Dump-Off to A-Train

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HDC, Oct 16, 2005.

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    Did you see Drew try to dump one off to A-train, who didn't even turn to look for the ball? Almost cost an interception. Thomas may be physically able to play in this league, but I think his head and heart aren't in it. To me the only things he still does pretty well are picking up blitzers and power drives up the middle. As soon as he turns to the side or steps to the side, the play is dead for no gain. Let's cut him loose and add an offensive tackle.
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    Along the same line---------I think Marion B III contributed some fine downs and crucial yards picked up..............shows he belongs on the field.......will only get better
    Give the kid some Kudos for showing up in a big game, in his 1st real extended action
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    Eventually i believe the backfield to be Julius and
    Marion B III .TT will be special change of pace runner and
    kickoff return.

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