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    I didn't see this posted yet . Anyone think there's a chance he enters the supp draft ? He may remember the way the NCAA screwed Mike williams after the Maurice Clarett mess and just decide to go.


    Updated: June 16, 2006, 7:06 PM ET
    Jarrett's rent arrangement with Leinarts violated rulesAssociated Press

    LOS ANGELES -- Southern California's Dwayne Jarrett violated NCAA rules by not paying enough rent for the apartment he shared with Matt Leinart and was declared ineligible -- though the All-America receiver might not miss any playing time.

    Jarrett must apply for reinstatement with the NCAA before he can play this season and he might have to repay several thousand dollars to Leinart's father, who paid most of the rent on the apartment.

    NCAA spokesman Bob Williams said Friday a case like this can be resolved in three ways: A student-athlete can be denied reinstatement, regain eligibility with no conditions attached or be required to miss games and/or pay back the extra benefit.

    "It depends on the particular circumstances involved in each case," Williams said.

    USC's compliance office requested the NCAA's assistance in determining whether a violation had occurred because Jarrett paid less than half of what Leinart's father said was a $3,866-per-month lease.

    "We're aware that the NCAA has deemed this to be a violation of the extra benefit rule," USC spokesman Tim Tessalone said. "This summer, USC will apply for Jarrett's reinstatement of eligibility and hope for a decision prior to the start of the season."

    USC officials began investigating the matter following a published report in late April that a possible violation had occurred.

    Leinart's father, Bob, put the two players on the lease at a secured apartment complex downtown after Leinart moved out of his former residence near campus, where he was being hounded by fans.

    Leinart and Jarrett each paid $650 a month, with Leinart's father paying $2,566 -- the difference of the monthly payment.

    "The information submitted by the University of Southern California regarding the living arrangements of the two football student-athletes represents a violation of NCAA extra benefit rules," the NCAA said in a statement issued Thursday, adding that a reinstatement application from USC would be handled "in a timely matter."
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    My sister lives in that same building.
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    hes good, i could see someone giving up a second or a third for him
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    he's probably getting re-instated, plus I think it's too late to enter the supp anyways
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    From the Rose Bowl till now it hasn't been going real well for USC, LOL
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    I agree. He'll be asked to pay a certain amount, I would imagine, and then things will be back to normal. They've definitely had thier fair share of negative publicity lately!
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    He's not eligible for the Supplemental Draft, right? He's only 2 years removed from hight school.

    The NCAA should consider taking a very hard line on extra benefits cases. Maybe kids would think twice about holding out their hand if they knew they would immediately forfeit all eligibility in a zero-tolerance environment. The slap on the wrist style punishment that kids on the take get isn't enough to discourage the behavior. In fact, it is usually so weak that they feel they would be missing out on the extra perks if they don't get involved.

    I'm sure missing a series of unsupervised voluntary workouts this summer will really make Jarrett regret the low-rent, high living situation he shared with Lienart. Next year their will be dozens of USC kids wanting a piece of the Reggie Bush/Dwayne Jarrett type action.
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    Isn't a player ruled ineligible if they receive extra benefits that a normal student would not? I would not put this in that category.

    Plenty of college students use this type of arrangement. My parents bought a condo in Austin for me and my brother to share in college and they rented out the other 2 rooms to our friends for practically nothing.

    It was a parent doing this, not a USC booster.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Parents quite often pay the rent for college students ? Maybe because it wasn't his father paying the tab ???
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    I believe you are right . it's a 3 year wait .
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    It's clearly against the rules set by the NCAA.

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