East-West Shrine Day 2 practice notes

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    East QBs
    Anthony Morelli, Penn State Showed arm strength, made better decisions and seemed more comfortable than on Monday.
    East RBs
    Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, Mississippi Got to the edge, more of the same from Monday power and pop and naturally gets low going through the hole and showed nice footwork with no wasted steps.
    Thomas Brown, Georgia fielded punts, not quite as impressive as Monday, not clear what his role will be in the NFL
    Cory Boyd, South Carolina Still showed good hands as a receiver and showed much better vision and instincts than on Monday, especially running instinct.
    East WRs
    Dexter Jackson, Appalachian State pure speed is still apparent, but seems to be thinking too much about his routes and about catching the ball, extremely raw as a WR, will have to initially make it as a return man.
    Jerome Simpson, Coastal Carolina Went up to catch up one deep ball, great extension and used his huge hands to snag the ball above his head. Lacking speed in and out of his cuts.
    Paul Hubbard, Wisconsin Glimpses of football potential on terrific adjustment to one deep ball, tools are there, however still a project.
    Justin Harper, Virginia Tech best hands catcher on the East, uses frame to block out, but might lack the burst to make it at the next level.
    East OL/Defense
    John Greco, OT, Toledo OWNED DEs, toyed with pass rushers and appeared that he could keep guys at bay forever if necessary terrific footwork handled bull rush and spin move with equal aplomb.
    Jolonn Dunbar, LB, Boston College made strip on Hubbard 30 yards downfield on sideline. Looks great in drops into pass coverage.
    Trae Williams, CB, South Florida Good recovery speed, but also had to use it because he didn? correctly anticipate the routes.
    Jonathan Wilhite, CB, Auburn really impressing with aggressive play and upping his draft stock this week.
    Jonathan Goff, LB, Vanderbilt flows to ball well on running plays, but has stiff hips in coverage and is probably a two down LB.
    West QB
    Kevin O?onnell, QB, SDSU Ran the ball quite well (SDSU all time leading rusher at QB), picked up good yardage, but still seemed to be chucking the ball up for grabs on deep passes and is still lacking timing with his receivers.
    Josh Johnson, QB, SD demonstrated deceptive speed and sick cuts as a runner once again on a slick track (!), needs to generate more power from his legs/follow through on his throw, showed great touch on many passes including one deep pass into double coverage.
    Sam Keller, QB, Nebraska Captain Checkdown very smart and conservative decisions, but sometime unwilling to go downfield. Holds on to the ball too long.
    West RB
    Anthony Alridge, RB, Houston sick quicks, but gets devoured when he tries to run between the tackles. Too many wasted steps in the backfield.

    Marcus Thomas, RB, UTEP Still making the best one on ones of any of the RBs. Hesitates a little too much after the handoff to find the hole will get him killed in the NFL. Allen Patrick, RB, Oklahoma better day than Monday good running between the tackles. Did not seem as concerned with fumbling, did not put two hands on the ball every time going through the line like he did on Monday, and did not fumble still if this had been his first day would been an ?h day.
    West WR
    William Franklin, WR, Missouri very disappointing not standing out in any way Lowery was in his hip pocket today.
    Kevin Robinson, WR, Utah State great on underneath stuff, more quick than fast. Gets rerouted too easily on downfield routes.
    Todd Blythe, WR, Iowa State great effort, doesn't make the wow plays, solid and consistent, should stick on a practice squad.
    Jason Rivers, WR, Hawaii most crisp cuts of any WR here, powerful stride, great hands when he trusts them, but terrible double clutching and drops when he doesn?.
    Marcus Henry, WR, Kansas continues to use huge frame to block out. Best hands catcher out of the West WRs. Lacks burst off the line and out of his cuts.
    West Defense
    Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose State looked like a shutdown corner today. Anticipated routes perfectly. Jumped inside routes on small guys and took away deep stuff from big guys. Best turn out of the backpedal of any DB here.
    Tommy Blake, DE, TCU still seems lethargic and out of shape, probably end of the road for him.
    Frank Okam, DT, Texas looked dominant at times. Split double teams and read plays very well from the DT position.
    Athyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State turning heads as an NT, massive and in good shape.
    Thomas Williams, LB, USC made some terrific plays in coverage, definitely has a role at the next level.
    Dennis Keyes, S, UCLA always seems to be late to the play, doesn? react fast enough to be the last line of defense. Concentrating more on hitting than coverage comfortable in box, uncomfortable in centerfield.
    Justin Tryon, CB, Arizona State very aggressive and loves to jaw - reminiscent of Tyron Brackenridge (KC) last year either makes terrific play or gets torched, but trusts what he sees and makes confident reads.

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