Eagles offense way overhyped

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RamziD, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. RamziD

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    ESPN is still talking about it as if Chip Kelly has introduced the greatest offensive innovation to football ever. In the end, the Eagles ran 77 plays for 443 yards (5.8 yards per play) and 33 points. They got plays off quicker...big deal. Denver ran 68 plays for 510 yards (7.5 yards per play) and 49 points. The Denver offense was much more exciting to watch, IMO. There was so much hype regarding the Eagles offense and yet the actual results were not that spectacular.
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  2. CT Dal Fan

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    I agree. They looked much worse after halftime after the Redskins regrouped. I think a huge part of Philly's big half of offense was the Redskins' offense's fault. They couldn't sustain a drive and the Redskins defense simply got gassed. I'm not crowning the Eagles yet.
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  3. MichaelWinicki

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    I'll say watching that first half vs the Skins was impressive. As I watched the Eagles run different formation after different formation I was thinking about how the Cowboy defense would match up.

    The Eagle offense certainly benefitted from the anemic first half performance of the Skins offense. If Washington only had a couple of long drives in the first half resulting in say 10 points, the numbers would be far less skewed.

    I hope the Cowboys safeties are much better at tackling than the Washington safeties.
  4. 187beatdown

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    Vick was also getting clobbered last night. He's not going to last that long.
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  5. 187beatdown

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    How about those 10 mile wide holes that McCoy and Vick got to run through? If Cowboys can win in the trenches vs their O-line I don't have any worries about the Eagles.
  6. RamziD

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    This is a game where our back 7 needs to be healthy and play well, but overall I think we have a better defense than Washington and fast LBs which is key. The Eagles will make big plays on us (they always have), but I'm not really any more concerned about it than in year's past just judging from last night's game.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Valid point.

    I'll say that the Eagle offensive line is darned good.
  8. dexternjack

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    If they lose Vick, they will be lucky to win another game after that. As it stands now, they should wear down by mid-season.
  9. Eric_Boyer

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    he was clearly hampered by an injury at the end of the game that was limiting his ability to run.

    on the other hand, our QB had to go in for xrays afterwords.....so there's that
  10. rpatricc

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    The Eagles' O-line is very good. And the read option looks makes the holes they open up even bigger. I think the way you beat Philly (and RGIII for that matter) is to stack the line and blitz. More defenders at the line of scrimmage will close some of those gaping holes, will expose the QB to more hits, and force the QB to beat you with accuracy in the passing game. Otherwise, sitting back and playing base defense just plays into their hand because the front 7 has to account for 8 players in the box (usually 5 OL, 1 TE, 1 RB, 1 QB). The downside of the blitz is big plays. The upside is turnovers, pummelling the QB so he wont want to run, and destroying the offense's rhythm. I'd rather take my chances dictating to the offense.
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  11. Proximo

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    I do agree that right now the Philly offense is getting a lot of love for what they did last night, but as some have pointed out already there's no way Vick survives more than a few weeks playing like this. The same might be true for Shady.

    Not only that, but I really think the Redskins were being grossly overrated heading into this game and as a result the Eagles are getting the hype now since they stole their thunder. I really don't think the Skins are going to have a good year and I doubt they even come close to winning the division. I think after a few more poor performances by the Reskins everyone will realize last night's Eagles win wasn't all that shocking.
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  12. Eric_Boyer

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    this is a big part of it.

    it's like people are forgetting the redskins were a last place team for years before winning 10 games last year behind a revamped offensive system.

    the East was weak, and they capitalized on the opportunity. I'm not taking that away from them, but I never thought they were better then the rest, just more fortunate. Their turnover rate alone was incredible considering the rookies they played at the skill position, and that feat is already not likely to be matched after one week.

    it is going to be fun watching them come back down to earth, as their fan base is convinced they have what it takes.
  13. newlander

