Eagles Signing Everyone??

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Teague31, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Posted: News 6 Mar 2006 9:55 pm CT
    1+1= Very Interesting
    By Rafael Vela 1 Comment

    Recently cut C Kevin Mawae tells New York Newsday he’s still the best center on the market. “I guess people look down on 35 year old centers who make the Pro Bowl six times,” said Mawae, who was disappointed by his release.

    Mawae won’t be down too long. His agent Mark Bartelstein said several teams contacted him Monday to inquire about Mawae. The Eagles are believed to be one of those teams.

    Let’s do the math. The Eagles are supposed to have LeCharles Bentley all but locked up. Why are they checking out Mawae? Are they looking to sign both, playing Mawae at center and Bentley at guard? Or is the Bentley-to-Philly rumor being exposed as that, just a rumor?

    This should make Cowboys fans wonder — Mawae claims he will only go to the team with a good chance of winning the Super Bowl.

    Apparently Phily is out to corner the market on centers.....
  2. InmanRoshi

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    I've always thought the Eagles were looking at Bentley to be a guard, because they have a more obvious hole since they are moving Shawn Andrews to replace Runyan at RT.
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    This had definitely left me confounded as well, I'm not sure why everybody thinks that Philly is the team to beat in 06'? Last time I checked they still have the same overrated coach and QB, the defense has tons of holes, they have no running game, a shaky Oline, no receiver (after TO is cut), etc. Yet every major free agent is supposedly signing there. Where did they get all this money from? They are going to magically rebound and are guaranteed to be in NFC championship again? A few FA's are going to put them over the top?

    I mean come on, this is a team that went 0-6 in the division last season and will be lucky to be .500 next year, healthy mcnabb or not. At least we are the only NFC East team that can say they swept them with McNabb in the lineup both games. Wheter its the fans or local media, something is definitely wrong with the cheesestakes for these people to be so delusional.:laugh1:
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    I'm sure thats what they think about us, seeing as how our name gets attached to many FAs.
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    Agreed-no fan of McNabb, but Reid(just like the rest of Holmgren's assistants) is hugely over-rated.
    Heck-you could give him(and Mike Sherman for that matter) the entire Army and Marines, and they still will find a way to self-destruct.
  6. parchy

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    As long as McNabb is 100%, the Eagles will be over .500 every year... and they've got the cap space to sign both. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.
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    Bentley can play guard. I believe he has already done so with the Saints. One of the reasons he was so sought after was because of his versatility.

    If they are going after Mawae it means they aren't going after Hutchinson because Bentley will be the left guard.

    Being an Eagles fan, I was kind of hoping for a Bentley and Hutchinson offseason haul...
  8. Rack Bauer

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    Fans from probably 25 other teams likely feel the same way.
  9. Phoenix-Talon

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  10. Cowboy Junkie

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    What about Hank Fraley? I thought Fraley was a pretty good player. I know he was injured last year. Was it that serious?
  11. Wheat

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    I'm alittle shocked that nobody mentions Minny as a big offseason player. they have just a ton of cap room.

    No doubt Philly and Dallas are going to get some guys, but if Minny wanted, they could overpay HUGE for a guy or two that somebody else really wanted.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    Plus they have the "Love Boat". That's got to be a huge attraction for potential FAs.

  13. CrazyCowboy

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    If this CBA will get fixed, then we can all find out who is going where?
  14. TheSkaven

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    The Eagles are where the Cowboys franchise was in 1996 (minus the Superbowls). The window is closing fast and they're going to make a last push to sneak in before it's shut.
  15. ravidubey

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    If I were the Eagles, I'd do everything I could to prove to myself and everyone else that my window of oppportunity is wide open as long as #5 is alive.

    They have a solid core of players on offense, they just need to get more physical. Lendale White and Hutchinson/Bentley/Mawae will dramatically help take care of that. I'm sure Eric Moulds or Isaac Bruce would also be a very nice fit.

    They have serious issues on defense with their LB corps aging, their DL inneffective, and the best player on the team, Brian Dawkins, a year older. I see Philly going all defense in the draft after the 2nd round and also grabbing two to three free agents to support their front seven.

    Why not? What the Hell is cap space for anyway? Hutchinson, Bruce, Mawae, Arrington, and two solid but unspectacular front seven players would be a great haul. If they can afford Bentley instead of Mawae then they've grabbed the two best free agents the league has available in the forseable future in Hutchinson and Bentley. Again, why freaking not?
  16. Phoenix-Talon

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    You're not too far from the mark on your call. I see it very similar to what you're saying ravidubey.

    On a separate note ...what the heck happened with Glover? No joke, that surprised me big time.
  17. Phoenix-Talon

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  18. Phoenix-Talon

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    While I realize that anything can happen in the FA bidding wars, several posts here have given media accounts that it looks real good for Bentley becoming an Eagle.
  19. ravidubey

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    An aging 4-3 guy stuck in a 3-4 world with a multi million dollar cap figure, I'm afraid. He's a perfect, perfect fit in St. Louis.
  20. Seven

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    Hey PT. Word is he didn't fit the 3-4 defensive scheme. That made him a backup and a rather expensive one. It really didn't surprise many but it sure hurts to throw away a perfectly good doughnut if you know what I mean.

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