Eagles and Bunkley are reportedly not even talking

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Gryphon, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Gryphon

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    The Eagles and No. 14 pick Brodrick Bunkley are reportedly not even talking.

    No. 15 pick Tye Hill signed Sunday, which should help. Bunkley is thought to be training at Florida State.

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
  2. Gryphon

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    The Eagles are reportedly more inclined to pursue Ashley Lelie than Jerry Porter in trade talks.

    Philadelphia considers Porter a slot receiver, a spot they feel comfortable at with Greg Lewis and Jabar Gaffney. Eagles beat writers have been lobbying for Porter.

    Source: Philadelphia Daily News
  3. trickblue

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    Well then he should be signed pronto!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  4. Henson Domination

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    shocking... surely the eagles would never lowball a player
  5. 5Stars

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    Of course not...!

    They have the "Golden Standard"...! :D

  6. Funxva

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    I'm sure that you meant "Golden Shower" as that is how they seem to treat their players.
  7. AbeBeta

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    That's a shame.

    I guess they are still mad about the erroneous report of his arrest.
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  9. MONT17

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    I think Ty Hill got a 4 year deal... if thats true it will not help the Iggs who want 6 years out of Bunk before he can sign with the highest bidder!!!
  10. DCBoysfan

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  11. Cowboy from New York

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    Too early in camp to get really excited about this, the Eagles havent even played in the HOF game yet. But its still an nice little story.
    Now if he's not signed by after week 2 of the preseason then he may suffer its effects all season and the Iggles with him. :)
  12. SA_Gunslinger

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    the longer he goes not practicing, the less effective he will be when he does sign.

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