Eagles talking to Chip Kelly

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Nov 26, 2012.

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    • “I’ve heard talk about (Eagles GM) Howie Roseman already meeting with (Oregon head coach) Chip Kelly. Obviously, there are no rules preventing a GM from talking to a college coach during a (school) visit. I think San Diego would be a better fit for Kelly, myself. The run-and-shoot (scheme) worked at first back in the 1990s, and the Lions drafted Andre Ware and were plucking players to run it. NFL staffs were pulling out all the stops to figure out how to stop it, and once they did, it fell hard and hasn’t worked since. If you want the blueprint for how to stop Kelly in the NFL, watch the Stanford game. I guarantee you NFL coaches are calling up (Stanford head coach David) Shaw and saying, ‘Send me that tape.’ With Oregon’s running game trickling to the NFL, (NFL coaches) need to snuff it out.”

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    Why stop the Eagles from hiring the guy???
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    The good ole chuck and duck
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    Spurrier Part II
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    Well good for them. Let them talk to him. Let him go there. I really don't think he'd improve them at all.
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    Because he is an offensive minded coach. The vast majority of his experience is on the offensive side of the ball. The tapes would show what Stanford did on the defensive side of the ball. And some of the coaches asking for the tape may be on teams that don't have any coaching vacancies whether that is head coach, coordinator or position coaches at this time. Plus this was only speculation that any NFL team requested the tape.

    If Shaw continues to have success at Stanford I won't be surprised if he gets a chance at a head coaching gig in the NFL at some point. He has NFL experience as an assistant with the Eagles, Raiders and Ravens. A couple more years of head coaching experience may be all he needs to really draw the attention of NFL teams.
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    If so that means Vick isn't going anywhere and will be the starter next year if Kelly is indeed who they want to hire to replace Reid.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Vick is still not accurate enough or a good enough decision maker to run that offense. Kelly may want to go out and find someone else to run his offense. A fresh young QB he can cultivate. Stephen McGee. :laugh2:
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    ive heard that chip recruits DE from high school and turns them into quick OL and that is part of the reason for the speed that results in his offense and the reason for the success at oregon, but that system wont work in NFL because the OL will get dominated. Something that has been discussed on sports radio in philly.
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    He's got a really bright future, I'd say. Already having NFL experience will mean alot when/if he interviews for NFL head coach
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    They are talking about this on Philly radio today
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    His o-line is the reason for the success on offense. They aren't big and will not play NFL but they do their job perfectly to allow the QB to run his system. Chip's 2nd biggest problem in moving to the NFL is the fact that he only runs a few different plays and cannot make adjustments. He relies on wearing down the opposing defense, something he has been incapable of doing against the SEC. Perhaps he will be able to adjust his system to fit more talented players but I watch him every week and see nothing from his gameplan that fits the NFL.
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    I can't predict if Kelly will be a Jimmy Johnson or Steve Spurrier, but this is given:

    Be patient - You got a team of graybeards, no salary cap room and need a quarterback.

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