News: Eatman: Looking For Positives Among This Desert Turnover Fest

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    It’s kind of hard to evaluate the offense without the ball. Preseason or not, you want to give yourself a chance to compete. And for a while in the first half, it was one of the ugliest performances we’ve seen in a while.


    • Let’s start on defense. The Cowboys go three-and-out to start the game and after Harris’ fumble, they go right back out there. I thought Bruce Carter flew around to the ball well, showcasing his speed. But overall the defense looked sharp and I only think getting Spencer, Claiborne and Ratliff in the mix will make it better.
    • Dez Bryant. Ok, he fumbled the ball and we know that’s something that will hurt this team if it becomes a trend. But he won his share of battles with Patrick Peterson. This guy has a chance to really blow up this year. It’ll be fun to watch.
    • I don’t think you can dismiss what David Arkin did in the game. Last week, I thought he struggled some against the Raiders but against the Cardinals’ first unit, he not only held his own, but did some pushing out there.
    • Miles Austin has taken a few big hits out there at camp. It was good to see him hitting back a little. That play on the sideline surprised everyone. But it shows he’s got some physicality to his game.
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  2. CATCH17

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    I agree with the David Arkin stuff.

    I've seen nothing from the guy that makes me think we should cut him.

    He works hard, he plays solid, a little better than solid against Arizona, and he can play several positions. Perfect backup player.
  3. sadams

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    Some things just happen....

    • The fumble on punt return, Harris dodged him and saw him on the ground, the tackler made a great recovery to get up and sneak in behind him and knock the ball out. As a runner you normally don't expect a guy who you just ran by on the ground to catch you so fast. That's just one of them football things. Only thing that could have prevented that was the blocker diving on the tackler on the ground. I give him a pass.
    • Tanner fumble. The tackle knocked him off balance weirdly and it squirted out. My only gripe was he should have had moved the ball into his right hand long before he approached the tackler and not switch hands while trying to make the move. I am sure Peete pointed this out.
    • Dez fumble. That's just one of them football things. He has to be stronger, but its preseason and Dez is usually strong with the rock. Good tackling by the AZ secondary. Excuse me. Great tackling.
    • Kyle Orton's interceptions.....I am ready to cut/use him in working a trade him for an OL. AZ secondary read him like a book. Granted they are talented group, but he's a veteran that got gamed... I'd be ok with the rook
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    I agree about Orton. We may be wasting time and money with him on the team. Looked very bad and we can get at least that from a young developing qb.
  5. Doomsday101

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    Only positive out of this game was the play of the 1st unit OL. Outside of that you got to hang on to the ball that was inexcusable.
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    I agree as well. Call me crazy but I see that Romo-esque ability in Tanney. His throws seem to have stickum on it sometimes the way she lasers it to the receiver and it just sticks right in their hands.

    I would rather develop a younger guy then have a below average backup.
  7. Zimmy Lives

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    Not to be a storm cloud in a sea of sunshine but...

    I would like to see them make a conscious effort to run the football.
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    I hope that it's a case of not wanting to show your hand but if we don't run we won't win. Our defense is ballin' but when we lose the time of possession battle it hurts them when the games are on the line.
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  9. WV Cowboy

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    I was hoping to see a little more positive pattern starting to show up by the 3rd preseason game.

    But after our D holds, .. we fumble the punt return. Big mistake early, and big momentum shift.

    D holds again, they get a FG.

    Offense can't sustain the drive, Romo overs throws a TD, and we punt.

    Even after a penalty against AR, they start with 1st and 16 inside their 10 yd line, and drive the length of the field. Defense cant get off the field on 3rd down.

    I have only watched the first quarter so far, but we have a long way to go.
  10. Zimmy Lives

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    I agree. Last year this team proved again and again that it would not commit to running the ball. It contributed to their downfall.

    Yes, the Cards are a solid defensive unit and showing too much against them would be ill-advised. At some point, however, the Cowboys are going to have to determine against live competition that they can run the football at will. If they wait until the regular season to see if they can run the ball behind this line it may just be too late.
  11. Wolf2k5

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    I thought they showed some solid run ability vs Miami regardless of it being mostly back ups. Also you were missing a few key o line last game so why show your hand if you not even using the guys you most likely will be on opening day?
  12. CowboyDiver

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    If the goal is to not show much on offense, we are doing a damned good job of it.

    I did expect to see a lot more running because of the zone blocking and because we are looking for a #2 back, as well as trying to evaluate a lot of TE's...but for whatever reason we have just been chucking the ball the last two games.

    I am hoping it's not a sign of what's to come.
  13. ScipioCowboy

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    They only need to run the ball as much as it helps them pass effectively. If they can go S11 and wing it on most downs, I'm content as long as they're getting good efficiency. It's true, over the past few seasons, the Cowboys haven't been adept running their offense with S11 as their primary formation. But let's not lose sight of why they've struggled:

    1) Poor pass blocking.
    2) No viable third receiving threat outside of Laurent Robinson in 2011.

    Even in 2011, the pass blocking was atrocious and it was very rare Bryant, Austin, and Robinson were all healthy at the same time. In 2013, with Terrance Williams in the mix and (hopefully) better pass blocking with a legitimate NFL center, S11 may finally become what Garrett has always envisioned it becoming.
  14. jobberone

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    Agree except the Orton remark. I see no reason for this to be a Tanney or Orton thing. You keep them both. Who's to say Romo and Orton don't get hurt. I've seen that happen and its not that unusual. Didn't that happen to Dallas a few years back with McGee getting the call?
  15. 5Stars

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    Do you think the Cowboys can afford to keep 3 QB's? I sure as hell would like to keep Tanney on the team.
  16. Zimmy Lives

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    If the staff believes that Tanney or Stephens can develop then they must keep one of them on the roster. That is unless they plan on drafting a prospect next year.
  17. 5Stars

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    Did Stephens even play in the last game? If so, I must have missed that part of the game.
  18. Zimmy Lives

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    No, he did not play. He is supposed to get most of the snaps the last game of preseason is what I heard on the Fan.

    Throughout camp, it's been reported that Dallas likes both QBs; they have the intangibles (size, arm strength, mechanics) teams look for in prospects.
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  19. cowboys2233

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    It's not necessarily whether or not you would like to keep Tanney, but who would you give up to do so? One of the top four running backs?
  20. 5Stars

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    I don't know? But, would you like to keep him? He looks like he could develop into a player and it would be nice to have another young guy instead of having to use a draft pick.
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