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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by AmberBeer, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Again you are making assumptions. I assume Garrett calls the shots about coaches. Linehan becomes available and is snatched up. That smells Garrett not Jerry to me. Neither one of us knows though.
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    OK, so what was the deal with Callahan and the playcalling last year? That's what I am getting at. When guys are being shuffled around seemingly annually, there is something rotten there.
  3. jobberone

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    You're assuming getting another play caller makes things rotten or that's bad. First of all we don't even know who will call plays. We didn't know for certain this last year which one(s) were doing it. There is nothing wrong with getting more experience onboard and seeing how it meshes. I do think there can be too many cooks in the kitchen so they'll have to tame that. If there is a coordinated approach to play calling it won't be the first time that's ever been done. My guess is you're right and Linehan will call the plays at least initially; with Garrett knowing the plays called and intervening as he wishes. I think Pollack and Callahan will do a lot of the run game planning and Linehan and Garrett will do more of the passing game. They'll likely all get input from Romo, Orton, Wilson, Dooley, and Pollack, Callahan and Brown at various points. And I"d be surprised if one or two defensive coaches don't visit as well before its all put together.
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    Glad we got that straight.

    I was starting to worry.

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    Apparently not. Jerry's just an out of touch idiot with control of what use to be one of the proudest NFL franchises in history. He's making a mockery of the organization.
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    Correction. He's already made a mockery...each day he adds to it.
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    What other organization does stuff like this? Is it any wonder we are mired in mediocrity? The HC essentially demotes his OC who was calling plays with his (garrett's) system, and now they bring in a play-caller who will be stuck with the same system? And now we have a possible rift that can develop between the OC and the HC due to this demotion? How many sacrificial lambs do we need before we do what teams like Seattle and San Francisco do, and that's get a head coach that knows what he's doing? Oh yeah, we can't do that because that's not what Jerry wants.

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