East-West Shrine Jan. 21

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    *** I listed some of the prospects I've either heard or have been seeing get some mention as possible interest by fellow posters...

    Here's the link for the complete roster http://www.shrinegame.com/rosters.php

    When: Jan. 21
    Time: 4 pm
    Where: ESPN (San Antonio)

    East Roster Prospects
    Brett Basanez-QB
    Nate Salley-FS
    Tim McGarigle-LB
    Brandon Hoyte-LB
    Anthony Schlegel-LB
    Andrew Whitworth-OT
    Josh Huston-PK (His ko's were almost always at the back of the endzone.. here are his numbers)
    Kicking Statistics
    NAME XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ LNG PTS
    Josh Huston 40 41 97.6 20 24 83.3 0/0 10/10 6/6 4/6 0/2 47 100

    West Roster Prospects
    Todd Watkins-WR
    Dwayne Slay-FS
    Jaxson Appel-FS
    Drew Olson-QB
    David Thomas-TE
    Mike Hass-WR
    Joe Toledo-OT
    Jon Scrifes-PK

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