Eagles Steal "Offseason SB Champ" Title from Redskins...*Merge*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by UVAwahoos, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Not sure why everyone is freaking out about Philly right now. They just made a few Dan Snyder-esque free agent moves that surely have not improved their team as vastly as people are thinking. Nnamdi, or however you spell it, is extremely overrated. Look at how many picks and passes defended he has had in the last couple seasons. The guy is more reputation than talent at this point. I am glad we pulled out of the sweepstakes for him and prevented another bad contract killing our cap space.

    So what if they go after Plaxico or Moss? Those guys do not extend the field like they once used to do either. They're also reputation guys who are shadows of what they once were.

    I will give them props for stacking draft picks for 2012, but nothing they've done seems particularly thrilling outside of that. Just cuz they're picking up the "prize free agents" doesn't necessarily mean that these players are still any good. Plus, as we've seen in Dallas multiple times, players drop off when they're no longer hungry for a long term contract.

    I'm far from a homer. I think Jerry Jones is an awful GM and senile, but I'm def. not gonna be blinded by Philly. Dallas still stacks up with them from a talent standpoint. Our coaching has just been atrocious recently.

    Oh, and to top it all off, Philly is a Vick injury away from looking at the Vince Young era. How can that be a positive?

    Oh oh, and at the end of the day, they still have Andy "PANIC" Reid coaching them. That guy has the clock management skills of a 3 year old.

    People need to calm down.
  2. CATCH17

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    Yeah Philly is going to be just like Washington and probably not be any threat at all to the NFC East.

    Good call.
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    Sorry, this is just getting out of control.. if they are the next Miami Heat, the Cowboys will be the next Mavericks. I have complete faith in Garrett and Ryan .. nobody expected to sign Nnamdi and I don't know why it is now crisis mode. The two FA S's that everyone thought we would get are still out there.. they cannot practice until Thursday regardless. Stephen Bowen, IMO, was JAG that has filled in as a DE and has similar performances to anyone else who has played his position.. and remember, our D was no secret to opposing offenses so let's see what Rob Ryan can do before we go into suicide mode over here. So for a recap:

    2 days ago everything was fine, we had no plans to sign Nnamdi and Huff/Elam were our main targets as S.
    As of today, Nnamdi went to the Eagles(which we didn't anticipate landing anyway) and Elam/Huff are still on the market.
    There were worries that we would not resign Free and Kosier. Guess what, we did.. our OLine is squared away just about.
    Everyone wanted Davis, Barber and Roy cut -- guess what, our horrible GM did just that.

    Like I said, if everyone wants to crown the Eagles the next Miami Heat ... I have faith in Garrett to overcome their new found "Dream Team" .. I'm not saying SuperBowl, but I'm sure as hell not worried that our team will be outcoached this year by the Eagles.
  4. windward

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    They could fall flat on their faces.
  5. rocyaice

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    More like the next Washington Deadskins. Yea i'm bitter lol.
  6. UVAwahoos

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    Dallas has had the most "talent" before and all the offseason hype and it has led to nothing. Overpaying for hyped free agents is how we got into our little salary cap mess in the first place.

    The Heat just proved that championships are about more than just picking up what people think are awesome players, and the Redskins prove it every season...
  7. CATCH17

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    Thats because the Cowboys are mental.

    We shoot ourselves in the foot and find ways to lose football games.

    Thats been the Cowboy Way for awhile now.

    With our rosters we've had we should've at least appeared in 1 Superbowl but we have been the definition of underachievers.
  8. GIFTS

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    This is what i needed to hear, great post.
  9. sonnyboy

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    Do most on this board and the national media even know this team?

    Not looking at this with my Cowboy blue visor on. I mean they could be great. McCoy is outstanding, the CB's are all world, great starting WRs and if Vic plays to his 2010 level, look out.

    I just felt the need to expose some of the warts.

    1) Eagle defense has sucked for going on two years now. Secret to Reid's success has always been Jim Johnson. McDermott was a failure in 2009-2010 and now this team believes a 10 yr OL coach can step in coordinate their defense. Castillo's a great OL coach and a good guy, but calling this a reach is a major understatement.
    Can you imagine the reaction on this board if Jerry tried something similar?

    2) OL and Defensive front seven is average at best. Go check out the depth chart. One legit probowl player and he's no DeMarcus Ware.

    3) Anyone care to name even two of the 4 safeties the eagles project to have on the opening day roster.

    4) Reid has a lot of fine qualities. He knows offense and how to put points on the board. And his teams play hard.
    But he seldom runs the ball enough and although he's a smart guy, he makes a ton of poor game day HC type decisions.

    5) This goes back to the defense, but call me when he wins a playoff game without Jim Johnson.
  10. treykin32

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    ikr..they are just the egurls..we looked great on paper in 08 and look what happened..
  11. Cowboy Brian

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    Their free agency adds did, and since they pretty much look like a pro bowl team right now.

    I just hope it blows up in their faces.
  12. johnnyd

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    this analogy was done in only 6 threads prior to yours .:rolleyes:
  13. RastaRocket

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    Packers, Patriots, Saints, Falcons, Jets, Colts, Chargers off the top of my head all are just as good as Philly.
  14. BHendri5

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    No, it is not the same. This was the season to beat the Heat, because next season it will not happen.
  15. DWhite Fan

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    In response to your thread's title, ESPN has found their new darlings :laugh2:
  16. BoysFanInAustin

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    Yeah because the NBA is in a lockout and the season is in jeopardy.
  17. gimmesix

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    I'm not going to knock the Eagles for what they've done this brief offseason. They have added three of the top free agents available, including the No. 1 guy. Plus they traded for a Pro Bowl corner as well.

    That doesn't mean Philadelphia is unbeatable, doesn't have holes and should be the favorite to reach the Super Bowl. It's not even close to guaranteed that the Eagles will win the division.

    But again, I've got to give them credit for their efforts.
  18. windward

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    You can say the same thing about Philly the past decade.

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