Eagles Retiring #5? What about Dallas retiring #9?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sadams, Sep 20, 2013.

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    7 pages so far? I thought surely this thread would max out at about 5.
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    The Eagles have had such a disappointing history that every year their former players get together to commemorate their 2 SB losses. Before McNabbs number was unveiled they should have had Leroy Neiman present him with a painting of him puking on the field during SB XXXIX.
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    No way Romo gets into the ROH without at least a SB appearance. I would really think he needs a SB victory to get in.
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    Can we just torch it?
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    During that period McNabb was one of the top 5 QB's in the league.

    There is little doubt in my mind had McNabb accomplished in Dallas what he accomplished in Philly that he wouldn't be in the Cowboys ROH. What he accomplished paled in comparison to what Staubach and Aikman accomplished. It's going to take at least one championship for another Cowboys QB to ever be inducted into the ROH. McNabb's number is only hanging at the Link because the Eagles had their greatest success with him at QB during the SB era. He led the Eagles to 4 straight NFC title games and a SB appearance. Those accomplishments wouldn't cut it with the Cowboys when compared to what Staubach and Aikman did.

    The Eagles have no choice but to add players to their ROH who kept coming up short because everyone came up short with them during the SB era. Arguably the greatest player in their franchises history Reggie White who's number is also hanging at the Link won his only championship with another team. How sad is that for Philly? Had Randall Cunningham led the 1998 Vikings who went 15-1 that season to a championship that might had led to a mass suicide in Philly. The Cowboys don't need to add players to their ROH who played for teams that kept coming up short because they have 5 Lombardi trophies and 11 HOF players.

    From 1980 to 1983 White contributed to 3 straight NFC title game losses. He couldn't get the Cowboys over the hump like Staubach who spoiled us for a decade with magical plays and last second come from behind victories. Although White was a good QB he was a far cry from Staubach. The fans lost confidence in White and so did Landry who offered the Colts 3 starters including White for John Elway in 1983. On ESPN's 30 for 30 Gil Brandt talked about it. For the fans who were around when Danny White was the Cowboys QB he was pretty much what Tony Romo is today a very good QB who could only get the Cowboys so far but he did get the Cowboys farther than Romo on several occasions. The career White was having from 1980 to 83 could have continued another decade and he would have had no chance at the ROH without at least one championship. Don Meredith was put in the ROH only because the Ring was originally brought about to honor the players that paved the way for the Cowboys during their early years. The criteria for the ROH changed under Jerry. The only players that have been inducted into the ROH since Jerry took over the team helped the Cowboys earn a SB ring.

    The only players that will likely get a ROH induction who haven't contributed to a championship is Witten and Ware assuming the Cowboys never win a SB with either of them. Both have HOF credentials and Jerry won't hesitate putting them in the ROH to assure they get into the HOF on the first ballot. If a player isn't in their teams HOF that can cause the HOF voters to say hay wait a minute. Some FANS want to cheapen the ROH by inducting every "good" player the Cowboys have had through the years. That may be okay for AZ, Seattle or some other team that hasn't won crap but it isn't okay for an organization that has 5 championships and over a dozen Hall of Famers including a HC and GM.
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    I notice there is one ring of honor quarterback you have left out. Meredith never won anything. That to me suggests that while superbowls certainly help the cause it is possible to make it to the ring without one with significant contributions to the franchise. There's no rule that says the career accomplishments have to be equivalent to that of Aikman or Staubach.

    Also speaking purely from a production standpoint McNabb was not a top five QB over that time frame. He only finished top five in passer rating twice and spent a good chunk of his career in the bottom half of the league as far as YPA is concerned. He owes the late Jim Johnson a great deal I think.

    When? I don't think he changed the criteria. Is there anywhere he's on record saying a player has to win a championship to make the ring? I think most players who have been good enough to make it happened to win rings. Not saying championships don't help but I don't think lacking one would be a disqualifier.

    Thinking out loud here who from the 80s is good enough to be a ROH candidate even with a Ring? The only candidate I can think of is White. The fact that most recent inductees have won a ring may be more happenstance then an ideology.
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    Romo needs to have some playoff success.
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    You're proving KJJ's point. At the time, Meredith was the QB of a relative expansion team and took them to the brink of a title against GB. He helped put the franchise on the map and there were no other QB's for him to be compared to stat wise. With Aikman and Staubach in the ring, the next QB to make it is going to have to have a good deal of success.
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    Nice to see you finally coming around.
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    Great post.
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    Probably make it until game time, then fall off page one.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Cute lol

    I have pretty much said this about Romo for a while now.

    Now, do I post my "hope" that this changes of course.
    Do I sometimes post glass half full with him... Absolutely.
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    I was where you are now 2 years ago. I remember you used to act like my opinions were crazy. What pushed you over the edge? The Washington game? Either way, I'm proud you have seen the light for yourself. I think it is sad that some people out there find it necessary to talk bad about Flacco and Eli to try and make Romo look better. Those guys earned their rings and it wasn't just because of their teams around them. I would say I "hope" things change with Romo but it would be disengenious, because I have come to the realization that he is what he is and is not going to change.
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    Qbs don't change after 8 years. He is what he is. He's a good QB that will win you some games but will make costly mistakes in other games too.
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    Guy hasn't earned it, let's hang Danny White's number too if we're going to hang Romo's.
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    I mentioned Meredith and explained in detail why he was inducted into the ROH. He set the standard at QB for the Cowboys. There was no Cowboy QB before him that set a standard he had to live up to.

    From a production standpoint McNabb may not have been a top 5 QB but more times than he would have been listed as one of the top 5 best QB's from 2000-2005. He led Philly to 4 straight NFC title games and a SB appearance during that period. He was one of the best playmakers in the game who could extend plays and was very difficult to bring down.

    The evolution of time changes the criteria for a lot of things. The more great players that come along the more the standards start to change. Since Don Perkins was added to the ROH every player inducted after him helped lead the Cowboys to a championship. Jerry hasn't added one player to the ROH who didn't earn a SB ring with the Cowboys.

    Every player from the 80's who was added to the ROH established themselves in the 70's earning SB rings. The 80's were one of the darkest periods in franchise history. White wasn't near good enough for the ROH. His own HC offered him up in a trade with 2 other starters for John Elway only 3 years after he took over as QB for the Cowboys because wasn't living up to the standards that Staubach set. The only players drafted in the 80's who are in the ROH are Irvin and Aikman and they established themselves during the 90's.
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    I thought it might max out on two pages:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Are you kidding avery thread started about Romo being in the ROH goes for pages and pages. It's one of the never ending discussions we have here like Eli vs Romo.
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    So does the team around him. He's not alone out there.
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    I was making a joke dude.

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