Eagles look slopppy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Eric_Boyer, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Eric_Boyer

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    In the first half they had 5 penalties while punting, and had a punt blocked the one time they didn't foul.

    This is out of six total punt! :eek:

    way to coach Andy!
  2. Bizwah

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    Fairly steady rain though.......although that still doesn't excuse all the penalties.

    Tough to gauge how bad/good either team looks. Brady looked good, especially on the play where he was very nearly sacked.

    Seems like the Eagles will still have run-stopping issues.
  3. Bizwah

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    Matt Ware....the rookie CB from UCLA....was carted off with an aircast on his leg.

    Injuries stink in preseason. I really hope we come away safe tomorrow.
  4. Eric_Boyer

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    From what I watched of the Giants game, their defense is horrible and the Chiefs offense is potent again.

    Larry Johnson and Ron Dayne both looked fantastic though. And Eli Manning is an impressive rookie.

    Seen a very little bit of the Jets game (it is being replayed in 2 hours) but did catch a good touchdown drive by Bollinger.
  5. Eric_Boyer

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    That does stink. Keith Hamilton was injured today, flipped away and missed how serious though.

    Eagles broadcast just mentioned Ware's x-ray came back negative.
  6. Hostile

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    Drew Henson worked out with him before we signed him. Iheard the comparisons were favorable. This make sme feel good.

    That and the accusations I have man love for the Mannings. :D
  7. Hostile

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    That is my biggest fear every pre season.
  8. Roughneck

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    Yeah those Campo pre-seasons were hell, weren't they?
  9. TheSkaven

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    Worse than sloppy, my friend.

    14 penalties in all, 10 of which were in the first half.
    A blocked punt in the first half.
    McNabb was running for his life, 6 of 11 for only 36 yards (mostly short). He was inaccurate, throwing balls behind people.
    7 players in all who had to leave the game due to injuries

    Reid left his first team offense in the game into the second half, yet they didn't put up so much as a field goal, even when playing against the Patriots second team defense.

    Can't wait to listen to the local sports radio tonight. :cool:
  10. Skeptic

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    (James Bond Villain voice)


    Any Eagles misfortune is good misfortune, although (sadly) I am glad that Ware will be alright.

    In the words of Chuck Fairbanks...."Bring 'em on."
  11. dbair1967

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    yep McNabb is consistent, gotta hand it to him...still sux as a passer

    and Terrell Owens, made a huge impact on that Eagle offense didnt he?

  12. Anthrax

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    About 75% of the starters were out after the 1st quarter.

    Sure it was sloppy, but you cant say much for a pre-season game.

    Corners didnt play well. Sheldon Brown got burnt so bad, but he did have a good play when he torn the ball out of Troy browns hands to make it a incomplete pass.

    Reno Mahe did play well though, but again, you cant tell much from the first game in the pre-season.

    Point is, Pre-Season is just were the teams feal out and iron out some problems.

    I wish your team luck in not gettin any injuries tommorow.
  13. jterrell

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    Dont be using reverse psychology on us. We are paranoid, I mean hyperaware, like our coach and we will hunt you down. LOL.

    We know you who you are and who you root for buddy:)
  14. Jimz31

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    I've had a feeling for aawhile that the Eagles window has slammed shut and that they will have a very rough year this year.

    It's only a pre-season game and I don't put much stock into them AT ALL, however, this is just a foreshadow of things to come for the Eagles.
  15. dbair1967

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    I didnt see the game, only the "highlights" (if you can call them that) and read the recap...McFat and Owens played 4 series (jnto the 2nd qtr) and generated zilch...mcOverrated averaged less than 3.0 yds per attempt...Owens averaged less than 5.0 yds per reception...Kearse had one tackle, no assists, no sacks

  16. AJM1613

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    What are all you talking about?

    Besides all the penalties, bad punting, and the injuries we played very well.

    McNabb was accurate for a preseason game. One of his passes was a 63 yard pass to Pinkston but he over threw him about 3 yards (from where I was sitting it looked like Pinkston gave up at the end of the play). He had one bad pass to Pinkston (he was throwing it away) and a drop by Mitchell. He also had a 40 yard pass to Pinkston that was called back because he steped on the sideline. It is the first preseason game, so problems are expected.

