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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Ken, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Rookies Arrive At The Ranch

    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    April 29, 2004, 5:45 p.m. (CST)

    IRVING, Texas - The draft has come and gone. The rookie free agents have been courted and are in the process of signing their contracts.

    Withthat out of the way, it's time for the Cowboys to see what they've got.

    The first rookie mini-camp begins Friday afternoon at Valley Ranch, lasting through Sunday morning. That's when the 20 draft choices and rookie free agents are required to make their way back to their respective college campuses or hometowns.

    But for the next three days, they have a new home, some more permanent than others.

    The 20 rookies made their way to the Cowboys headquarters Thursday for orientation and a tour of their new facilities. On Friday, they will undergo physicals, take mug shots and, for the free agents, sign their contracts they already agreed to earlier this week.

    As for the draft picks, they will sign a practice waiver, insuring themselves in case of an injury. Most of the picks usually don't sign their contracts until the week leading up to training camp.

    The first mini-camp practice is scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday, followed by two practices on Saturday and then one more Sunday morning. Also included in these practices will be selected veterans qualifying for the rookie mini-camp and a few tryout candidates.

    Former Notre Dame running back Julius Jones headlines the rookie group as the Cowboys' top draft pick. The club traded out of the first round, picked up a second- and fifth-round pick this year, along with the a first-round selection in 2005 from Buffalo.

    And with Buffalo's second-round pick, the Cowboys selected Jones (43rd overall), who is expected to compete for the starting running back job this year.

    Other top rookies include second-round offensive tackle Jacob Rogers from Southern Cal and LSU guard Stephen Peterman, a third-round pick.

    Among the 12 rookie free agents, the Cowboys signed four defensive linemen from premiere college football programs.

    The Cowboys didn't draft a defensive end or tackle this year, but signed Florida State end Kevin Emanuel, Florida end Darrell Lee, Notre Dame tackle Cedric Hilliard and Texas end Kalen Thornton, who is being listed as a linebacker.

    The Cowboys also added four rookie free-agent wide receivers, including Oregon State standout James Newson, a two-time all-conference pick in the Pac-10. Newson totaled more than 3,500 receiving yards the past three seasons, along with 20 touchdown catches.

    Along with the 20 new faces, the Cowboys have also invited three rookie free agents for a three-day workout to participate.

    The rookie mini-camp will also be the first practice session for quarterback Drew Henson, acquired by the Cowboys in March through a trade with the Houston Texans.

    Henson hasn't played in a football game since the 2000 college season at Michigan. He then spent the next three years playing minor league baseball in the New York Yankees organization before deciding to return to football. The Texans drafted him last April in the sixth round and then traded him to Dallas for a third-round in March.

    Henson will be one of about 12 players participating in the camp already on the club's roster - guys who have either been signed this off-season, at the end of last season or spent most of last year on the practice squad.

    Most notable from that group will be defensive tackle Jermaine Brooks, running back ReShard Lee and a trio of punters competing to replace Toby Gowin: Mat McBriar, Josh Boies and Ryan Flynn.

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    I can't wait to hear about Henson!

    I hope we get detailed info on the practices.

    Does anyone know if the resident guru Dale is going to be on hand?

    I also want to hear about JJ and his overall "look" at the TB position.

    Should be an interesting weekend.
  3. Nors

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    He played DE in college..............

    But has been listed as a LB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
  4. Sarge

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    I still can't believe Newson wasn't drafted.

    Nice pick up, no doubt.
  5. BEASToftheEAST

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    No doubt! I really feel this guy has a shot to make the practice squad and maybe even see some active roster time if the inj bug hits. I watched OSU 3 times last season and more before that, and this dude gets in the end zone! He walls guys off well and catches everything. I guess he slid because he is slow? But all I know is dude catches the football, which is more that we can say for the Rambo's and Stepfret's and those types that we always seem to have floating aroud during TC. I'm pulling for this guy! Knowing Bill, he will have to be a special teams guy to have a shot so that #5 roster spot is already promised to a returner type, but you never know about injuries...
  6. jterrell

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    Kalen could be a 3-4 OLB and might be a nice practice squad guy. He is from Dallas. He is an excellent UFA type who could develop at another position. He wasnt big enough to play DE but would be perfect size as an OLB. At UT you have to have like 4.5 or better speed to play LB. They go small and fast or just fast.
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    If not for Newson's listed time of 4.84 in the 40, I'm sure he would have been drafted by someone. Even though from what I've read about the guy and his ability and production in college, apparently...the 4.84 time did him in on draft day, irregardless of how productive he was in college. I wish him the best of luck, and who knows...perhaps he'll "play" faster on the field, than he clocks the 40 in.
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    Aaaah, beginning to smell like football again
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    Nors is that you? ;)
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    On most college campuses across the country this is the weekend before finals begin. A terrible time to be pulling kids away from their studies.

    These kids have to travel to Valley Ranch to arrive on Thursday, some of them from great distances, and will not be leaving until Sunday. With all the the excitement, even the ones who bring their books along with them won't be cracking them open. The same applies for any NFL team having a rookie mini camp this weekend.

