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Dustin Long going to Europe for boys next year!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cml750, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. cml750

    cml750 Well-Known Member

    3,664 Messages
    2,164 Likes Received
    I found this in the weekly sports editorial columns of a newspaper close to Dustin's hometown.

    Port Arthur News
  2. Zaxor

    Zaxor Virtus Mille Scuta

    8,398 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    good find...

    It may turn out to be significant
  3. Mr Cowboy

    Mr Cowboy Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    11,068 Messages
    3,816 Likes Received
    Aren't they doing away with NFL-E next year?
  4. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,103 Likes Received
    I think they'll find a way to salvage it.
  5. irishwaste

    irishwaste New Member

    203 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Not bad, if Henson and Romo both flunk he could be the answer.
  6. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

    6,956 Messages
    118 Likes Received
    Honestly I hope that if both Henson and Romo fail we'll use a high round pick on a QB instead of looking for another prospect.
  7. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    Or he might develop enough skills to scratch his way onto a roster as a #3.
  8. Zaxor

    Zaxor Virtus Mille Scuta

    8,398 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    So who do you think is gonna be on the outs Romo or Bledsoe?
  9. JackMagist

    JackMagist The Great Communicator

    5,726 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    He said "A" roster not necessarily OUR roster.

    I don't see any changes in our QB situation for a couple of years. We will have the same three guys but their relative spot on the depth charts may change some from time to time.
  10. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

    11,934 Messages
    395 Likes Received
    I really hope we find a franchise QB because untill then we cannot be a dynasty of the 2000 (2005-2010), switching QB's every year just really hurts team chemistry
  11. Qwickdraw

    Qwickdraw Benched

    5,451 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I'd rather sign a somewhat established player at QB. Just my preference.
    I hate the thought of using a 1st round pick on a QB. Too often, I see those choices go to waste when good WRs, OT, etc. are available.

    Leinart=overrated IMO
  12. Zaxor

    Zaxor Virtus Mille Scuta

    8,398 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    aww now why'd ya go and squash the fun before it even started;)
  13. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    Exactly. I think Long will be hard pressed to make a roster with some NFLE experience, much less give the boot to one of the guys already here.

    It is possible that when Bledsoe goes, someone like Long could be signed as the #3 if Henson/Romo establish themselves as #1 and #2.
  14. Zaxor

    Zaxor Virtus Mille Scuta

    8,398 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Aww come on Junk you could have taken the bait I laid and we could have made this to a 1000 post Bledsoe thread with a sprinkle of Carter and Hutch thrown in there...think of the glory:)
  15. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    Oh, sorry. Let me try again.

    YES! This means Long will be the #3 next year because Henson will beat out Bledsoe for the starting job (that is, if stubborn old BP will actually play him instead of sticking with "his guys"). Bledsoe is obviously washed up, so I can't see him in Dallas beyond one year. Even though Henson hasn't played football, he has so much "upside" and "potential" that BP can't keep him off the field.

    Romo will be a good #2 because he has "moxie" which obviously is a good trait to have when looking for a QB. I heard they measured his "moxie quotient" at the combine and it was off the charts which makes it even more incredible that he went undrafted.

    This will be much better than when old man Vinny, dopehead QuINTcy and Karoake Hutch were all playing.

    How was that? Did I get sufficient QB bashing from all angles? Will there be enough there to incite someone?
  16. NumOneQB

    NumOneQB Well-Known Member

    734 Messages
    308 Likes Received
    I agree on Leinert. He's peaked IMO and has nowhere to go but down. I think Omar Jacobs will be the 1st QB drafted next year. I would love to see Dallas take a shot at him if our QB play does not significantly improve.
  17. Banned_n_austin

    Banned_n_austin Benched

    5,834 Messages
    10 Likes Received
    Keep an eye out for this guy ... I've heard that he is an excellent QB ...
  18. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

    9,893 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Long had success at Texas A&M and at Sam Houston
  19. PaEagleHater

    PaEagleHater New Member

    252 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Ok, who is Dustin Long?
  20. junk

    junk I've got moxie

    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received
    An undrafted player from I-AA Sam Houston State. He isn't even good enough to be a camp body at this point, so that should speak to his skill level.

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