Early Jan Mock, FA moves, and Roster Moves

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    Early January and now that we are down at least two coaches it will be interesting to see how it goes. First off, will be the hiring of a DC and I believe a offense play caller. I really believe Ray Horton will be the DC unless he is hired as a head coach in the next 10 days. As to a play caller, Turner is the likely choice and since he was spotted in Dallas this past weekend, well sometimes 2 and 2 due make 4 in the NFL.

    Garrett is going to get his guys as coaches now. It appears that Jerry is going to let him make the choices of "his" guys and not be saddled with who Jerry wants. I expect at least 3 more coaching changes. We also aren't going to see any free agents signed unless they meet the Garrett criteria.

    The cap is going to be an interesting case this year although waiting for AdamJT to get us the correct information because it is all over the place at different sites of how much we are over the cap and even one that has us under the cap. We know there will be restructures of some contracts, mainly Romo who will sign an extension, Carr's contract was set to be restructured this year, Ware's contract will be restructured and others. Now Free, Austin and Ratliff contracts will either be restructured or they will be released as June 1st cuts to spread the cap numbers over two years.

    Free's contract may be the most difficult one because even if he is designated as a June 1st cut, I believe it is roughly a $5 million hit in 2013 and another $5 million in 2014. Realistically, I see Dallas trying to make him a OG and swing OT.

    I see the most significant cuts/trades being Austin, Ratliff, Living and Bernadeau. That might surprise some but actually Living and Bernadeau contracts were structure as such that we could make those cuts.

    Signing of free agents will probably be in the two or three area assuming Stephen Jones can work his magic. Really believe Dallas is going to focus more on offense in free agency and the draft this year and will go into those reasons later.

    Dallas will go after Andy Levitre OG Buffalo, Andre Smith RT Cincinnati, and Sammie Lee Hill DT Detroit or Alameda Ta'amu NT Pittsburgh as the guys they want to sign. I am going to go with Dallas getting Levitre, Smith, and Hill for now (still 3 months to see if they will be free). Now I could see us looking at some of the free agent WRs although just don't see him spending big money on a WR.

    The draft becomes a crap shoot until after the combine when things start to line up but based on rankings at the moment, I will go with this.

    1st Rd - Barrett Jones OC/OG Alabama - see Dallas moving down 10 spots and still getting Jones due to the Lisfranc injury. Versatile guy, tough guy, team captain, plays with pain and would secure the middle of the line. Sure Dallas likes Costa but Jones is far better and would solidify a line of LT T. Smith, LG Levitre, C Jones, RG Leary, RT A. Smith.

    2nd Rd - Jackson Jeffcoat DE/OLB Texas - although injured, he is very good and a great character guy. He could easily start in Spencer's spot or as Ware's backup. I believe we will see quite a bit of Wilbur in 2013 as the staff is very high on him.

    2nd Rd - Margus Hunt DE SMU - through a trade either before the draft or during the draft, I see us acquiring a late 2nd and Dallas knows him all to well. Another guy with exceptional potential although still raw. He will allow Dallas to part ways with Marcus Spears.

    3rd Rd - Eddy Lacy RB Alabama - don't get to hyped over the BCS games, RBs will fall and Lacy will be one. He will add great depth and share carries with Murray and if Murray can't stay healthy then could easily take over as the lead back. With a revamped OL and with Murray/Lacy we will run the ball far more effectively.

    3rd Rd - Joseph Fauria TE UCLA - with the trade down in the 1st we acquire an extra 3rd and take Fauria who takes John Phillips place. Fauria is a great redzone target at 6'7". He does need to become a better blocker but having Witten, Hanna, and Fauria makes Dallas stronger in the run game, great targets in the middle of the field and far stronger in the red zone. Think TDs instead of FGs.

    4th Rd - Dennard Robinson WR Michigan - many will disagree but imagine his speed as the number 2 WR or slot guy, with end around because of a threat of a throw and to share with Dwayne Harris as a return guy. He just makes sense beside the fact that he is a great athlete, he is a good character guy and team captain.

    5th Rd - Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern - this kid is strong, very strong and even though he played at a division II school, he is going to be very good. Not a fat kid, in great shape, great character and great size at 6'3" and 325. Knows how to play NT and really if we get him, I could see him starting week one at NT for us.

    6th Rd - Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU - call it crazy but supposedly this kid is turning it around, understand he has actually talked with Calvin Hill about getting straight and seems to be on the right path. In the 6th, you can take the chance on the kid and not get hurt. If he pans out, you get a steal, if not then not much of a lost as few 6th round guys do make it. The upside is great and the downsize is minimal.