    We stoped the run very well, I really don't know what you are talking about. Dillon had one 13 yard gain, but besides that he ran 4 times for 10 yards. Mike Cloud (their backup HB) ran 17 times for 45 yards, not good at all.

    Our running game was very good, Mahe (who I am not a fan of) looked very good against the Pats first/second string defense (Wilfolk).

    Our offensive line looked fine, Blake and McNabb wern't sacked at all, and both had a long time to throw. McNabb had to step up a few times and use his scrabling ability, but he always gave his receivers enough times to get open. They gave him enough time to give Pinkston enough time to run 63 yards (about 8 seconds). McNabb actually looked very well avoiding sacks, he doesn't look as fat and slow as he did last season.

    Rayburn looked great, he had a very nice sack on Davey, he just blew up the offensive line. He was the best player on our team IMO.

    The biggest problem was our corners. Brown got beat on one play very badly for a TD but Sheppard covered his receiver well. Brown also had a great play on a Brady pass.

    Westbrook looked fast, and Buckhalter only had one carry for some reason. Kearse only played the first two series, but he didn't even play all of the snaps, we were extremely careful.

    The starting Patriots defense played a lot. Wilson and Samuel were playing into the fourth quarter. Pass (their starting FB) played the whole game, and Davey played most of it. Davey looked terrible against our starters and then when Haw/Wynn/Pinderhughes were our CBs, he lit our defense up. We split the starting QBs into thirds, McNabb played a third, Blake played a third, and Hall played a third (who looked bad, it is his first game but...). Davey played all but two series.

    We had so many injuries (Rayburn, Ware, Green, Short, Richmond...) Hopefully they all comeback okay. Dawkins, Walker, McDougle all didn't play for our defense, and as I said, Kearse (and Burgess) played very little.

    Brady looked very good. He had one great play where Kalu jumped on him and had his legs and right before he pulled him down he passed to an open Patten. This was right before the TD.

    Corey Dillon didn't impress me at all. He had one nice run, but that was more a bad defensive play than a great offensive one.

    Wilfolk didn't do anything, it is early though.

    Davey looked terrible early in the game, but he looked very good later and put up very good stats. Both of his TDs came against our scrubs (UDFA or players drafted after the 6th round).

    Jim Miller was their best offseason move.

    The Patriots had a very good game.

    That is it, I was overall very happy with our play but the penalties killed us. If there were no injuries, it would have been a very good game. I can't believe that you all think it was bad. I am very happy none of the injuries appear serious.

    BTW: I was there, I was sitting around Patriots fans, and they were saying the same thing as me.
  17. AJM1613

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    A couple more things:

    None of the injuries are going to hurt our team at all. Quintin Mikell is gone for the year with an ACL tear. I feel bad for him and I hope he doesn't turn into another Rashard Cook (who showed a lot of potential, got hurt, and never made an active roster again). He was our 5th safety and wouldn't have made the team, unless he was a ST only player. He played very well last season spelling Lewis and Dawkins/Hart.

    Bruce Perry, our 7th round pick, had 0 chance of making the team. He had a seperated shoulder and is out for maybe a week or two. He was injury prone and college and had a seperated shoulder earlier in the week, I don't know if it is related.

    McNabb (and the other QBs) was playing in the shotgun for the first time in his career (he was in it one time last season). It is like playing a new offense. Now that I am thinking about it, it probably had something to do with most of the penalties (most came on the line).
  18. dallasfaniac

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    So are you using preseason losses to practice your excuses? I think you're in midseason form, better take yourself out before you get injured. :D
  19. Eric_Boyer

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    I'm talking about how sloppy your team was. Penalites, bad punting, etc.

    McNabb was accurate? Just over 50% completion % yet he averaged less then 3 yards per attempt. WOOHOO. :rolleyes:
  20. odog422

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    geez man!!! classic case of "yeah but..."

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