Signed by Cowboys DWare retiring a Cowboy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by eternaljester81, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. brooksey1

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    Too young to retire, has part-time 3 years left..get the pads on him
  2. negativecreep

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    Good, that means a lot to me because I hated to see him go and loved watching him play with the star on his helmet, and I'm glad he got a ring. Thanks D Ware, one of the best players and people.
  3. lukin2006

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    I was hoping he'd return as a situational pass rusher, but glad he was a Cowboy, is retiring a Cowboy and should be the next Cowboy in the Ring and Hall Of Fame....and was very happy for him to have gotten a SB...great guy, teammate and career.
  4. vicjagger

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    How can we afford the cap hit?
  5. Slammed0

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    Awesome! Glad he retired a Cowboy. One of my favorite players ever! Was a pleasure watching him (even in Denver, yuck, lol).
  6. jrumann59

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    I always wondered on those contracts to retire, are they mostly ceremonial or is there dollars involved?
  7. haleyrules

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    Ceremonial. But, good PR and the right thing to do. Ware must retire a Cowboy. Its only right.
  8. koolaid

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    Remember when Ware used to get off the snap so fast they would call him offsides? Dude is an all time great pass rusher.
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    He wasn't a Bronco when he retired?

    Troy, as great as he was... "retired from the national football league".
    NOT the Dallas Cowboys..... I thought it was a dweeb move on his part. He probably regrets it.
  10. diefree666

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    And on just about every replay- especially in his first 5 years- it was shown he was indeed not off sides.

    That was another area Jerry failed the team- after the first year of that crap he should have been raising all sorts of hell with the league and the officials about this and as far as anyone can tell he never did diddly squat.

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