News: Eatman-Carter, McNabb Enjoy Friendly Rivalry

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Prancer, May 18, 2004.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    May 18, 2004, 6:28 p.m. (CDT)

    PLANO, Texas - Twice a year, they're the biggest of enemies.

    Two opposing leaders trying to out-duel each other on the field, and in one of the NFL's biggest rivalries.

    But in an elementary school gymnasium in late May, Quincy Carter and Donovan McNabb are on the same team.

    In fact, other than the two games a year in which the Cowboys and Eagles face off, McNabb and Carter are the best of friends.

    The two quarterbacks teamed up together Tuesday at Gulledge Elementary here in suburban Dallas to kick off "Take A Player To School," a national campaign sponsored by JCPenney and the NFL encouraging young people to stay in school and participate in after-school programs.

    "It was a little weird," Carter said of siding up with McNabb, one of his best friends among NFL players. "But anytime me and Donovan can get on the same team to help with an after-school program like this, we want to be involved.

    "But we're only going to be teammates for the day, and it was a lot of fun. We wanted to come out and give our spirits and tell kids that it doesn't just happen at school, but after school is where a lot of things get taken care of."

    And the same could be said in the NFL, where players such as Carter and McNabb take care of their bodies, not only during the season, but in the off-season.

    Despite being quarterbacks on division rivals, the two have developed a solid friendship, one tight enough to bring two quarterbacks together in Arizona for a two-week conditioning program later this summer.

    "It's something he's been doing for a while now," Carter said of McNabb's training. "Maybe it can help us get into the NFC Championship Game."

    That is where McNabb and the Eagles have arrived the past three seasons, although they have yet to reach the Super Bowl. But Philadelphia is still one of the league's top teams, and adding free agent superstars such as wide receiver Terrell Owens and defensive end Jevon Kearse have made the Eagles an early Super Bowl favorite.

    That might be, however, the upcoming NFL season seemed to be the furthest thing from McNabb's mind. While the Eagles Pro Bowl quarterback will gladly utilize Owens this year to hopefully enhance the Eagles offense, McNabb had several open and willing receivers ready to snag passes on Tuesday.

    McNabb and Carter turned the school visit into an interactive event, lining up the some 110 students in two lines and actually throwing passes to each student.

    "We had a lot of fun out there today," McNabb said. "It's great to come down here and be a part of this thing with Quincy. The message I try to send (to the students) to them is that I'm just like them. I love to joke around and have a good time. I think we did that today."

    And the two quarterbacks did just that on Tuesday, keeping each other in laughter with their constant side chatter. While the friendship between the two is evident, the respect from both sides is even more apparent.

    Carter said the two became instant friends about three years ago during his rookie season with the Cowboys.

    "When I first got into the league, he was already doing damage in the league," Carter said of McNabb. "I definitely wanted to come in and get close with him and be around him. When you're around Donovan, just his spirit feeds off on everyone else. We help each other, but I think he's giving me all the tips right now."

    And while Carter chose not to comment on football-related matters, particularly his current quarterback situation with the Cowboys after the off-season addition of Drew Henson, McNabb didn't hesitate to add his two cents.

    "It's hard for any quarterback, especially talking about America's Team," McNabb said. "Last year, he had a great year and led his team to 10-6 and into the playoffs. No one has done that since Troy Aikman? And yet they're still trying to bring someone in. It's sad that a guy still has to prove himself every year. But Quincy is always up for the challenge. He's always willing to show what he has. He won't ever sit and talk bad about anyone. He just goes out to show what he can do.

    "But Quincy is a hard worker. I think people tend to overlook his determination and his drive. He had a great year, and I hope he has another great year. Not against us I hope."

    Although no game was played Tuesday, McNabb did own a slight edge over Carter in one category. There were three Donovan McNabb Eagles jerseys in the audience to zero for the Cowboys, despite this event taking place in the Cowboys' backyard.

    That might have surprised some, but not Carter.