    UDFAs that probably will be available:
    Collin Klein QB Kansas St. - probably becomes an H-back or TE in the pros
    Baker SteinKuler DE Nebraska - a good 5 tech DE
    Quinton Dial DE Alabama - knows the 3-4 very well
    Mark Jackson OT/OG Glenville State - good developmental prospect
    Cody Davis SS Texas Tech - has a nose for the football, great ST guy
    Seth Doege QB Texas Tech - will be a great PS guy
    Knife Davis RB Arkansas - could be a nice find

    Early Roster for 2013:
    QB - Romo, Orton - no change although it wouldn't surprise me to see draft Glennon in the mid rounds if available

    RB - Murray, Lacy (R), Davis (R) - biggest changes here but finally a very good trio of RBs

    FB - Vickers - no change here

    TE - Witten, Hanna, Fauria (R) - could be a force and great safety net for Romo as he is comfortable with Witten and seemed to be getting that way with Hanna. Fauria makes the red zone much better.

    WR - Bryant, Robinson (R), Harris, Beasley, Coale, Green (R) - sure six is a lot but I look at this as much stronger than in a number of years

    OT - T. Smith, A. Smith, Parnell, Free (OT/OG) - cap number says Free stays although wouldn't be shocked if released

    OG - Levitre, Leary, Arkin, Kowalski - still don't understand how Arkin is on the team but we have kept him on the 53 for two years so they have to see something we don't see. Not letting another team sign Leary says to me he starts in 2013.

    OC - Jones (R), Cook - this is one of easiest calls right now

    ST - Bailey, Jones, Hughlett (R) - Hughlett will be considerably cheaper and did a great job in training camp last year and with Ladouceur being a free agent, it makes sense.

    NT - Williams (R), Hill - my thinking is Horton becomes the DC and this becomes a very active spot with more pressure.

    DE - Crawford, Hunt (R), Hatcher, Lissemore, Bass - I see ore production from this group under Horton, much more

    ILB - Lee, Carter, Sims, Albright - Albright can play both inside and outside, valuable guy. Sims earned a spot as a backup with his play this year but watch out for McSurdy who come off IR. A Garrett guy and just a football player

    OLB - Ware, Jeffcoat (R), Wilbur, Spencer - actually think that Spencer could be resigned, have to watch that closely

    CB - Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Moore, Mathieu (R) - Moore earned a spot but could keep six here

    S - Sensabaugh, Church, Johnson, Davis (R), Frampton - McCray showed he is strictly a ST guy and don't think that is enough any more. I don't see us drafting a safety because of how the staff feels about Church and Johnson. It wouldn't surprise me to see Church and Johnson as the starters in 2013.
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    That's because he sucks.
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    Good draft except Jeffcoat is returning to school.

    Alameda Ta'amu:
    On October 14, 2012, Ta'amu was arrested after he allegedly evaded police while driving intoxicated and struck several parked cars, injuring one person, in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood before he was apprehended.

    I don't think they will replace Josh Brent with Ta'amu.

    Doug Free:
    The cap hit is much worse to keep him. You could sign a real OG for 7M per year.

    Keep now and Cut After 2013:
    2013 Cap Hit = 11.175M (7M + 4.175M)
    2014 Cap Hit = 4.175M
    Addition Real Dollars = 7M

    Cut Now*:
    2013 Cap Hit = 4.175M
    2014 Cap Hit = 4.175M
    Additional Real Dollars = Zero

    They are going to need another option in 2013 at #2 WR. Depending on Dennard Robinson and/or Harris at #2 would be very risky, IMO.

    Cook at OC. I think he might be the last choice of the players on the roster at this position. His run-blocking is not good. Costa, Kowalski and Bernadeau are more likely to be the starter or backup, IMO.

    I say absolutely no chance that the Cowboys draft Tyrann Mathieu. Even without his character issues, he does not project that well to the NFL. He is not a Garrett RKG.

    Andre Smith - The interesting thing about him is that at 6-4, 335, he could be a dominant OG, IMO. That concept worked great for a couple of years with Leonard Davis. In this scenario, he would give the Cowboys options at both RT and OG.

    Ratliff - It appears that part or all of his base salary is guaranteed.

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    I wouldn't draft ANYONE off that sorry UT defense in the first 3 rounds.

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