Dynasties - Dallas always knockin'

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Dec 22, 2005.


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    Ok we had.

    1960's - Packers (with Cowboys a knockin)
    1970's - Steelers(with a touch of the Cowboys)
    1980's - 49'ers (Cowboys always one step behind, 3 straight NFC losses)
    1990's - Dallas Owned it(lent one out to the 49'ers) UGH!!!
    2000's - Patriots - no doubt, my question is who feels they are coming on at right time? They are in line to win 4+ in the same decade, passing the Steelers, already tied with us(3 of 4)...

    I wish we could get it together and knock the Pats off track and win a few SuperBowls....

    so many things would be made right

    1. Bledsoe would get his
    2. BP would win without and against BB
    3. Cowboys was assume the lead - 6+ SB's
    4. And simply, all would right in the universe.
  2. Juke99

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    I've always been amazed at how good this team was for so long....each one of the other teams that built their dynasties, did so with our team playing a huge role in it....and in each case, we were thiiiiiiis close to bumping them off...the Ice Bowl after the 34-27 loss on the last play to Green Bay the prior season....The Super Bowls vs the Steelers...."The Catch"

  3. juice28

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    The NFL wouldn't be the same without "Dem Cowboys". That's why we're America's team.
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    I just want to get back to that great Super Bowl game.......I have missed it badly!
  5. Cbz40

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    I just want us to get back to being The Dallas Cowboys instead of just another NFL Team.

    It took 10 yrs to get to out 1st SB and 11yrs to win our 1st. It's now been 10yrs and soon to be 11 from our last SB victory....as far as I'm concerned we are way off schedule and what concerns me even more my friends, we haven't even been close.

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