    "No, Donovan is a spokesman for a lot of things," Carter said. "He's the epitome of what you want to be as a quarterback in the NFL. It doesn't surprise me when I see (Falcons QB) Michael Vick jerseys in Irving (Texas) or Donovan jerseys. I'm going to get to that point where everyone will have mine. That's where I want to be."
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    Oh that McNabb...What a kidder...Soooo funny. ;)
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    I thought that was a good article.

    I'm glad Carter is learning how to be a great qb from McNabb. Even though McNabb isn't a great thrower, he is a leader and a Champion.

    Those qualities could held Carter. I like that he is working out at McNabb's camp, it is known for being grueling.

    Carter will be the most prepared for a football season as he ever has after this offseason.
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    This is what I'm really hoping. It seems he's been at the Ranch all of the time this past off-season. I REALLY hope that he surprises everybody.
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    I miss the old days when players spit on opponents instead of helping them up. :( Something ain't right about a Cowboys QB teaming up with an Eagles QB even if it is for a good cause.
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    Aye. Cats sleeping with dogs. It just ain't right.
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    well at least Quincy wasn't up in Philly at the event.. Donovan was on our turf.. :D
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    There really are a lot of things to like about Quincy. I do appreciate that he is a hard worker and good citizen. Believe it or not, those seemingly little things may help him stay a starting QB in this league.
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    Q seems to be a good citizen, hard worker maybe.....but why would Donovan
    say it is sad for him to have to prove himself every year?
    hell i do not think he ever proved himself in the first place...but some think
    he has a closet full of hawaiian shirts....anyhow just wondering
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    I know McNabb won a couple of Big East Titles but if you want Quincy to learn from a real Champion you'd be better suited sending him to the Brady or Favre household.
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    we'd be better off just sending him to the bench, then he can learn about what it takes to be a championship QB from Drew Henson

  12. dbair1967

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    where is that vomit smiley thing, it would go well here

  13. negativecreep

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    I didn't read it all...I can't stand McNabb and I'm a Carter supporter so you can imagin why.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    Translated - I am in awe of Donovan ! I loved hanging with him.

    Translated - I want to be like Donovan.

    Translated - Maybe if I hang with him, people will look at me as a Pro Bowler too.

    pssst ... Quincy, he's not giving you ALL the tips.

    Translated - Quincy needs to get better.

    Translated - I will be sending my jersey to all of the Dallas area grade schools if kids want a free one.
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    I really expected McNabb to stand right next to Carter and say gosh he sucks, they are friends what did you expect McNabb to say.
  16. Hostile

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    Off the subject. I like your username. Pretty dang funny.
  17. djmajestik

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    I think that is the difference between Donovan and Q now. Donovan doesn't believe he has to prove anything anymore, just give me my checks and I am the automatic starter every year. Q on the other hand has embraced the competition this year and I think has grown since the Hutch debacle.
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    In related news, McNabb and Carter combined for 3 out of 110, 10 yards passing, 15 interceptions and 1 unforced fumble. 95 students had to see the school nurse for minor cuts and bruises from "diving for underthrown passes". :D
  19. Doomsday101

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    I'll say this for McNabb, he appears to be a true leader on his team and I don't see that in Carter
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    It was great to see two rivals hanging together in the offseason, getting involved in a great thing like taking time to talk with the children about school.

    McNabb is a very good leader, he might not be the best passer, but how many times has the best besser lead his team to the Superbowl and won it? It is the QBs that are leaders on their team that wins the most.

    Carter has that leadership ability, and hanging with McNabb does not hurt one bit, you never stop learning, and I'm sure those two guys can and will learn from each other.

    What McNabb had to say has merit, Carter had a very good year he lead the team to a 10-6 record and to the playoffs, so it is a slap in the face in a sense, I am from the old school, competing in training camp should be done and is a good thing, to a certain point, once a guy has won and had success or has beaten the competition in practice but at some point it has to and does stop.

    In saying that I'm not wooried about Carter losing to anybody they bring in to compete with him, Vinny, henson, hutch it doesn't matter they cannot beat him out and they will not, they are not that good.

    Especially hutch and henson, maybe if they had never took years off to play baseball. They messed themselves up, they are too far behind for Parcells to waste much time on them, to try and catch Carter.

    But Parcells will check them out to see if they can be valuable backups, or good trade bait.

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