Eagles offense way overhyped

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RamziD, Sep 10, 2013.

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    All I can think of is that the Philly offense is going to make the NY Giants LB's want to perform Seppuku by halftime.
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    This is the key.

    He's gonna start turning the ball over first as he continues taking hits, and secondly he's going to put about a half season's worth of work in before he's injured. I didn't need to see the Redskin game to understand that. It's who Michael Vick is. The media gives that guy more benefit of the doubt than any player in the league despite evidence to the contrary over and over again.

    I loved when Chip Kelly was hired because I knew that Vick was perfect for his offense, and that's just how I like it. I want Vick to be the starter in Philly for the rest of his career.
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    You can't be busting coverages and letting receivers run free down field against Phiily's offense or you'll be 2 scores down in a flash. You can't have confusion on your defense against a fast paced offense or you'll get hit with big plays for easy TD's. It's going to take time for NFL teams to defense this type of offense it's going to be a challenge for any team that has issues with pass coverage. Philly has speed to burn on offense and the Cowboys are going to have their work cutout for them when these teams play. I'm not so sure Vick will still be in one piece by then.
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    Don't know how to reply to this other than you're completely right sir. I'm actually going to quote you if you don't mind (don't worry I'll cite).
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    I think it had more to do with expectation. People expected that from Denver and not so much from Philly
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    We ran 72 plays. 5 less than the aholes did.

    McCoy has a history of bad knees. Chip is an idiot to work him like that.
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    I really hope this offense falls apart and quick. This is a copy cat league and a league of media overhyping everything they label exciting. I see this as a gimmick offense strategy that isn't good for the game. I must be getting old because I would rather watch a team line up and have the best team win each week. I don't want to see the team with the most effective gimmick win the game. This style of offense does this. If it works then next year you will see 10 teams trying to turn the game into a track meet. It will become a different sport. Man I miss the traditional style of football already.
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    It is a fun offense, but your post hits it right on the money

    A comment was made by Santana Moss on his radio show today and it essentially went like this

    Kelly has 25-30 year old men running this offense now as opposed to 19-22 year old college kids. The cardio vascular endurance of 19-22 year old is superior to that of 25-30 year olds. Simply put your peak is in college (yes you get bigger and stronger, but your athletic peak really is at 17-22, beyond that it is experience and maintenance for athletes)

    If you did watch the whole game you saw Vick taking a beating and slowing down in the 2nd half and McCoy on the sidelines half the time getting massaged.

    The Eagles also have only 53 players, compared to Oregon having 85 scholarship players. The Eagles will face NFL defenses every week, Oregon would have a handful of creampuffs.

    Can this O work? Yes it does have that ability but the toll and attrition you will have on your own offense, in theory at least, will have an impact.

    If it wasn't vs the Redskins D I would have really loved what Kelly did last night. Lots of options for Vick on every play, the hurry up, the pace, etc.

    I just don't know if it is physically sustainable
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    ESPN will hype anything out there and drool on it. It's something new and it was blown completely out of proportion. How about we wait more than 1 quarter to see if this will be a game changer for the NFL. Geez. That offense did absolutely nothing in the 2nd half.

    That kind of offense can't be sustained with a 53 man roster over a whole game.

    Plus, this isn't something brand new. Bills ran a no huddle, quick pace offense.
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    I only saw the first half, but I thought they looked amazing, and, on top of it all, Vick missed a lot of open receivers as it was. They could have been even better.

    Now, WAS helped them out a lot, and maybe that contributed to them tiring quickly. At the end of the day, they stole a division game in WAS, so, they did something right. I'm just glad we'll have 7 weeks of film on them before we have to play them the first time.

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