News: Duerson suicide shakes ex-Cowboys FB Johnston

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    Former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston (l.) looks on as former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson testifies in Washington, D.C. in 2007.

    The photograph ran with numerous articles in the wake of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson's death - Duerson testifying in Washington before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee in September 2007, while former Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston sat to Duerson's right.

    "We were on opposite sides of the table that day," Johnston told the Daily News last week. "I was fighting for the rights of retired players." Duerson, then a member of the league's retirement board, had butted heads with many of the former players and coaches testifying, the friction stemming from disagreements over the structure of disability claims.

    "There's always a sense of invincibility with football players," Johnston said. "We've got to break down those barriers and let them know that asking for help when you know something is wrong is not a sign of weakness."

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