    While realizing that if teams delay the rookie camps two or three weeks into May, they will run into graduation weekends, it still seems the absolute worst time to run a rookie mini camp. So why not hold off on these minicamps til late May, and the rookies will be entirely free of their academic obligations when they come in?
  11. Dayton Cowboy

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    Spags said something on the ranch report about having to sign a FA QB as the only he thought was eligible was Henson..

    Anyone heard of whom that might be?
  12. Smith22

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    I don't remeber hearing anything about us signing Kevin Emanuel, anyone see him play much?
  13. Wulfman

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    So the 12 undrafted rookies that have agreed to sign or have signed are:

    Lousaka Polite FB Pittsburgh
    Terrance Copper WR East Carolina
    Tom Crowder WR Arkansas
    Brandon Middleton WR Houston
    James Newson WR Oregon State
    Darrick Sanders G Arkansas-Monticello
    Cedric Hilliard DT Notre Dame
    Darrell Lee DE Florida
    Kalen Thornton DE Texas
    Ryan Fowler LB Duke
    Steve Cargile FS Columbia
    Kevin Emanuel DE Florida State

    The article also says that 3 players will be brought in to workout, and may be signed at the end of the weekend. Two of those are:

    Todd Ghilani C Northern Illinois
    Thomas Herrion OT Utah

    Anyone have an idea who #3 might be? We know Henson is going to be there, but they could need another QB present, and I don't know if Romo qualifies to be there. If not, the third person may be a QB...

    As for Emanuel, I didn't get to see him play that much, but his size (6-4, 259) and speed (4.8 - 40) suggest that he may be another DE/LB pass-rush tweener.

    I do expect a couple of these guys to have legitmate shots at the roster, with the likelihood of making the practice squad, at least. The leading candidates, I would think, would be Polite, Hilliard, Newson, and possibly Crowder on special teams.
  14. speedkilz88

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    I would think that Mickey is wrong and that Romo will be able to throw. I believe in years past that certain young veterans were allowed in the rookie minicamps. I think Antonio Bryant was in last seasons.
  15. Phrozen Phil

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    THis will be the last real opportunity to see action until Training Camp. We will then begin th tedious process of waiting to see who the June 1st cuts are and the waiting period until Training Camp.
  16. Wulfman

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    It turns out that Romo is not able to participate this weekend, but the ******* have invited someone to work out with the team for the weekend that will share some of Henson's work. This list of those who will be participating in this weekend's mini-camp comes from the updated article on

    Draft Picks
    Julius Jones RB 5-10 217 Notre Dame
    Jacob Rogers OT 6-6 305 Southern Cal
    Stephen Peterman G 6-4 317 LSU
    Bruce Thornton CB 5-10 197 Georgia
    Sean Ryan TE 6-4 266 Boston College
    Nate Jones CB 5-10 187 Rutgers
    Patrick Crayton WR 6-0 210 NW Oklahoma
    Jacques Reeves CB 6-0 195 Purdue

    Rookie Free Agents
    Steve Cargile S 6-1 205 Columbia
    Terrance Cooper WR 6-0 204 East Carolina
    Tom Crowder WR 6-1 203 Arkansas
    Kevin Emanuel DE 6-4 259 Florida State
    Ryan Fowler LB 6-3 243 Duke
    Cedric Hilliard DT 6-1 291 Notre Dame
    Darrell Lee DE 6-4 273 Florida
    Brandon Middleton WR 5-10 190 Houston
    James Newson WR 6-1 219 Oregon State
    Lousaka Polite FB 6-0 246 Pittsburgh
    Darrick Sanders G 6-4 312 Ark-Monticello
    Kalen Thornton LB 6-3 245 Texas

    Other Rookies & First-Year Veterans
    Drew Henson QB 4-11 120 Michigan
    Mat McBriar P 6-2 202 Hawaii
    Josh Boies P 6-4 225 Temple
    Ryan Flinn P 6-5 205 Central Florida
    ReShard Lee RB 5-10 232 Middle Tenn. St.
    Jermaine Brooks DT 6-3 290 Arkansas
    Ryan Wingrove DE 6-3 250 Bowling Green
    Shaun Smith DT 6-2 320 South Carolina

    Weekend Tryout
    Brett Mitchell QB 6-4 234 Evangel College
    Kitwana Jones LB 5-11 225 Hampton
    Torri Stuckey S 5-11 201 Northwestern
    Greg Garka TE 6-4 250 Evangel College
    Todd Ghilani C 6-3 315 Northern Illinois.
    Bryan Williams DT 6-5 317 Alcorn State
    Thomas Herrion G 6-3 334 Utah


    And why has the word c-o-w-b-o-y-s been deleted from the posts? I could understand it on a Deadskins board, but...
  17. guag

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    I was about to mention that, I thought I was the only one who was getting that.
  18. BrownSugar

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    Thanks for the update Wulf....I noticed that too about the c-o-w-b-o-y-s, one of the mods probably accidentally hit the wrong button.
  19. Reef Engineer

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    Gee, he seemed so much taller and heavier on TV. :eek:
  20. Smith22

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    LMAO. He sure did.

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