News: Dungy on Gramatica

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Not sure if this was posted but Werder said last night that when Grammatica was with Indy this year while Vinatieri was injured, Dungy said it was the best Grammatica had kicked since he had coached him in TB.
  2. SilverStarCowboy

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    Very nice info. TY!:bow:
  3. Charles

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    What do you expect?.........Has Dungy ever been critical publicly:p:
  4. Rampage

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    dungy is also the softest coach in the league. so he probably can't say a bad thing about anybody
  5. wileedog

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    He didn't have to say anything.

    Plus most reports out of Boston say Grammatica had a very solid camp with the Pats, but they decided to go with the guy they drafted in the 4th.
  6. cowboys19

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    at least he isn't a jerk and team cancer.

    tb fans say he is a class act
  7. Erik_H

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    What's Dungy sayin here really?

    That it was the best Gramatica has kicked since the last time Dungy was in a position to see him kick?

    That's like saying today's lunch was the best meal I've had since breakfast.

    Excellent scoop Werder!
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Now this makes me feel a little better....thanks;)
  9. jackrussell

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    OT FYI for Charles....

    Your sig...
    Johnny Unitas did it":Bill Parcell's response to a media question about an undrafted QB free agent starting.

    Perhaps Bill should brush up on his history...Unitas was drafted in the 9th round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1955....and released in training camp.​
  10. Alexander

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    I realize it is not exactly a credible source, but Todd Sauerbrun wanted to fight him a few years ago after he taunted him.

    And as for "class act", anyone that jumps up and down like an imbecile after a 29 yard chip shot is hardly the epitome of class.
  11. cowboys19

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    Hey i'm just going by what Tampa Bay fans say
  12. stealth

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    by that logic how do you explain tony romo celebrating every touchdown throw?

    why is a guy having fun in the game a bad thing?

    let the man celebrate
  13. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    There is not a comparison. That is like Romo celebrating after a first down throw.

    He also had a reputation for firing up opponents after said celebrations.

    I honestly hope Coach Parcells puts a stop to it.
  14. WoodysGirl

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    Martin wears Drew's number

    New kicker Martin Gramatica made a few kicks during practice on Tuesday. Gramatica, who replaced the released Mike Vanderjagt, is wearing No. 7, Drew Henson's old number.

    Gramatica didn't get a hair cut either. His hair is all over the place.

    Posted by Calvin Watkins at 11:48 AM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
  15. WV Cowboy

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    Don't sweat the little things, ... if he makes FG's, that will be a little thing.
  16. vta

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    But since he was out of football when the Colts picked him up, that make's him undrafted by them... Interesting.
  17. EndGame

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    It's hard to be a cancer when no one can understand what you're saying.

  18. Rack Bauer

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    I thought it was Bill Grammatica that celebrated like an idiot after chip shot FGs? Did Martin do it too?
  19. 5Stars

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    Both did/have done it...but, it was the other idiot that ruined his knee coming down on it when it was still extended...

    That's how I think McPuke ruined his knee...the same way, coming down on his leg while it was extended after passing the ball...
  20. Richmond Cowboy

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    Here ya go:


    Hey, nothing wrong with showing a little emotion.

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