Duke OG Laken Tomlinson (6'3 | 320 | 5.23 | #77)

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    OG Laken Tomlinson (6'3 | 320 | 5.23 | #77)
    A second-team All-ACC selection as a junior and 39-time starter at right guard for the Blue Devils, Laken Tomlinson enters his senior year as one of the top guard prospects in the 2015 draft class. A three-time All-ACC Academic selection as well, the Chicago native has utilized an impressive combination of size, strength, athleticism and smarts to develop into one of the conferences most dominant lineman over the past three seasons, and has shown continual growth both physically and technically in that time.

    Tomlinson possesses the ideal thick, powerful build for an NFL guard and demonstrates impressive movement skills for his size with nimble feet, flexible hips and smoothness when asked to change direction both as a run blocker and in pass protection. His natural strength is obvious, as he's able to routinely dictate and finish opponents when he latches on, and he does a good job of holding ground when anchoring, even when asked to reset after being caught off guard or initially knocked back.

    From a technical standpoint, Tomlinson is still learning to use his hands, as he'll be seen from time to time allowing defenders into his frame rather than jarring his opponent with extension, due mostly to poor hand placement or lowering his shoulder on contact. He also needs to demonstrate better width in his lower half while sliding in pass protection, and continue to stay low off the snap to establish leverage earlier in the play, but these flaws aren't nearly as evident as they once were and he has become a much more consistent technician who relies less on strength and athleticism than he once did.

    Look for Tomlinson to draw first round grades heading into the 2015 draft if he's able to stay healthy.


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