be complete in 12 months, IMO he will be a better player near the end of the season than at the beginning. Same with Dunbar if you want to argue. If you find some of that Tiger Milk I need a gallon or two.
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    I will be shocked if Uko isn't drafted by this team. I think he actually has better twitch quickness and hand usage than Donald. He is definitely my new pet cat.

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