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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Rwbf31, Dec 25, 2004.

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    first let me say im some what of a new comer cause i havent been on since it was thecowboys.net, but its good to be back. So neway im sad to say but ou rseason is over. Now lets look toward the draft. what do you guys think is our teams weakest posistion. Id have to say CB followed by RG, followed by DT. I say since we have 2 picks most likely in the top 20. So with our first pick i say take a CB, Carlos Rogers or Antrelle Rolle or Marlin Jackson. Id be happy with either of those. Then a DT. Rodrique Wright or Travis Johnson. That would be a nice first round for me. But i know it is pretty early to make projections,
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    Welcome aboard....or welcome back.

    Given that Parcells says Vinny gives us the best chance to win, I'd have to say QB is our weakest position....It's just that I don't believe Vinny does give us the best chance...

    I'd rather see us take a guy in the front seven on defense who can get to the QB...off the corner, or DE position, or collapse the pocket from DT...with the rule changes on pass coverage, it is now more important than ever to generate a pass rush...

    I'd also like to see a dominant WR...

    BTW, I will soon be moving this thread to the DraftForum here...anything that is draft related fits that forum better.

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    Ok, completely off topic, but did you draw the pic in your sig Juke? I likes it ;) Is it just a random pic?

    Oh yeah, draft front 7 for sure.
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    I am convinced that unless they change the rules regarding who BDs can play, IE: pass interference and illegal contact, it is a huge risk and a huge mistake to take a CB early. With the rules the way they are I don't thinjk you can maximize the skills of a great corner anymore. While I agree it is a need, that is one we should address in FA.

    I would like to see our top pick used on a guy like Mike WIlliams. We need a playmaker at WR who can help our young QBs develope and can grow with them. SO my top pick would be Mike Williams.

    The the second first round pick I would do one of two things. IF ROdrique Wright is there I would snap him up. We need a DT who can make plays alongside of Glover and that would make Glover that much more effective. IF Wright is gone I take a close look at trading the pick for another 2 and a first the following year. I know we need the players now, but at that point in the draft if an impact player isn't there then we move down for value and pick up another first the following year. The 2006 draft should be alot deeper and that would help us out a lot.

    In the second I would then look to see if there is a DT who has slipped and take him if he is a good value and then take a look at a big LB. with the second #2. IF we stay with our picks as they are now I would like to see us get...
    Mike Williams WR
    Rodrique Wright DT
    the best available big LB
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    We need help up front, period.
    DT or DE then big linebacker if we move to a 3-4. Then possibly a FS to get Roy back closer to the line.
    The CB will take care of themselves with pressure on the line.

    Then we need to strengthen the running game - a viable backup for Julius Jones. I possibly see the Cowboys investing in the offensive line because protection for the QB and running lanes start up front.

    Wide receiver is way down the list and I'd be surprised to see the Cowboys pick one before the first three rounds.

    DTs tend to go off the board fairly quickly. Wilfolk was an aberration last year because the draft was just that deep. The fact that three quality running backs are coming out (Benson, Cadillac and Ronnie Brown) may push some DT talent down to our position.
    Right now, I can't really say who we should pick.

    Derrick Williams would be a good fit for a 3-4 pass rushing linebacker, but he likely won't be available. Same for Ahmad Brooks if he declares.

    I don't know much about Wright and Hawthorne, but I assume the Cowboys could go there. I wouldn't be surprised to see them invest on the defensive line with both first round picks, though I think they'll try to trade down with the second first round pick.

    If we get a DT, DE and FS and maybe RB from this draft, I'd be happy. I'm just not that jazzed by the receivers, unless Oklahoma's Bailey is available in the fourth.

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