Eagles, 'skins Out Of Walker Sweepstakes

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by HoleInTheRoof, Mar 2, 2008.

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    A league source tells us that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins are no longer among the teams interested in acquiring the services of receiver Javon Walker.

    There's a suspicion that Walker's agent is puffing in this regard, overstating to the media the interest in the player in an effort to create a market for him.

    Walker was traded to the Packers to the Broncos in 2006, and was released recently in order to avoid a significant roster bonus.
  2. Hoofbite

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    OMG, that means dallas along with RANDY MOSS......

    My heart is exploding, other teams might as well quit.....50 gazillion in WRs is CHAMPIONSHIP after CHAMPIONSHIP......

  3. Boysboy

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    I can't believe you people...

    FA is overrated, and besides-we already pretty much locked up our own guys + we have a pair of #1's.

    And besides-Walker's knees are shot, Moss won't work out here anyways, and Florence is a penalty machine(we already have Flo, so I don't think we can have a pair of headaches every Sun to begin with).
  4. Thick 'N Hearty

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    Do you think they meant T.O.? Is BP back?
  5. Yeagermeister

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    How is Wash even on any FA's radar? They had to clear 30 mil to just get under the cap.
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    You are living in a dreamworld my friend.tell me this. have we won a playoff game in the last 10 years?
  7. Boysboy

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    Yep-we might as well break the bank on every FA available, or else-the Boys might as well play golf instead this Fall/Winter as their track record shows ZERO the last decade.:bang2:
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    I really didnt think Philly was seriously in any market for any recievers that have any sort of baggage with them.
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    I don't care what some of you are saying about Walker's knees being no good.

    I'd bring him in for a look-see & have our medical staff gave him a physical, primarily focusing on his knees. I'd want access to his medical records with any of the non-Bronco doctors he was working with. Also we should have one of our QBs standing by to throw to him. Want to see if he can make the cuts & still has good speed/quickness. If everything looks good, I'd sign him to a very cheap 1 year contract that is incentive-based. If he plays well opposite TO in 08, then I'd be happy with him and cheerfully waive him on to another team whose paid big bucks to sign him. Taking this chance on Walker cause we can't afford any other vet WR out there and when healthy Walker is an amazing WR.

    I'd also use one of our first rounders on one of the top WRs if he has all the prerequisites we require. Then he can develop while Walker mades an immediation contribution to the team. Rookie WRs rarely make a major contribution to the team and we really need someone opposite TO so opponents cannot focus so much on him and take him out of a game. A healthy Walker you better believe will force our opponents to pay attention to him.

    Now if Jerry is so stupid to sign Walker but then doesn't use a high pick to draft a WR he is a fool.
  10. CrazyCowboy

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    I would love Moss....
  11. Woods

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    Well, there is a real chance that if we sign Walker, that JJ may not use a very high pick on a WR.

    Personally, I'm with you. I'd draft a WR high this year regardless. It takes a rookie WR a couple of years to typically develop. And both Glenn's and Walker's knees are messed up.
  12. ajk23az

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    [​IMG]Javon Walker-WR-Broncos Mar. 2 - 4:42 pm et

    The Washington Post disputes an ESPN.com report that the Redskins are seriously interested in free agent Javon Walker.
    Michael Smith's item said that the Redskins have been in contact with Walker. The report also said that Walker is intrigued by the idea of playing in San Francisco under coordinator Mike Martz or for the Bucs' Jon Gruden.
    Source: Washington Post
  13. ethiostar

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    The skins have been very active in free agency in the last few years, what good came out of that?
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    They actually called it a sweepstakes?

    I guess the Texans won the Jacques Reeves Sweepstakes.
  15. dfense

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    And you think a gimpy complainer like Walker is the difference?

    Stay at 22 and 28, take a CB and a WR. A RB in the second. That's high pick quality youth at those 3 positions.

    Theoretically, in a deep RB class, they should find a significant upgrade over Julius in the second round. Barber was a fifth, wasn't he?

    I like that kid from Texas.
  16. skinsscalper

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    You are officially the Cowboys Zone "Honorary Whiny Drama Queen *****"

    Congrats, princess.

  17. AmishGangsta

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    The Skins were never interested in Walker -- they're not trying to give out any huge contracts this year; they have concerns about his durability. Somebody's just making an assumption, because the Skins' are looking to add a receiver, either in FA or the draft.

    [FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]"and watching the WR market with particular attention. They don't want to break the bank but should the price on a guy like DJ Hackett fall, they could perhaps make a play. (The Skins have never been real players in the Javon Walker hunt, by the way, despite what you might read)."[/FONT]

    [FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]http://blog.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/[/FONT]

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