Dumb & Dumber - Hillstrands Sued by Discovery Channel

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Duane, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Discovery sues Deadliest Catch duo for $3 million
    By Eriq Gardner Mon Sep 20, 11:50 PM PDT

    Most reality TV producers follow a simple format: Capture what happens, and then have cast-members fill in story gaps with voice-overs and cutaways. But what to do when reality TV stars jump ship before sitting down for the required interviews?

    Sue them, of course.

    Discovery is seeking $3 million in damages after two stars of "Deadliest Catch," Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand, allegedly failed to live up to an agreement to complete a spin-off project.
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    I had some beers with those two in Tampa a while back. Good guys.

    Discovery Channel is the Debil!
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    Send the Discovery CEO out on a boat as a deck hand.

    He would be crushed by a Crab Pot within 5 minutes.

    Let it go Dicsovery. You made a mountain of cash off them already.
  4. Joe Rod

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    I didn't see a reason in the article on why they are not doing the interviews. Given their lawyer's sob-story about them potentially having to sell their boats and putting them and their crew out of work, can I assume that they have a reason other than wanting more money?
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    lol they probably just want more money.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yes...the lawyer gave no reason, in that article, of why they did not show up and he, the lawyer, seems to be their mouth piece.

    One would automatically think that they just want more money and the lawyer does not seem to do anything to change what people would think with his silly statements that do not make sense...as you point out if they are about to lose everything by not honoring their contract and getting sued because of it...then they are the ones who created the situation.

    Again nothing is being said of why they refuse to do it and until other wise it would seem it is on them.
  7. Joe Rod

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    The CEO of Discovery is ridiculously compensated for a reason and that would be to maximize the Profits of the Discovery Channel. If those guys signed a contract and are balking for no reason other than a cash grab, then there is no way he lets them walk and leaves money on the table.
  8. Faerluna

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    They had apparently filmed some show that was about their lives outside of crab fishing and didn't do the interviews/filler material to complete the show.

    I don't believe all that crap about them having to sell the boat, either. They did a bunch of commercials for Geico and do (forgive the pun) boatloads of public appearances. They also have a shop for Time Bandit gear and they have written a book.

    They might be great guys, but cry me a river. :p
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    Let me tell you a little secret most don't know about the Hilstrands. They basically own the entire town of Homer, AK. I have numerous friends from there who grew up in the town and the community and they pretty much all say that the family is rediculously rich. They have numerous vessels for which they are either owner of or part owner of. Homer doesn't fart unless it's ok'd by them.

    Please don't believe for a second these guys are "short" on money. This family is probably the richest family on the entire Kenai Pennensula.

    It's all about MORE MONEY because they see other reality stars holding out and getting MORE MONEY.

    This is Homer btw....great little town but most of it is obviously all harbor being a fishing community.


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