Eagles Connor Barwin: My Job Is Very, Very Different From Your Job

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    By Connor Barwin
    Philadelphia Eagles

    I get asked a lot about “locker room culture” these days. Ever since the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying situation and the recent coming out of Michael Sam, it seems the media has become fascinated with understanding the inner workings of an NFL team. I’ve seen countless articles discussing how bullying or homosexuality is dealt with in an office setting and others comparing our workplace with the traditional American workplace. But let’s get something straight: My job is very, very different from your job.

    While most of my friends and family have been climbing up the corporate ladder or grinding through medical school, I have had the distinct pleasure to set up office on a folding chair at One NovaCare Way, in the Eagles’ complex in South Philadelphia for the past year. Prior to that I was employed by the Houston Texans, and before that I was “employed” (let’s call it what it is) by the Cincinnati Bearcats football and basketball teams. Not counting a stint at Leo’s Coney Island—where I washed dishes and lit cheese on fire as a 16-year-old—the locker room is basically the only workplace I’ve ever known.

    Read the rest: http://mmqb.si.com/2014/02/28/connor-barwin-nfl-locker-room-culture/
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    This is a great article, for anybody who's tempted not to read it. Not just for the inevitable Michael Sam stuff, but because of the insight into how locker rooms work. Thanks, WG.
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    I almost didn't read it until I read your comment. Glad I did, a very well written article on something you don't get to hear alot about.

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    Absolutely great read.
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