News: Eatman: Few Random Thoughts During This Calm Before Storm

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    Here are some of my random thoughts concerning the Cowboys, free agency, contracts, the draft and anything else worth nothing here as the month of February comes to an end.
    • While we’ve heard Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones say they don’t have to get Tony Romo[​IMG]’s deal done before the start of free agency, my gut tells me it’s more important than they’re letting on. And that’s how most negotiations work, right? It’s always more serious than we know. Sure, the Cowboys can function without a new contract, but it’ll likely mean cutting a lot more of these players than they want to. There is a way to get down on the cap without signing Romo and lowering his base, but it’s not very Romo-friendly considering how many key players will likely be cut in the process.
    • I kinda wish fans would have a better understanding of stories that are being reported and stories (like this) that are more opinionated. For example, when I wrote that Stephen Jones said the Cowboys are considering moving Doug Free[​IMG] from tackle to guard … that’s what he said. Whether or not that is entirely true or they are just playing the game you have to play right now, that is what Stephen said. And Jerry Jones hinted at that, too. But again, that’s what they’re saying. Yet somehow, it often gets twisted because my byline is on the story that it’s exactly what I think should happen. Personally, Free looks more like a tight end than a guard. Not saying he should be running routes, but I just don’t see him with the body type to play guard. I think he’s a tackle and a starting tackle. Just not one who should be making $8 million per season. Now that’s my opinion.
    • About this Tom Brady contract and how it might affect Romo’s deal … it probably won’t. And it probably shouldn’t. I don’t think Brady and Romo are that comparable in terms of money. One guy has twice as many Super Bowl MVP awards as the other has playoff wins. However, before we salute Brady for taking a deal that has been reported around $9-10 million per season, it’s actually guaranteed dollars in his pocket until he’s 40. Yes, Romo will get a deal in the range of $17-18 per season but not all of that is guaranteed. Probably not even half. So you can call it a three-year, $27 million extension for Brady if you’d like. You can also call it a $27 million signing bonus that is guaranteed and will be prorated over a three-year span from the ages of 38-40.
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    I tend to agree with him on the sensey issue. Who knows though, too many moving parts right now.
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    I don't see Free moving inside to guard, I don't believe he posses the strength to play inside, I also don't think Sensy gets cut, I also think he is a capable safety.
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    I think he may also be offered a chance to stay for a pay cut. If he doesn't take the cut he's gone like a bunch of the other JAGs.
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    Eatman's correct about Free being physically ill-suited to play guard. If he can't handle pressure from the DEs when he's constantly being overpowered by the bull rush, how can he expect to take on defensive tackles, who are typically even more powerful? He bears all the earmarks of being released, whether it be sooner or later.
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    Eatman always does a nice job. He's not the most knowledgeable football guy, but he knows enough. He's critical at times, has his own opinions, doesn't reach or sensationalize, and doesn't really pull his punches.
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    the best of a bad lot

    Sturm to me is frankly all by himself as regards everyone else; then comes Eatman I guess and then it really becomes putrid
  8. Idgit

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    Yeah. I have Sturm in that group of technical football people who happen to write.

    Eatman is the kind of guy you expect local media to find and employ. He knows enough, and covers fairly and is not a sensationalist. He is the best of a bad lot, but it really shouldn't be that hard to find guys that can do what he does.

    I just thought he deserved the hat-tip, since I bag on Watkins and JJT and Engel almost every time I read something they publish.
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    I'd almost rather try Free at TE than at guard. He'd be pushed around @ guard. At least he's athletic enough that as a TE he could run downfield and set screens. That's all he could though. T is really his only spot.
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    I lived in the Chicago area for some years; then was in NY where I got to see the coverage of the Jets, Giants, Bills and Pats from where I was.

    And NO place have I been where the locals were so bad as Dallas's bunch are. Or more critical of the team.

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