Dwayne Bowe highlight reel

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by acruther, Mar 19, 2007.

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    No offense, but that's the last example I'd use of speed. The safety took an awful, lazy read on the play and guessed wrong. Then there was no one else in the middle. That was just a terrible defensive breakdown more than anything great that Bowe did.
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    C'mon you know the E-Girls are going to snatch him before us like they do every year when we have a quality pick about to fall to us.. :)
  3. Spectre

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    I think this kid is a little overrated.

    Meachem or Hill, please.
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    Pretty sure we pick before the Iggles this year, cap'n.
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    You missed the point. The safety's horrible play on the ball was incidental. He didn't outrun anyone in the play, of course, but that wasn't the point. My post was about looking at his "in game" speed, and that play clearly showed it.
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    Bowe is going to be a solid or very good WR.

    He runs great routes and has good hands. That is the makings of a good WR.

    What strikes me about watching his highlight reel is how many times he had to make big adjustments to the ball: behind him, way high, low, etc.

    Mr. #1 draft pick sure didn't throw very many nice passes on that highlight reel. He threw a couple awesome passes, but the majority of them show Bowe's ability to adjust to the ball even though Bowe is running very good routes.
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    If you want a deep threat at #22 you draft Meachem or Ginn(too early for Rice).

    If you want a tough over the middle chain mover that's great in the redzone, you draft Bowe. He never broke 1000 yards in college but his TD production was good.IMO he's a poor man's TO. Drops a few because he body catches and he's not a tremendous deep threat with average quickness are his knocks. Is most often compared to Key and that's probably a fair comparison. He's worthy at #22 if for no other reason than we could kick TO to the curb after 2007 if he acts the fool.
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    Are you watching this video:


    ???? There are numerous nice throws through traffic and I can only counted a couple that were off-target (and even those weren't very bad).
  9. Spectre

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    Pretty sure we did the year they jumped in front of us and grabbed S. Andrews, too.
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    I like Meachem alot. I would be very happy if we drafted him. I've never seen him play, so it's hard for me to compare except by the production and combine numbers. I have seen Bowe play, which is why I'm more enamoured with him. Also, he was a stud at the Senior Bowl, which shows he can compete against top talent. Usually that's a decent indicator of how you will play in the NFL, not always. I think Ware's Senior Bowl work put him solidly on our radar. That, and I suspect the Cowboys knew Merrimen was going to flip his agents to the Postons and lost interest (or was in Rosen?).
  11. acruther

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    Come on, give the guy some credit, he set the safety up by going outside and then cutting back inside. That was a pretty awesome play, really. Will NFL safeties fall as easily for that move? Probably not. Well, except maybe Sean Taylor. Still, the kid has some moves and he's fluid in his breaks.
  12. Wezsh0T

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    His combine workout on NFL network was impressive. He might not have the straight-line speed, but he looked to have quickness and burst. He also caught the ball well with his hands, as others have mentioned.
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    Please, no more LSU players.
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    I like Bowe. My wish for our 1st round Pick is one of the Dwayne's, either Bowe or Jarrett. I have a slight preference for Jarrett, but wouldn't cry if we get Bowe. My top 2 receivers after CJ are DJ and DB.
  15. cnhnyy

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    For some reason, LSU players never met our expectation. Dave Lefalour??, Bradie james, Marcus Spears, Sky Green..
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    you mean Mark Clayton, he was drafted by the Ravens, he's done pretty good for an O that doesn't showcase the pass, he's shifty as all hell
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    if you're looking for a replacement for TO, Robert Meachem is your guy

    he's only about 10lbs lighter, which is easy to attain, and is just as explosive after the catch and physical, both are 6'2"
  18. LatinMind

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    was that a highlight reel or just a clip with routine catches? this is a classic case of good speed in a straight line, but not good football speed. as was the case with troy williamson
  19. theogt

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    That settles it. Bowe is a top 10 pick.
  20. acruther

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    Mark Clayton was from Oklahoma. At this point, I'm pretty stumpted as to who he was talking about...

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