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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by MadForPlaid, Sep 4, 2006.

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    At the request of many to tailor my 2006 NFL Schedule to a user's location, I have now updated it for the Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones as well!


    As a reminder, to view a particular team's schedule, click on their helmet image to open up a new browser window displaying their 2006 NFL Schedule. Additionally, I have provided quick reference images/radio buttons below the current team's crest image to view and alternate between each division opponent's schedule.

    The week radio buttons are used to display (in a new browser window) the schedule for a given week including all byes and games for each team.

    Within all schedules, team as well as week, click on an image to open up a new browser window of that team's official website, NFL.com, or SuperBowl.com respectively.

    Regarding any formatting/display issues, I have tailored the website for Microsoft Internet Explorer only since the coding takes such an extensive amount of time. Simply use IE (screen resolution: 1024 by 768 pixels and a standard size monitor) instead of other browsers!!


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    Thanks again. It is a great help!
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    Just kidding. Nice work.
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    Thanks for the kudos!

    As a reminder, this is a quick, accurate NFL schedule reference for all to enjoy especially those with DirecTV!!

    Regarding the flexible schedules this year, once the game/network/channel/time changes are announced in the days leading up to NBC's Sunday night games for the final weeks of the season, I will immediately rerun my code and update the necessary files!

    More later,


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