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Early game(s) thread

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Sarge, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. HowAboutThemCowboys

    HowAboutThemCowboys Well-Known Member

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    It is amazing how well the second half of the season has fell in the Cowboys favor, but yet they struggle to take advantage of it.
  2. alicetooljam

    alicetooljam Active Member

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    Viks looking to win and CLEVELAND...giving the Bears all they can handle SMH o_O
  3. VThokie7

    VThokie7 Well-Known Member

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    At least the folks here that got their feelings hurt when it was suggested we didn't have the best duo can stand down.
  4. BRoni

    BRoni Active Member

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    Make up call
  5. Org1

    Org1 Member

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    Taunting. SMH

    *smh @ both now... Garbo refs
  6. bark

    bark Well-Known Member

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    Ha ... Jared Allen with the deep snap on the punt. What can this man not do
  7. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    Jared Allen just lined up as Long Snapper and did well. Haha.
  8. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Dallas hasn't played yet today.
  9. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
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    Some of the NFL players are just plain stupid. After Viking player gets penalized for taunting and Eagles player after the play was dead taunts a Vikings player and gets penalized, putting the ball at their own 4 yard line, smh
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  10. Dash28

    Dash28 Felis silvestris catus

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    It's setting it up for Dallas to shank us in the back later.

    Flynn is smiling today. Hopefully the D will hold him under 400.
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  11. StylisticS

    StylisticS Well-Known Member

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    New England can't do this again, can they?
  12. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    23,557 Messages
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    Brady making it interesting here. No surprise there.
  13. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
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    3 and out by eagles
  14. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye. Zone Supporter

    15,271 Messages
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    I have come back in time from a future when they've already played. I can't tell you the outcome; otherwise, I would pollute the timeline.
  15. HeavyBarrel

    HeavyBarrel Well-Known Member

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    That wasn't grounding on Foles????
  16. DejectedFan1996

    DejectedFan1996 Active Member

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    Was thinking the same thing. Might be due to the fact that he was hit which affected the throw?
  17. JoeyBoy718

    JoeyBoy718 Well-Known Member

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    Brady for MVP. A bunch of close games and no healthy receivers.
  18. 30yrheel

    30yrheel Well-Known Member

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    Vikes can put it away here
  19. Don Corleone

    Don Corleone Well-Known Member

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    They don't have to play for that statement to be true.
  20. mgcowboy

    mgcowboy Well-Known Member

    1,390 Messages
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    Just a thought…..Can we do a Herschel Walker type trade with Vikes..sending Ware for Allen?


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