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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by AmberBeer, Jan 27, 2014.

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    The fact that Jerry's considering hiring Linehan is yet more strong evidence of the dysfunction within the organization. Let's recap:

    1. Last year Jerry says Callahan will be calling the plays stripping that responsibility from Garrett and thereby undermining him as a coach.

    2. 10 games into the season it's announced that instead of the plays coming from Callahan in the booth to Wilson then to Romo, the calls would go straight to Garrett who if he liked it would pass it on to Romo. If he didn't like it, he could change it. I can imagine Romo's head spinning and explains the play clock running down many times. Strong proof of the disagreement between Garrett and Jones

    3. Now, they're considering hiring Linehan to call the plays. So what, 2 OC's? So Linehan and Callahan up in the booth will discuss the play call, pass it to Garrett who passes it to Romo. By this time the clock will be running down by the time Romo gets the play. Linehan, Callahan and Garrett have to take time to consider whatever Jerry's take on the play calls should be made from the last game. Run more, pass more, etc.

    Here's a thought Jerry. Worry about butts in the seats and leave the rest to the coaches. Hey, maybe an OC calling the plays and relaying directly to Romo? Wow, what a earth shattering idea! The league must be rolling in the aisles at this latest meddling by Jones.
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  2. DBOY3141

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    My guess if Linehan comes on board, Callahan moves on.
  3. perrykemp

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    Listen Amber:

    I am a strong believer that you can win NFL games buy outnumbering the number of coaches the opposing team has.

    The more play-callers the better --- I think there should be a distinctive offensive playcaller for every down/distance/2-minute/OT scenario.

    Obviously I am not alone is this philosophy of winning NFL games through sheer quantity of positional coaches.

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  4. 50cent

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    Just the fact that they are even considering making an OC move should tell everyone that the offense wasn't as good as some think. If it were, why would we want to replace such a juggernaut of a staff and system? The offense needs a makeover that focuses on Murray and Dez, the sooner the better. Bye bye Callahan hopefully!
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  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Right, and even if he stays, he won't be involved in playcalling. So that part of the OP's post won't be an issue.

    Still horribly dysfunctional, though.

    My guess is the delay on Linehan is because there's almost a game of chicken going on here: Jerry wants to wait for Callahan to take the Cleveland job because otherwise he risks Callahan staying and his having to pay another offensive coach big time money.
  6. sadams

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    Here is an idea. Get rid of Garrett, Callahan, and Romo. Jerry can call the plays straight to Johnny Football!
  7. RXP

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    Strange how it looks like there will be a change of coordinators on offense, which was reasonably good last year while the defense, one of the worst in NFL history, stays the course.

    Only Jerry.......
  8. AmberBeer

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    Jerry's working on it.
  9. Wolfpack

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    Its really crazy. Jerry just doesn't have a plan.
  10. ShiningStar

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    Fear not...he has a plan...pizza at the stadium is now 70 dollars....beer is a dollar...water is now 5 dollars....so now people are alcoholics because its cheaper....people are drunk so they dont care what is on the field and everything else is to expensive so the common person just stays drunk
  11. Ntegrase96

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    The problem: The offense isn't what Jerry wanted.

    A smart solution: Get rid of the guy and his playbook; hire a new head coach whose direction you like, and let him bring in his own OC.

    Jerry's solution: 2013 "Okay so Garrett, you can't call plays anymore, because you're not calling the plays I like. But I like your playbook so Bill, here, is going to call plays."

    2014: "Okay Bill. You didn't call the plays right either so we need to add Scott, here, to handle the passing aspect. But we're going to keep you on play calling duties too because numbers don't lie and our offense wasn't really THAT bad last year. It just wasn't exactly what I wanted from Garrett's playbook. I mean if it were me, I'd call more runs in these situations and more passes to Dez in these situations."

    2015: "Okay Jason, Bill, and Scott. That offensive performance in 2014 wasn't what I wanted either, so all three of you convene, call a play, radio it down to Wade, and he'll jog over to me, whisper the play call in my ear, and I'll determine whether or not I like it. If I do, I'll relay it to Romo 3 seconds before the play clock runs down. Surely with all these footballs minds, we will be a juggernaut on offense."

    Okay so 2015 probably won't go down that way, but why are we making this so convoluted?
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  12. DandyDon1722

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    You mean like drafting a down the field tight end in the SECOND round and never using him, especially in the slot creating match up problems?

    You mean like drafting and trading for man to man corners then playing zones?

    You mean like ditching a traditional fullback roll, only to revive it the last fourth of the season to see our running game dramatically improve?

    You mean like stripping the head coach of play calling and giving it to the offensive coordinator only to see a suspicious "tweak" in the communication to the QB the last half of the season?

    You mean when the second man in charge of a billion dollar organization and world wide-brand reinvigorates the fan base with the strategy of a "secret sauce?"

    You mean like after a crushing defeat our number one man in charge soothes us with the fact it was a "great show?"

    You mean like when season ticket holders get playoff tickets in the mail when we not only didn't make the playoffs but if we would've they would have received them after the game date?

    Or just maybe you mean that our number one man in charge told us in no uncertain terms that we shouldn't be embarrassed by twenty years of futility because we have a nice stadium, never mind that is half full of opposing fans each week.

    ...I think you're being a bit harsh.
  13. Risen Star

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    Yes, because when Jerry Jones makes an evaluation, by God, it's always spot on.
  14. ShiningStar

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    Anyone have stats to back this up. Stats define everything people. .get with it..and some of u posters...stop making sense..u have nothing to back up ur claims
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  15. jterrell

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    ROFL, only on this forum is a rumor a sign of dysfunction.

    The Ravens are ACTUALLY replacing the offensive coordinator and perhaps more off a SB team 12 months ago without involving the Head Coach.

    The Callahan rumor said he'd go to Cleveland than oops nope he'd rather stay under a demotion in Dallas than head to Cleveland where they got turned down by every Head Coach candidate in the league....
    Miami just interviewed every GM except Jerry Jones for it's vacancy and seemingly couldn't find a taker anywhere.

    But here a possible veteran OC that mentored Garrett and worked for Nick Saban POSSIBLY being brought in is a case of dysfunction.

    Gonna be a reallllly long off-season with all these tears over rumor and innuendo.
  16. AmberBeer

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    Good point. I'll have to tone it down some.
  17. casmith07

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    Your very first sentence operates under an assumption that is simply not known to anyone except people who are actually a part of the organization.
  18. rpntex

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    First off, I believe this is what Garrett wants. not a "Jerry" hire. Secondly, with regards to what I bolded---this is an inaccurate statement. The play clock issue was prevalent before Garrett took back control. In fact, it actually got a little better (still slow, however). That leads me to believe that the issu with the play clock had more to do with Romo;s cadence at the line than it did with who was calling plays.
  19. Mr Cowboy

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    I have no problem bringing Linehan in, but it makes no sense to bring him in to call plays using Garrett's offense. Perhaps Callahan wasn't the problem, perhaps the offense is stale and outdated.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    You have any data on that? Because I remember the opposite -- we did much better at not letting the playclock wind down most of the year. It was only late in the year when Garrett got more involved again that it became a problem.

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