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    I couldn't agree more....it was the perfect storm for the Skins. Once again, Shanny mishandled RG3 in my opinion. The guy didn't play ALL pre season....and was visibly rusty off ACL surgery. BUT....I'd be lying if I said I'm not concerned. Haslett and the SKins have a pretty good D' and they got schooled. Yeah....I'm concerned. BTW....the skins did fake some injuries but I truly don't have a problem with it because it counter acts the utter GARBAGE 'offense' Kelly is running. THERE IS NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEEEEEN EARTH THAT VICK WILL LAST.....he was bashed around last night real good. However, as long as he's healthy, they'll put up 35+ a game probably. NFL network just had a story on what 'better shape' the Eagles offense is in compared to other teams D'.....total CRAP. We need Spence and Rat back and we should have enough depth to keep up.
  14. NorthTexan95

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    Eagles definitely benefited from surprising the Redskins and the Redskins horrible offense in the first half. I was glad the Eagles won because I think it's much more likely the Redskins will be challenging us for a playoff spot if not the division than the Eagles.
  15. conner01

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    the eagles sperad you out and run in between. it is a unique offense. it is fast paced and exciting to watch, when it works. the problem i see with it is you need a qb who makes quick, smart decisions. a qb who is a run threat and a very good backup qb because when those little qb's are running they are gonna get hurt.
    i think the lbs have to play well in the gaps, and those gaps are big . you have to tackle after the catch and you can slow them down alot by taking a long time to unpile when you tackle. another issue i think you need 6 good wr's to run the schemem because they are gonna wear out too.
    teams will adjust to it jjust like they have in college. several teams run a variations just not as fast paced, but that pace can work agaionst you if a team stops you and puts together a long drive. your defense can be exposed as well
    i think we match up well at the lb level. concerned about the backend
  16. Hoov

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    I agree that the washington offense was a significant factor in Philly's big first half and also noticed that the washington defense clamped down and played well in the 2nd half.

    Still, not a bad showing for chip kellys first Pro game and would not take this team lightly. They have a lot of speed and use formations to spread the defense to get their fast players in space. Not a new concept - however the way they do it looks a little different from what i have seen before.

    I think an agressive or overpursueing defense could find itself in trouble against this offense -

    Initial thoughts on how to play them - On defense be patient and have players maintain their assignments or areas - cannot have too many players rushing upfield or getting out of position left to right because if they get a seam or get a lead wr block to cut off a safety on a quick pass it can be an easy TD. I think this offense presents a tough challenge for safeties. Be willing to give up some yards by keeping them in front of you but punish them after the catch, their wr are fast but small. If you beat the wr down a couple times you start to get the drops and turnovers from tipped pass and fumbles.

    I think the Eagles safeties do not cover well and neither do the LB so there should be open receivers all day if the QB has time and I expect their defense will give up a lot of points to a team that can handle the pass rush. Also, their own defense may get gassed from the offense not giving them much rest.

    Either way, Chip Kelly should provide us with some very interesting games this year.
  17. cowboys1981

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    Philly executed better than I've seen in some time. In recent past they looked disengaged to the gameplan on both sides of the ball.

    It doesn't matter what type of offense anyone runs. Whoever wins on the line will ultimately decide the game.

    The difference between our defense and Washingtons last night was that we had defenders flocking to the ball and being aggressive to the sound of the whistle. If we play with the same aggression as we did vs NY we will be fine.
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  18. KJJ

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    If Vick lasts until week 5 without being sidelined with an injury I'll be surprised. He still dives forward head first it's only a matter of time before he gets knocked senseless. It appeared he had a groin issue after getting slammed out of bounds last night. He won't last the season..
  19. DBOY3141

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    Bengals of the late 80s and Bills of 90s were great offenses but neither could get that ring. I'll wait till mid season to see what the Eagles look like compared to them.
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  20. KJJ

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    The Eagles offense is still a work in progress I wouldn't dismiss it. It will give the Cowboys defense fits especially with the players they have at the skill positions. We didn't match up well with them before this new offense. By the time the Cowboys play Philly on Oct 20th they'll have the offense more finely tuned but I don't see it working very well without Vick who isn't going to last the entire season.

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